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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Season One

  • Episode 3:
    • Shiroe's flashback to his days in the Debauchery Tea Party. They all seemed like such good friends and enjoyed the game in a The World Is Just Awesome sense.
    • Akatsuki jumping off a bridge to save Shiroe from a river, followed by Naotsugu fishing them both out.
  • Episode 5
    • After crossing the channel, Serara confirms that she's safe from threats. She's been in constant danger since the Catastrophe, and now she's so happy she starts crying while thanking Shiroe's party.
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    • The moment in which the trio eat tasty food in the game for the first time is adorable to the max.
    • The Crescent Moon Alliance comes out in force to welcome Serara back. Henrietta glomps Akatsuki.
      • In the official manga, Maryelle runs full-speed out of the guild hall upon hearing that Serara had come back safely, in a rush to ensure herself that Serara was safe and sound. She then grabs Shiroe, Akatsuki, and Naotsugu in a large hug with tears in her eyes.
  • The Reveal of Episode 6
    • Naotsugu and Nyanta haven't joined a guild because they're waiting for Shiroe to come to terms with his dislike of the guild system and start his own.
      • In the manga, when Shiroe realizes that Tohya and Minori were taken in and exploited by Hamelin rather then a benevolent guild, he charges out of the Crescent Moon guild hall. Akatsuki and Naotsugu start out after him, but Nyanta tells them to leave it to him without even the use of words. By this time, even with Akatsuki and Nyanta having met for several days at best, she has placed enough trust into him that she would leave Shiroe's side and allow Nyanta to take over.
      • Nyanta's determination is greater here. He did not leave the Nekomanma guild he was in all this time even long after its informal disbanding. He left that guild he was so fond of to join Shiroe's guild because he viewed Shiroe more as a family member than any other players and is now ready to move on from his past.
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    • Maryelle's happiness at hearing Shiroe start his own guild.
    • The fact that Shiroe starts Log Horizon because he wants to improve the situation in Akiba.
  • Shiroe's constant messages to Minori promising her that he's going to free her and Tohya from Hamelin and make sure they get in a nicer guild.
  • In one brief, but potent scene, Shiroe can be seen standing outside Hamelin's guild hall and trying (and failing) to open their door. There is a distinct impression that even though he already has a plan in motion and despite his status as a Squishy Wizard, he really wants to just go in right now and get Tohya and Minori out of there, regardless of any Hamlin members in his way.
    • It's probably just a way of showing how stuff works in-universe because the original novel talks about not able to get in but did not have Shiroe trying himself. None the less, good character development there (which the anime is usually better in side characters).
  • Episode 8: In Minori's flashback in, you see Tohya happily running and stomping about while she's crying just after the Catastrophe. The episode itself only hints at it,(more fully explained in season 2) but the novel explains that Tohya's real-world body was crippled in an accident. He and his sister may be trapped in the game, but for right now, Tohya can walk again.
  • Episode 9
    • The Brother–Sister Team of Tohya and Minori is seamless. They're either very close, planned their offensive beforehand, or both.
    • One of the biggest reasons Shiroe went from "Akiba sucks, wish I could fix it" to "Screw this, time to shake things up" was because Minori and Tohya had been caught in the crossfire. In other words, Shiroe formed Log Horizon and blackmailed the whole city because it messed with two kids he considered himself the guardian of.
      • When it came time for the rescue itself, he wasn't taking any chances. After buying their guild space and locking the leaders of Hamelin inside, he placed Akatsuki at the guild hall (along with borrowed CMA members) and Naotsugu at the Cathedral, just in case.
  • Episode 10: Minori and Tohya spend all episode working up to courage to ask Shiroe if they can join his guild. He accepts them with a warm smile, and tells them that their first mission as new members is… to eat dinner with everyone, since Nyanta is about to make curry for everyone.
  • Episode 11: Akatasuki follows Shiroe to the Eastal Ball despite Henrietta following with a summer dress. This is the same dress she ran away from in Akihabara. It may sound Faux Horrific, but it demonstrates that Akatsuki isn't merely role playing when she says "A ninja must follow her master."
  • Episode 15:
    • The only thing missing in Minor's group wasn't levels or skills, but friendship. After they take a day to truly meet each other and get to know each other, they wipe out a group of five Burning Death.
