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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Season 1:

  • The Running Gag of Akatsuki kicking Naotsugu for saying something perverted (then asking Shiroe's permission to do what she just did) is always funny.
    • If you listen carefully in the season finale, Naotsugu actually speeds up his speech trying to finish before Akatsuki can knee him in the face. He fails, of course.
  • Episode 1:
    • Shiroe's opinion on Naotsugu's "Open Pervert" philosophy is a thing of beauty both subtitled and dubbed;
      Akatsuki: Is there something wrong with him?
      Shiroe(subtitled): There are many things wrong with him.
      Shiroe(dubbed): Is there something that isn't?
  • Episode 2:
    • Henrietta, The Stoic, brushing Akatsuki's hair beause of Cuteness Proximity with a happy smile.
  • Episode 3:
    • Serara regretting choosing the Maid subclass while cleaning the house she's hiding out in because she's got nothing better to do. Then she comes to the conclusion that she's training herself to become a House Wife... and for her "kitty husband," no less! Nyanta, the "kitty husband" in question, enters the house in the middle of her daydreaming.
    • Shiroe says he's a grad student.
      • The others' reactions are priceless.
  • Episode 4:
  • Episode 5:
    • Shiroe and the gang tasting food with real taste for the first time since they were transported into the game. They're so excited about 'food that tastes like food' that it qualifies as Mundane Made Awesome. When they ask for seconds, Serara imagines them as chicks and Nyanta as the mother bird.
    • Naotsugu's scream in English dub when he hears Akatsuki's eating his dinner.
    • Akatsuki's line after hearing the story about Shiroe , Naotsugu and Nyanta being as the former Debauchery Tea Party :
      Akatsuki: It's obvious that you lie to me. (pauses as both Shiroe and Naotsugu looks at her) There's no way that the Debauchery Tea Party has someone like Naotsugu in it.
      Naotsugu:' I WAS THERE!!!
    • When the gang plan to spend the night in one of the Villagers of the Land's home, some of the kids adore Akatsuki and mistook her for being a ninja. When Naotsugu was about to say they they're both kids, cue to her tossing kunai at him.
  • Episode 7:
    • Maryelle being buried under paperworks, gets fed up with it and starts rolling on the ground like a little child, while ranting "Glasses are scary!!!" with Naotsugu listening in.
    • Henrietta cornering Akatsuki into wearing a waitress uniform. Akatsuki DID try various ways to escape, but Henrietta explained that they won't work in their guild hall. The topper is that Shiroe has the "Just as planned" look.
      Akatsuki: My lord! I can't believe you sold me out again!!
    • Like Shiroe and his friends, the other players' reactions when they taste real food for the first time since the Apocalypse. Everybody goes figuratively nuts.
  • Episode 8:
  • Episode 10
    • The Log Horizon Guild finally moves into their new building and many of their friends come in to visit.
      • Maryelle and Henrietta bring gifts, (Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and Crepes from Maryele and a Children's Day kimono from Henrietta to Akatsuki) and Maryelle mistakes Naotsugu's armor for Naotsugu himself as Henrietta chases Akatsuki around (Henrietta eventually wins).
      • The gem is when Isaac and the Black Sword Knights pay a visit while the place is still dirty. He decides to use the place for his Summoners to practice and they immediately summon cosplaying water spirits (Sailor Fuku, Sexy Nurse, Tennis player, Sharp-dressed Bifauxnen and Anime Chinese Girl to be exact) and flood the place (washing Naotsugu, the Mighty Glacier, out in the process while the Squishy Wizard and Fragile Speedster don't even budge), cleaning it all at once and leave as if nothing had happened. Shiroe's cape collar is used as a basin.
    • Nyanta revealing that tonight's dinner menu is curry. Akatsuki quickly yelled (while staggering) to Shiroe, who dashed down from another part of the guild building to join the conversation and he himself calls down Naotsugu, who also dashes down the stairs. The entire building shakes when they do so. Then Naotsugu and Akatsuki start a serious argument over mild or spicy curry.
      • The scene is partially immortalized in this gif.
  • Episode 11
    • So, the Round Table Council needs a representative from the merchant guilds and no one is willing to volunteer? Time for epic rock-paper-scissors! They don't even show who picks what, they immediately skip to Michitaka on the table (who was forced to go) as the other two say how delighted Michitaka would be to go. In the light novels, the match was best out of eleven.
    • Henrietta went to the meeting with Eastal because she wanted to observe, definitely not to follow Akatsuki and make her wear the summer dress!
    • Maryelle wants to go to the beach really badly ... but Henrietta won't let her because she's slacking off too much. Maryelle has a dramatic spotlight on her as she bemoans how hard she has been working ... and ends with her surrounded by melodramatic tears and sparkles. Then it turns out that she managed to get onto the second floor's railing and is sitting on it while still surrounded by sparkles. Henrietta tells her to get off the railing because it's dangerous.
    • Rundelhaus' ridiculous over confidence and flairs for drama in general is a comedy gold.
  • Episode 13
    • Krusty and Raynesia's interactions; the Blood Knight who acts like a gentleman and the slacker who acts like a Princess Classic.
      Episode 13: The Round Table play Civilisation. Krusty plays a Dating Sim.
    • Shiroe catching Akatsuki practicing trying to dance, and her embarrassment; it's a pink cloud of steam!
    • And while he says he's only just seen her, Shiroe happens to already be carrying two cups, one for each of them.
  • Episode 16: Michitaka adjusting his glasses even though he doesn't wear any
  • Episode 20: Isuzu continues the Animal Motif of "Rudy as golden retriever" by telling him to shake like one.
  • Episode 21: Marie. Air Glasses
  • Episode 22:
    • Akatsuki and Minori invite Shiroe on a cake buffet. An event that's supposed to be just for couples. The couple who eats enough plates gets a special prize. The owner trolls Shiroe by giving them whole cakes per plate. Meanwhile the other participants think he's trying to show off by bringing two dates. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Near the end of the episode, when Akatsuki is stroking his hair, a somewhat weirded-out Shiroe wonders if this is "part of her whole master-servant roleplay thing".
  • Episode 23:
  • Episode 24:
    • Shiroe says "counterattack." Akatsuki promptly yanks a brace of kunai and a kusarigama from somewhere inside the cutesy dress she was wearing instead of her usual battle gear. Shiroe points out that it's not that kind of counterattack. Akatsuki is visibly disappointed.
    • We find out that the West Wind Brigade beat the Cake Buffet from two episodes back. Simply put, Soujiro has more girls than they had cakes!
      • After Soujiro recounts his tale, Shiroe places his hand on Soujiro's shoulder and tells him he has the perfect job for him. Cue Bishie Sparkle and half the WWB going into Fujoshi Squee! Mode.
      • Which quickly goes away when Shiro goes into Scary Shiny Glasses and Psychotic Smirk mode...while his hand is still on Soujiro's shoulder.
    • The Eyecatch featuring... Scary Shiny Glasses adjust!
    • Shiroe's reaction when he realizes that the attacks were improvised when they start to fall into Poke the Poodle.
    • Although using Soujiro's harem works, Shiroe and Issac both admit that Soujiro having a harem irks them as men.

