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  • Debauchery Tea Party.
  • See Tastes Like Chicken, below.
  • In their journey to Susukino, Shiroe's party traverse the Palm's Deep.
  • The name of Hamelin, a guild notorious for luring and extorting unwitting beginner players, is a clear shout-out to The Pied Piper of Hamelin.
  • Kanami's spinoff is an extended reference to Journey to the West, except in reverse, with Kanami travelling overland eastward to Yamato/Japan. Indeed, her party's composition mirrors's Xuanzang companions, with Coppelia filling the role as the monk, Kanami as Wukong, Elias as the pig, Leonardo as the kappa, and KR as the white horse.
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  • Speaking of Kanami's spinoff, one of her companions is a walking and talking nod to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: An American two-sword wielding Assassin wearing a mask named Leonardo, who yells "COWABUNGA" as his battlecry and his favorite food is pizza (changed into sushi in vol. 9 proper).
  • In the West Wind Brigade's spinoff, Soujirou gets so excited about Elder Tales becoming reality that he briefly turns Super Saiyan. Also, he tried to using Santoryu style Santoryu style with Kenshin Himura's trademark cross-shaped scar.
    • Soujirou himself is also a shout out to Seta Soujirou from Rurouni Kenshin. Further, his blue haori is a clear nod to the iconic jackets of the Shinsengumi, whose member Okita Souji was the character basis for Seta Soujirou.
  • When Princess Raynesia tries to raise a volunteer army of adventurers, you can see four wolf-headed adventurers in the crowd, a reference to the band MAN WITH A MISSION, who performed the anime's opening song.
  • Speaking of Raynesia's speech, her name and armor is reminiscent of Valkyrie Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile. (See also Spell My Name with an "S" below.)
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  • During the pub scene with Nyanta and Serara, you can see Maou, Yuusha, and Onna Kishi on the left, along with a blue recolored Suguha.
  • Susukino, the Adventurer City to the north of Akihabara, is regularly assaulted by frost giants that try to break down its walls. Silver Sword has the fun job of fighting them off.
    • That they're in the north, and the enemies outside the walls are ice-related, also makes this a double reference to A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Shiroe and Nyanta look like Ovan and Mia respectively from .hack.
  • A number of monsters are shout-outs, like the "Triffid" plant monster.
  • The name of the twelfth expansion pack, Homesteading the Noosphere (it's NOT Novasphere Pioneers), is simultaneously a reference to both the concept "Noosphere" and another essay titled "Homesteading the Noosphere".
  • One of the Chinese server's characters, Chun-Lu, is clearly a Shout-Out to Chun Li.
  • The Eye Catch for episode 19 of Season 2 shows a red circle being formed, then just as it finished, one of the ghost-like Nightshade Servants pops up in it and a slash goes across it.


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