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Trivia for Log Horizon

  • Actor Allusion: Takahiro Sakurai (Krusty) is once again playing a handsome, badass warrior trying to woo a princess to achieve his long-term political goal.
  • Ascended Fanon: In an interesting case, the author liked various pieces of fanfiction/ideas from his fans and incorporated them into the series. Examples include much of D.D.D's background information along with guild member Alakshmi from the fanfiction D.D.D Diaries (who made a cameo appearance in episode 20 of the anime) and the names of the members of the Debauchery Tea Party.
    • A notable example is the fanfic D.D.D. Diaries, which details the command structure of the eponymous guild, as well as its personalities, such as the female assassin in the skimpy outfit that appears to the right of Krusty during the assault on the Goblin General. Who also happens to be a G.I.R.L.. In fact, every member of DDD introduced aside from Krusty and Takayama Misa are from this fan fic.
    • Hien comes from a fan fic, and was then added into the Honey Moon Logs Crescent Moon manga retelling. Most of Crescent Moon's members in the anime were originally from Honey Moon Logs, just like how several members of the West Wind Brigade were from their guild's spin-off manga.
    • Aside from the nine members who were trapped in the Catastrophe, most of the Debauchery Tea Party's members' names and descriptions came from a fan book (although the members were revealed after an interview with Mamare, so they may very well have been written by Mamare to begin with).
    • An excellent example of this would be the players who joined Akatsuki in the anime taking down the Akiba murderer. Anyone who wasn't Akatsuki, Raynesia, Mikakage, or had a manga spinoff of their own (Crescent Moon, West Wind Brigade), was either a fan fiction character (including Rieze, Tatara, and the former D.D.D. Drei Klauen member Kushi Yatama) or a transplant from another part of the franchise (Seine, who's a character in the Log Horizon REPLAY books, and Endou Akiba from the tabletop RPG).
  • Dueling Shows: Log Horizon vs. Sword Art Online.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Tankbro" and "Brotsugu" for Naotsugu.
    • Minori is sometimes called "The Villain With A Smile," because she's The Apprentice to "The Villain In Glasses".
    • Due to Jovan Jackson's (an African-American) acting re-imagining Nyanta from a upper-class gentleman to a literal cool cat, so to speak, some fans have taken to affectionately refer to the dubbed version as "Sexy Black Nyanta".
    • Scrub Horizon: The Cast Herd of the junior members of the Log Horizon guild (Tohya, Minori, Isuzu, and Rudy), along with Serara (who's part of the herd despite being a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance).
    • Lawn Dart - Londark, simply because his name sounds similar.
  • No Export for You: So far, only the West Wind Brigade spinoff has been slated for international release. Everything else, meaning the other spinoffs (Kanami's side story, Nyanta's Recipe) are unavailable to read for Western followers of the series.
    • Now Averted as the light novels have been licensed by Yen Press.
  • Similarly Named Works: Not an exact case of it, but a French MMORPG-centered franchise named Noob happens to take place in a game named Horizon.