    • Shiroe is feeling weary, depressed and borderline despairing because of the Spirit Theory and the still unknown mystery of the Catastrophe. Then he receives a report from Minori about her group's big success, reminding him that it's enough to make friends and have fun.
  • Episode 17 (Volume 4, Chapter 1)
    • The relationship between Rayneshia and her father, Feynail. Feynail decides to head back to Maihama to defend the city in case the Goblins attack in force. When Rayneshia offers to go back with him, he tells her to stay because her grandfather needs her as a support, showing his faith in her. Keep in mind that despite Rayneshia not being expected to take part in politics at all, her father gave her vital information, and his words inspire Rayneshia to take action. Her actions end up saving not only the League, but the Round Table as well, as they successfully rally the Adventurers to help defeat the invading monsters.
  • Episode 19
    • Rudy polishes the mage bracers his party acquired in an earlier episode.
    • A twofer-Isuzu's constant worry over him considering he's a Lander subject to perma-death and Rudy brushing it off. He's an adventurer, you know, and he has teammates and civilians to protect.
  • Episode 20. To save time, we'll start with "Any scene with both Rudy and Isuzu in it."
    Izuzu: "Then give me your paw!"
    • Shiroe's opening monologue about Minori's growth. She never asked for help and just because of that Shiroe drops everything he's doing and races towards her, since that was the first time.
  • Episode 21 is chock full of this:
    • Isuzu asking to join Log Horizon and glee upon hearing that she can. She doesn't say it but everyone knows it's because she wants to continue working with Rudy.
    • Rayneshia is feeling nervous because of her sudden assignment as Eastal ambassador to Akibara, and Crusty picks up on this while they're dancing. He says the job comes with "three meals and a nap" and that no one will expect her to go to fancy balls or stuffy tea parties. The adorable neet perks right up after hearing that.
    • Serara wants to dance with Nyanta but is too bashful to say, so he asks her instead.
    • Shiroe reassuring Akatsuki that a Ninja was very helpful during the last battle with the Goblin King and just what he needed to focus on saving Rudy. Then their dance at the end.
  • Episode 22
    • Isuzu taking a Cool Big Sis type role for Minori.
    • Touya's pep talk at the end of the episode.
  • Episode 23
    • Minori working with Shiroe after the previous episode's bout of Love Hurts; regardless of rivals, she still admires him.
    • Krusty shows up unannounced at Raynesia's new home in Akibara, for tea and Snark-to-Snark Combat. He sits down on the couch and she scoots closer but there's still a gap.

Season Two

  • In the closing sequence, one scene shows Raynesia and some of her friends around Akatsuki, Raynesia sat beside her legs. Akatsuki's Imagine Spot is her enjoying a massive pile of red bean buns with said friends, and Akatsuki's even licking her lips with a huge grin at the very thought of it, and even drooling, mouth hanging open, a short time later.
    • There's only two times in the entire end sequence she seems happy. That one sequence and when Shiroe walks in and wakes her up.
  • From Episode Two,
    • We see Naotsugu and Maryelle engaged in a private voice-chat session while he and Shiroe are off with Silver Sword for the big raid into the Depths of Palm. The sheer amount of Ship Tease here reaches to W.A.F.F. levels. Maryelle tells Henrietta that she and Naotsugu agreed on this together, just so she could check in on them and see how they're doing, though Naotsugu in particular. They chat every night at 9:00pm on the nose, and based on their dialogue, they may be planning on doing something together for Christmas when Naotsugu and Shiroe get back from the raid. Henrietta's response is a smile and some playful teasing at her friend's expense.
    • Willaim agrees to help Shiroe immediately. He's so casual about it, it's like a "we're friends. The reason doesn't matter" thing.
  • Episode Three
    • Willaim has another one when he reflects on the recent past. After the move north, he lost members due to the weather and death-trauma and his own insistence on tough raids. By implication, that ones that remained are personally loyal to him. They marched down into Depths of Palm for no reason other than "the guildmaster said so". Then we see several of them chatting about how much they like his style.
    • Naotsugu and Tetra's teamwork is sweet, given their earlier animosity. He talks about how our guild is our home.
    • While helping out at a food stand during the Christmas celebrations, Katsuomaru, a samurai in full gear, starts crying. When asked what's wrong, he says he's never had Christmas with anyone except his family. Reminding the viewers that these characters are all gamers, and many have likely never had true friends until now.