Season 2:

  • Episode 1: Shiroe decides to tell Naotsugu how much money he needs. It's eighty trillion. Cue Naotsugu in Color Failure mode with thunder in the background, the first bars of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor playing (and yes, it's the organ version) and the number flying over his head. All that in under 4 seconds.
  • Episode 2: Demikas and Shiroe meet again. Demikas asks Shiroe if he remembers him. Shiro calls him Mr. Democracy. Followed by referencing Demi-glace again. Then with Mr. Deluxe. Then with Mr. Tofu in Miso Sauce. Even William was laughing at it.
    • It gets worse when Shiroe loses it upon hearing that Demikas has married a Lander, loves her deeply, and can't get enough of her cooking. The look on the faces of some Silver Sword members show that they're amused by Tetra's story as well.
    • Ri Gan and Brotsugu bond over their mutual perversion.
    • Tetra's entire introduction: falling in the snow, kawaiiko, climbing Naotsugu like a squirrel.
    • Tetra being The Tease to Naotsugu, and Shiroe trying hard not to laugh. She manages to even get into his armor, and later rides his shield, much to his anger.
    • Naotsugu says something perverted and icicles fall on him, thus interrupting him. He freaks out and declares it "The Curse of Akatsuki!".
      • It should be noted that at that very moment, Akatsuki was throwing kunai at a practice dummy with Naotsugu's face on it, so he may have a point.
    • When Naotsugu is talking to Marie over voice chat, she gets Demikas's name wrong too, and not even on purpose.
    • Henrietta accuses Marie of acting like a "drama heroine" because of her talks with Naotsugu. Marie tries to defend it as work, but it's clear even she knows that it's a poor attempt.
  • Episode 3
    • Demikas is taking out his frustration on some boulders because of Shiroe angering him. BologneseMaster, Silver Sword's cook wonders if he's mad because "he found out I gave him extra vegetables".
    • "The Curse of Akatsuki" strikes again! (cue Akatsuki sneezing).
  • Episode 5: When Raynessia complains about "the monster", Akatsuki instantly knows she's talking about Krusty. It must happen a lot.
  • Episode 8: Henrietta suffers a Cuteness Overload due to the pajama party, thus Giving Up the Ghost.
  • Episode 9: In an otherwise serious scene, a fight against a raid boss (which isn't going well) results in Tetra getting knocked back into Shiroe - or more specifically, Tetra flying ass-first into Shiroe's face.
  • Episode 11: Demikas has a flashback concerning Upashi (presumably before she was his wife). It ends with him reflecting that he can't win against her, confirming what was said about their relationship in an earlier episode.
  • Episode 12:
    • Upashi listens to her husband tell a biased version of the Abyssal Shaft raid while doing the laundry. She knows he's exaggerating and taking it in stride.
    • Isuzu and Touya are baffled at how dressed up Rudy got for the welcome wagon.
  • Episode 13:
    • The coconia fruit has a local legend that someone who eats it on February 14 will tell whomever asks who (or what, as it turns out) they like best. Since this is in the fruit's flavor text, it becomes a real magical complusion.
    • Touya and Rudy questioning what the hell they should call Tetra. Touya accidentlly combines sister and brother into sisbro.
    • Nyanta helping everyone make the coconia treats.
    • Issac and Shiroe realizing that assigning West Wind to patrol on Valentine's day was a terrible mistake.
    • Akatsuki sneak attacking Naotsugu from all the way in the guild, before he could say something perverted. Made even better by a stunned hidden Shouryuu observing and wondering if it's a new type of royal guard.
    • Shiroe is given the fruit so Minori and Akatsuki could ask who he likes, only for Touya to come in and ask a question, forcing him to answer that and be freed from the curse.
  • Episode 15:
    • Tetra appears. From within Naotsugu's shirt.
    • Roderick gives Minori a price estimate for a tank caravan that Tohya likes. Minori drags Tohya away after seeing the price.
    • Minori attempts to draw a giraffe upon the caravan sign. Tohya, Serara and Isuzu wisely restrain her. It's shown later that she does anyway.
