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The titular horizon is the event horizon of The Singularity.

  • As the world is clearly a simulation RPG-Mechanics Verse rather than a genuine fantasy world, it might be plausible to consider that the players underwent Brain Uploading. One possibility of how this could happen is if a superintelligent AI with benefolent intent but Blue and Orange Morality decided to improve the lives of humans by creating utopian worlds that fulfill their desires. It's just that MMO gamers actually don't want peace and quiet: their particular desire is an adventure where they can experience peril and hardship, but on their own terms, with fair rules for all, guaranteed rewards for becoming good at the game whether it's measured in terms of mastery, strategy or perseverance, and the ability to keep improving ever after.

The Knights of Izumo are either the game developers or GM's.

  • There are places that they normally habit, according to the People of the Land. But the Game Masters have been missing, and the rules of the world have changed. It appears events aren't necessarily managed, either. They are also said to be on par with Adventurers or perhaps stronger, which would fit with standard game protocols for GM's or developers, and they'd naturally have a vested interest in keeping the People of the Land alive. They also would make sense as a defense mechanism against forces that the Adventurers hadn't leveled high enough to face yet, which would've explained why they'd have legendary status - the Knights of Izumo have ALWAYS been fighting high-end monsters, as far as the People of the Land can remember.

    • Izumo also being a real town, it could be the home of the game studio that created Elder Tale. But that would just be crazy.
    • Also, at some point, it's been stated that when it first started out, Elder Tale was an American game. Then again, after all this time, it's a known fact that different companies operate the various servers around the world. so Izumo could be where the physical Japan Server and by extension, the company running it are.
    • Seems Jossed given the revelations of Kanami, Go! East! The Knights of Izumo and the other knight orders are being hunted down and eliminated by the new Genius monsters. The Elder Tales main character was rescued by Kanami and seems to have no knowledge of Elder Tales being any kind of game.

After the Goblin King War, Raynesia will be known as THE HERO OF THE LEAGUE OF FREEDOM CITIES

When word gets around that she inspired the people of Akibara to march off to war, the people of the land will be amazed. The tale will grow with the telling until they're saying she, a lander, was The Leader of an army of adventurers and personally fought the Goblin King in single combat. Some of them might even say she's one of the Ancients or some "Goddess of Victory". Naturally, Raynesia will be terribly embarrassed by these stories and insist that she's just a lazy and cowardly princess, but the only thing she'll accomplish is adding "modesty" to her list of virtues.

Rudy thinks he's in Exalted instead of Elder Tales
He often says to Izuzu that he's "going to become an adventurer" and adventurers are looked upon as more than human, like demi-gods. He tries his hardest to perform amazing heroics in battle. Clearly, he's trying to become a Solar Exalted by accomplishing a feat of heroism that should be impossible for a lander.

The NPC Characters are also people from the real world
But in this case, maybe they are people that didn't play the game. Their lives work just like real people's because, since they didn't play the game, they don't work under the same rules. And they have personalities, occupations and family that they carried from the real world, and this is because in the "real" game, their personality aspects are undefined.

Shiroe is an Incubator but he focuses on hope instead of despair
  • If you examine his exploits, they focus around young girls. He marches to Susukino to rescue Serara and then he takes down the Hamelin Guild primarily because they enslaved Minori; he regularly sends encouraging messages to the latter while working on The Plan to free her. Afterward, he teaches her how to be a strategist like him which boosts her spirits higher. When Akatsuki feels down and useless, he tells her otherwise. Capping it all, he brought hope to a hopeless situation at Minori's request. When Rudy was on the verge of premanent death, he offered a contract to the boy that would make him into an advenuterer, i.e., a superpowered human-ish creature that cannot die.
    "I want you to make a contract with me and become an adventurer!" /人◕‿‿◕人
The Knights of Izumo summoned the psyches of the Adventurers.
  • It was revealed that the Knights of Izumo, for whatever reason, are missing from the land of Yamato. Coincidentally, the Adventurers gained full sentinence in the world of Elder Tale around the same time. This cannot be just mere timing. The Knights of Izumo, and the other 12 bands of knights that guard the rest of the world, discovered the existence of the <Genius> Monsters, and realizing that with all their limitations coded into them, they could not possibly hope to protect the Landers from the <Genius> Monsters. Thus, they decided that the best strategy would be to cast another World Fraction, and fully summon the unlimited potential of the Adventurers' real world psyches into the world of Elder Tale.

Shiroe is Satan.
  • Rudy signed a contract at a crossroads that gave him adventurer powers with someone who arrived by flying monster, revived him as undead with magic incense, and whose primary role is the manipulation of souls in the form of MP. All that's missing is a scene of him being surprisingly good at playing Isuzu's lute.

