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Tear Jerker / Log Horizon

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Episode 19: Rudy's Heroic Sacrifice. His party members gather around him to cast one revival spell after another only to be baffled that nothing works. Then Izuzu reveals that he's a lander and that he's going to die for real, while blaming herself for not stopping him for going into dangerous situations.
  • Season 2-whenever Akatsuki has an internal monologue about missing Shiroe and/or how she feels useless. It builds up through the episodes until it reaches a climax. The serial killer kills her and her last thoughts are about Shiroe.
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  • Season 2's Episode 19 has a player who is part of a Death Seeker group of knights. One of their leaders tells Touya why: When they die, they get a glimpse of their old lives. He in particular was about to give up the game and get married, and death is the only way to see the girl he was going to marry. He doesn't know that every time they die, they risk losing those very memories they so desperately want to see again.

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