  • Episode 5
    • Raynessia has a Heroic BSoD after discovering the truth about the Serial Killer. Akatsuki responds with sympathy and red bean buns.
    • Raynessia has a tsundere moment complaining that the "monster" (I.E. Krusty) was only around earlier when she didn't need him, and now that she does, he's gone.
  • Episode 6
    • Shiroe and Akatsuki meeting in the afterlife. It's a quietly sweet moment.
    • The later half of the episode is Akatsuki learning a lesson in The Power of Friendship.
  • Episode 7:
    • The Power of Friendship continues as the 26 Maidens of Watermaple train in preparation of dealing with the serial killer.
    • Henrietta taking on a sisterly role for (the presumably younger) Rieze when she finds out about Crusty.
  • Episode 8:
    • The Flavor Text on Akatsuki's new weapon: Haganemushi Tatara.
    "Reforged by Tatara, the blacksmith of Amenoma, for the personal use of a quiet, unsocial wielder. That this earnest girl may go forward without bending or breaking, repelling evil curses and this world's tragedies, so that man may support blade, and blade support man."
    • To celebrate their victory, the Maidens of Watermaple throw a pajama party and Akatsuki reflects on friendship and what it means to protect someone; a place they belong and can feel happy.
  • Episode 10 is William's speech with many heartwarming moments.
    • How important each and every member of Silver Swords is to him on a personal level.
    • How "bits on a server" are important to gamers.
    • His admiration of Shiroe and the DTP in general.
    • Finally, the speech restoring morale in every single Silver Sword member.
  • Episode 11:
    • Demikas uses a monk technique to absorb an AoE big enough to hit a dozen players. This is on his own initative and it's implied to be pretty painful. He's finally becoming a team player.
    • Demikas, again, grabs Shiroe and runs into the deepest area of the raid. It wasn't for revenge, but to place Shiroe at his goal, with the price of having Shiroe say the monk's name properly. Neither like the other, but the battles changed them both.
  • Episode 12:
    • The look of Demikas' face when he sees his name alongside the Silver Swords upon completing the Abyssal Shaft raid and even eating with them. He may have finally found True Companions of his own.
    • Demikas bragging to his wife about the raid is adorable. Matching it is her happiness that he's so happy.
    • Among the spoils for the raid is an item that reduces the EXP lost when dying; i.e. it reduces memory loss. William recognizes the significance of this, and he gives to "The Villain". Then he asks to be on his friend list, and Shiroe says he's already done so.
    • Log Horizon turns out to welcome back its away members. Rudy even dressed up for the occasion!
  • Episode 13: Kanami standing up for her lander friends when a Genius calls him a fake. "He's real!"
  • Episode 14:
    • When the junior members of Log Horizon prepare for their quest, the senior members (and Tetra) all drop in like concerned elder siblings.
    • Izuzu relates the story of how she acquired "Flying Dolphin"; It Was a Gift from Maryelle.
  • Episode 15
    • Everyone consoling Sarara when her soup turned out worse than she hoped.
    • The concert and Rudy cheering for Isuzu.
  • Episode 17: Roe 2's happiness at being called "big sister" is adorable.
  • Episode 22:
    • A minor example but notable is Akatsuki noticing that Shiroe is acting a bit off than usual at the Round Table meeting, and asking if he's okay afterwards. It gets dropped when Minori and Tetora show up and Hilarity Ensues, but she checks on him again later that night. Compared to near the end of last season when she laments not noticing those things, she's made progress
    • Minori shows off her new Bag of Holding and looks so damn proud of herself; her moe skyrockets.
  • Episode 25:
    • Kanami talks about her three year old daughter (you can pick up your jaws now), and how cute she is, but instead of claiming she must leave to get back to her... She's looking forward to showing her the world of Elder Tales. Then she tells her "bus guide" (A.K.A. Shiroe) that this is what he should make happen. There is no reason to give up on this world or the old one; she fully trusts that there is a way to Take a Third Option, and Shiroe can figure it out.
    • The fact that Shiroe and Kanami can reconnect after all this time. He sounds proud of himself when he tells her about Log Horizon and she sounds proud of him too.
    • Krusty's alive! Not only that but he's carrying Misa's severed (and still twitching) arm in a sling.
    • The fact that Upashi calls Demikas "darling". It's a safe bet that he doesn't mind that nickname.
    • Demikas "drooling from his eyes" when Upashi regains consciousness.

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