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Below are tropers recommendations of fanfictions for Log Horizon. All fanfiction must be signed by the user that posted them at a minimum or they will be removed. Any and all fanfiction can be posted and users can not be capped from posting more, please however keep from having Conversation in the Main Page.

General Fics
Dislocation by Vathara
  • Recommended by: Yagi Takeru
  • Status: Dead; last updated April 2014
  • Summary: Becoming Shiroe meant more than gaining a few centimeters and some cool spells.
  • Comments: A great story taking a more personal look at the effects of the apocalypse and how it pertains to each character with their varying back stories and motivations. A few things are clearly Headcanon but all of it is appropriate and fits in well with the overarching world.

Blood and Water by Luki Dimension

  • Recommended by: Hjgz 89
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary: Rudy's past comes knocking.
  • Comments: This could easily have been an episode, it fits the tone so well.

Black Leaves by xxAristotlexx

  • Recommended by: Erik Howlett
  • Status: Dead; last updated June 2014
  • Summary: "On the Northern European server of the popular MMORPG Elder Tale, a trio of guild mates find themselves in the world they had been so immersed in. But life in the world is complicated... Filled with horrors that didn't look like much through a computer screen. The main question is: Who am I? Clancy or Orion?"
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  • Comments: One of a number of OC-centric fanfics in the archive, but one that is well-written and has a lot of potential. The story focuses on what's happening elsewhere in the world of Elder Tale, and how players on other servers are reacting to the events of the Apocalypse. More importantly, this story addresses how the sudden shift in realities is affecting the Adventurers, and how they're dealing with the stresses of being strong for their friends in their guild, facing real combat, and taking lives, even if they're monsters. Also, because the eponymous guild was (and in some ways still is) a roleplaying guild prior to the Apocalypse, the story delves into the mindset of the guild's leader, Clancy, as he begins to question his own identity. Is he Clancy Ebonleaf, Ranger-Captain of the Black Leaves guild, or is he Orion Smith, British teenager and Elder Tale player?

Head in the Game by Starcat000

  • Recommended by: Yagi Takeru
  • Status: Dead; last updated June 2014
  • Summary: People did not just turn into giant, anthropomorphic, video game, cats…It just did not happen! Evans, along with 700,000 players worldwide, was playing Elder Tale like any other day when the Novasphere Pioneers expansion came into effect. What followed were the beginnings of something which would challenge, not only individual identity, but also what it meant to be human.

Sweetwater Pioneers by Trisky

  • Recommended by: Erik Howlett
  • Status: Dead; last updated October 2014
  • Summary: "At the stroke of midnight in Japan, {Novasphere Pioneers} was released globally. Thousands of players suddenly found themselves living in the reality that was {Elder Tales}. These are the stories of {Adventurers} in and around the city of {Sweetwater} (Miami, Florida, United States)."
  • Comments: Another "elsewhere in Elder Tale," OC-centric fanfic, and another one that's well-written and has a lot of potential. Each chapter (excluding the very short prologue) is about 1k in length in terms of word count, and so far has begun with a short bio of one member of the Sniper Games Associates Guild. So far, the author has displayed a well-rounded knowledge of the series' terminology and Mamare's world, so each of the bios and characters feel like they belong in the world of Elder Tale. Thus far, the story is fairly short, but such concise and easily-digestible chapters actually work in it's favor. Definitely worth checking out.

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