Kanami (The leader of the Tea Party) will join Log Horizon one she gets back to Japan/Yamato.
  • To start with, it been shown in the web spin-off of Log Horizon that Kanami is indeed travelling overland from Europe to get back to Japan/Yamato to reunite with her old friends. Secondly, Word of God states that Log Horizon will have a member for each of the 12 game classes. So far, we have 9 of these. note , and the 3 remaining classes are Summoner, Druid and Monk. Kanami's class was Swashbuckler; but after moving to Europe, she created a new account under the Monk class. So, since that's one of the unfilled classes in the Log Horizon roster, it seems to make sense that, once she finds her way back to Akihabara, she might end up filling this slot.
    • And the summoner and druid will be Roe 2 and Serara respectively (if Serara decides to change guilds).

Roe 2 will join Log Horizon
Similar to the one about Kanami joining Log Horizon, there will be a slot for a summoner. That summoner could be Roe 2.

Prior to the start of the series, Shoujiro was a younger character with an older looking avatar. That's why he looks up to Shiro as an older brother, and his 'harem', while some are interested in romantically, many have a sisterly/motherly interest in him.

Akatsuki and Tetra will eventually compare notes, and Tetra will find out about the Potion of Change Appearance
  • Whether Tetra finds one and uses it is anyone's guess.
  • Or an inversion: Tetra is Transgender and currently going full ham in joy.

Akatsuki is a real ninja
  • Early on, when she used the potion of change appearance, she said it was fun to roleplay someone different from her real self but she didn't want to do that all the time. However, she's been really keeping up her role as a ninja.

Elder Tale is subsection of The Grid.
  • Elder Tales was already a proto-bardo. The excitement generated by the release 12t expansion pack managed to somehow generate enough mania to push it into a full-fledged bardo. Like The Grid, access to the Bardo is granted by being in front of a computer and spending some mania. This new bardo supports itself whenever an adventurer dies, it slowly drains mental stats, not enough to be harmful, but enough that the player loses some memories.

Elder Tale a Genius Loci and is using the death of adventurers to grow itself.
  • When an adventurer dies he or she loses some memories, but these memories aren't lost. They are used by Elder Tale to improve itself, growing larger, more natural and more real. This process will be fueled by an Arms Race between the adventurers and monsters, and when that hits the law of diminishing returns, some easy method (aside from the one Shiroe discovered) will be found to turn People of the Land into adventurers.

Roe 2 now exists in the current Elder Tale world because of the sacrifice of Shiroe's Memories
  • Roe 2 was one of Shiroe's Beta test characters. The fact that she doesn't appear until Shiroe loses a part of himself would indicate that the alt was able to come into existence, in a similar way to the RMT bot existing as a "living" being.

The Fools and Geniuses are AIs
  • Roe 2 gave an infodump to Minori with loads of computer-related terminology, talking about how limited their language protocols are.

Soujirou is Hamlet
  • He and Shiroe basically have an exchange directly from Act 2 Scene 2 in episode 7. In essence, the following occurs:
    Soujirou: "Akiba is a prison."
    Shiroe: "Then the world is one."
    Soujirou: "A goodly one; in which there are many confines, wards, and dungeons, Akiba being one of the worst."

Elder Tale got modified by the C-Consciousness of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Starting in the USA, the MMO eventually spread world wide, including to Russia in the continuity where Strelok joined (rather than destroyed) the C-Consciousness. The C-C started and maintained Russian server, which got them in the door for becoming a third-party developer working with Altharva Inc. With the last expansion, "Homesteading the Noosphere" the C-C linked the entire system as part of an experiment, the results of which created the "May Incident".

Level 100 may be the advertised max level in the Noosphere expansion, but with the coming of the Catastrophe, the Yamato server (the only known server to have actually gotten the expansion before everything went to shit) adventurers aren't restrained to that.
Basically, once someone reaches Level 100, they'll expect to stop levelling, only to find that they keep gaining experience, meaning adventurers in the Yamato server can keep on leveling forever, constantly becoming stronger.
  • Also, as an addenum to this, any players who leaves the Yamato server will revert to Level 90, as none of the other servers had the expansion, but they regain their normal level when they return to it. Similarly, any external players (such as Kanami) who enter the Yamato server gain the ability to become higher than Level 90, though they don't gain any immediate experience for everything they did outside of it.

The Homesteading the Noosphere update is a forced settling of Theldiesa.

It's not wanted by anyone sane, but the adventurers are essentially colonizing Theldiesa. The gamer abilities they have are patching any holes that might get in the way, and eventually will be lost.


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