    • The entire issue with Danish and Croissant.
  • Episode 16:
    • The Junior group sees a Green Elk Herd, everyone comments on how cute they are, except for Serara, who comments on how delicious she heard they were. Everyone else does a Double Take when she licks her lips.
    • While camping, they do imitations of the senior members of Log Horizon.
  • Episode 17:
    • Roe 2 is basically is Fem!Shiroe and a Genki Girl. Her over-the-top joy at becoming a "big sister" for the Junior Log Horizons members is funny in comparison.
    • Isuzu deflects inquires into her not-relationship with Rudy by stone cold trolling Serara and Minori about their respective crushes.
    • Later in the same scene, Roe 2 shows off the "physical advantage" (big breasts) she has as a "big sister".
  • Henrietta's Cuteness Overload.
  • Episode 18: Akatsuki giving her report to Shiroe.
    • She does it while hanging upside and twirling around and around.
    • Don't underestimate her "feminine skills!" She went to a girl's night out!
    • The content of said report? What Raynesia's grandfather had for dinner last night.
  • Episode 21: Camus proposing to Soujirou. The rest of West Wind Brigade did NOT take this well.
  • Episode 22:
    • Roderick parading his new invention, even giving it a cool name, in vain as the others around him just call it a ruler.
    • Minori gets an "Air Glasses" Written Sound Effect
    • Tetra pops out of Shiroe's jacket the same way she did Naotsugu's shirt.
    • Tetra precedes to say that Shiroe likes it when she holds him, which he immediately denies, but the damage has been done as both Akatsuki and Minori are clearly in rage, causing a Lover Tug-of-War on Shiroe's limbs while the Dread Pack looks on in horror.
  • Episode 23: Raynesia warning her little brother about adventurers wearing glasses, and how some of them can be monsters (Crusty's glasses appear in a thought bubble) or villains (Shiroe's). He tells her not to worry because Issac (his Big Brother Mentor) doesn't wear glasses. Both are completely serious.
  • Episode 24: Shiroe reaches up to adjust his glasses, then lowers his hand without touching them. Everyone in Log Horizon reacts with horror. Akatsuki is so stunned that she later lets Naoutsgu and Regan get away with shouting "Nice Panties!"
  • Episode 25:
    • Everyone's shock when it is revealed that Kanami is a mother with a three-year-old.
    • The priceless looks of all the DTP alumni when they hear their former sort-of-leader on the other end of the transmission.
    • While everyone has been worried sick about Krusty due to his disappearance, he's been chilling out with Kanami's group. All he has to say is "I wonder who will come get me first, Misa or Rieze?"
      • Furthermore, it's hinted it won't be either of the two he mentioned, but Raynesia. (Although how she would do that is unknown, since she has no powers of her own.)
      • It also turns out that he is carrying Misa's missing arm with him.

Volume 11

  • Leonardo recaps a recent adventure where the leader of a group of monkeys stole Kanami's hot pants. He thought they were a magic item. You can feel Leonardo's frustration at this misadventure through the page.
  • Krusty's teasing of Huo Daio, the marten heavenly official tending to him, is both cute and funny. The "my cloud is on vacation" event is especially so.
  • At the end of the book there are several comics depicting reactions to the events of this volume. One of them features Raynesia, who thinks Krusty has been laying about while pretty maids tend to him all this time. Her maid notes the contrast with what really happened, baking sweets for little girls (i.e. big brother stuff).
  • Also at the end of the book, there's a short step by step description of Kanami's route since the Apocalypse and her misadventures, which include, in non specific order, the above mentioned hot pants incident, and deciding to take Coppelia solely on the fact that she's cute. But the highlight? Getting into a rigged drinking contest with Elias. Better yet, the winner was Coppelia, who used healing magic to undo the alcohol's effects.

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