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Trivia for Log Horizon

  • Actor Allusion: Takahiro Sakurai (Krusty) is once again playing a handsome, badass warrior trying to woo a princess to achieve his long-term political goal.
  • Ascended Fanon: Mamare is known for incorporating fan characters and concepts into the series. In fact, all the items featured in the light novel's character profiles are fan submissions, gathered on twitter during item recruitment events. Those whose submissions were chosen are credited in Mamare's afterword at the end of the volume.
    • A notable example is the fanfic D.D.D. Diaries, which details the command structure of the eponymous guild, and introduced all the known D.D.D members who aren't Krusty or Misa Takayama; Rieze, Alakshmi (the female Assassin that appears to the right of Krusty during the assault on the Goblin General), Richou (the Werecat), Kozaru, and Yuuta are all from this fan fic.
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    • Ex-D.D.D member Kushiyatama and her friend Yaezakura were introduced in the fanfic Into a Remote Town. The story later became an Ascended Fanfic, officially published as a side-story novel titled Log Horizon: Kushiyatama, Do Your Best!
    • Hien is notable for originating from a fan fic who was added into the Honey Moon Logs Crescent Moon-centric manga, before getting into the anime and then into the novels.
    • Aside from the nine members who were trapped in the Catastrophe, most of the Debauchery Tea Party's members' names and descriptions came from a fan book. (However, the section about them followed an interview with Mamare himself, so it may very well have been official info from the start. Years later, the information was re-published in greater detail in the appendix of Volume 9.)
    • Those who read Volume 6's popularity poll may notice some characters who were never (and still have never been) introduced in the novels, like Riche, Rouge Vermillion, and Hiyoko. All of them are fan fic characters who made their way into an official poll. (The poll was conducted via mail-in form, which had an option to submit a name not on the list. Apparently, their fan fics had enough popularity in the Japanese fanbase to rank on the list even over some official characters.)
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    • In the anime, most of the players who joined Akatsuki in taking down the Akiba murderer were either from fan fics (all the D.D.D members and Tatara) or transplant characters from another part of the franchise (the West Wind members were introduced in their spin-off manga, Seine was from the TRPG Replay books, and Endou Akiba from the TRPG Rulebook).
  • Dueling Shows: Log Horizon vs. Sword Art Online.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Tankbro" and "Brotsugu" for Naotsugu.
    • Minori is sometimes called "The Villain With A Smile," because she's The Apprentice to "The Villain In Glasses".
    • Due to Jovan Jackson's (an African-American) acting re-imagining Nyanta from a upper-class gentleman to a literal cool cat, so to speak, some fans have taken to affectionately refer to the dubbed version as "Sexy Black Nyanta".
    • Scrub Horizon: The Cast Herd of the junior members of the Log Horizon guild (Tohya, Minori, Isuzu, and Rudy), along with Serara (who's part of the herd despite being a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance).
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    • Lawn Dart - Londark, simply because his name sounds similar.
  • No Export for You: So far, only the light novels, the one-volume manga, and The West Wind Brigade spin-off have been released by Yen Press; most other localizations are also only for the novels or WWB. All the other spin-offs, like Honey Moon Logs, Nyanta's Fortune Recipes, the Kanami, Go! East! manga, or the official anthologies, don't seem to be getting overseas releases anytime soon.
    • The free-to-play mobile game is also Japanese-only, though it can be played by fans outside of Japan due to being a mobile browser game rather than an app.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: In early 2015, the series author Mamare Touno was accused of a 3 million yen tax evasion scandal. While it was originally written off as a mistake and a formal apology released on his website, the case was further investigated until police officially announced that it was done on purpose and put him on house arrest with a 3-year probation. After that, the novels (both web and official publication alike) have had much more sporadic updates. Volume 11, the first volume that covers new content since the second season of the anime, wouldn't be published in Japan until March 2018, around two-and-a-half years after Volume 10's publication.
    • Unlike most cases of this trope, however, the series' popularity (in Japan) doesn't seem to have been impacted much by the controversy; Volume 11 was a hit upon release, making it to #3 top-selling novels for the month on online book retailer BookWalker, while an in-person event featuring artwork from throughout the series had lines forming outside the venue. The mobile game is still going strong 3 years into its release, when most other anime/mobile game tie-ins last a year at most.
  • Similarly Named Works: Not an exact case of it, but a French MMORPG-centered franchise named Noob happens to take place in a game named Horizon.


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