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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Anime Season 1

  • Episode 1: After figuring the VR thing out Shiroe, Akatsuki and Naotsugu demonstrate what a level 90 Enchanter, Assassin, and Guardian are capable of. The monsters didn't stand a chance.
  • Episode 2: The trio are attacked by a group of PKers, who tell them to hand over all of their items or die. Shiroe mildly states, "I'm willing to give them the money..." then adjusts his glasses and flashes a borderline Slasher Smile, adding "...that is, if they can beat us." What follows is an utter Curb-Stomp Battle made possible by The Power of Friendship, demonstrating just how good they are at working together.
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  • Episode 3: In Palms Deep, the trio encounter one of the new bosses of Novasphere Pioneers; a giant rat-serpent thing. They deal with it like The Team they are: Naotsugu draws its attention, Shiroe snares it and buffs Akatsuki, then she delivers the killing blow.
  • It should be noted that Shiroe, Akatsuki and Naotsugu are extremely good at fighting through the first 4 anime episodes without a healer player present.
  • Episode 4: Shiroe's plan to defeat Demikas.
    • Shiroe and Nyanta don't need to communicate to know The Plan because they work so well together. By synchronizing attacks and exploiting Thorn Bind Hostage's cool down time they bring Demikas' HP to one. It should be noted that their attacks could have been fatal; they coordinated the timing of the attack and a mass-heal spell to bring him from five digits to exactly one hit point.
    • Naotsugu keeps all the minions busy singlehanded.
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    • Where is Akatsuki during all of this? She's killing off the healers and mage while everyone's distracted, of course!
    • Even Serara, the level 19 druid and Damsel in Distress, contributes by keeping everyone's HP high enough for The Plan to work. Then she deals the KO blow to Demikas by whacking him with her staff!
  • Episode 5: Nyanta is a level 90 cook, which means when he cooks food the long way it becomes Impossibly Delicious Food.
  • Episode 7: From the perspective of the players, the restaurant started by the Crescent Moon Alliance is the most awesome thing ever. Burgers that taste like real burgers! Shiroe's opening exposition stated that for 15 gold a player could buy three meals worth of unseasoned crackers; a crescent burger costs the same amount and players gladly pay it. The restaurant makes over 43,000 gold on its first day.
    • Shouryuu singlehandedly knocking out (which is much harder than simply killing) an area boss the size of a truck and dragging it from the forest to his guild hall, all in an effort to impress Marielle.
  • Episode 8: Henretta's negotiations with the three largest production guilds in Elder Tales: Oceanic Systems, District 8 Shopping Center and Rodrick Firm. She gets what she needs from them without tipping her hand to the secret of Crescent Moon's success or what they're truly after and she does it all without lying. If that were a traditional RPG battle, it would have been a flawless victory.
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  • Episode 9: Shiroe reveals why he needed five million gold to the leaders of several guilds: all the building zones in the city are for sale, so he just bought the one holding the Guild Building, which means he can now cut any guild off from their own assets, and every player in the city from the Bank. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why they call him "The Villain in Glasses".
  • Episode 10: Within a week, the Round Table Council has restored order to Akibara. In fact, it's so successful that a Lander king feels threatened by it.
  • Episode 15:
    • Minori standing up in the face of the Leeroy Jenkins-style fighting that has hampered her party so far.
    • Minori's tactics earning her party their first big win. True, The Aesop of that episode was The Power of Friendship and it is, but she was still the brains behind it.
  • Episode 16
    • Minori's party decides to defend the lander town against the Goblin King, by themselves if they have to. What makes this awesome is not that it's overconfidence but a sense of heroism. As adventurers, they have greater power than the landers, even if they are low level compared to their teachers, and feel a need to use it. Minori also emulates Shiroe The Strategist in Taking A Third Option so well that even the much more experienced adventurers listen to her.
    • Rudy deserves his own bullet point because he's a Lander. If he dies in the coming battle it may be permanent.
  • Episode 17
    • Minori's party continues to earn awesome moments by curbstomping a goblin patrol with seamless teamwork.
    • During negotiations, Michitaka silenced a Lander who was badmouthing the adventurers by smashing and putting a dent on the marble table they were negotiating on. The Lander was so shocked by this display of might he sat right back down.
    • Princess Raynessia solves a political problem between Noble Landers and Akibara's Round Table Council by Cutting the Knot; instead of complicated and disrespectful politicking, she's going to travel to Akibara itself and respectful request the aid of the individuals living there. She even ropes Crusty into being her escort!
    • And a more subtle one shown at the end: In the span of just a few months, the adventurers of Akibara have turned their city into such a sprawling metropolis that at night the lights from the city can be seen from dozens of miles around.
  • Episode 18:
    • Raynessia makes her request and 1,200 adventurers answer her call. Shiroe stated earlier that Akibara would be safe regardless of what they did and Raynessia admitted that she couldn't offer any reward, but they still Jumped at the Call. This means she convinced him on sheer charisma. One of them calls her a "goddess".
    • In regards to the final sentence, an awesome moment for Shiroe and Crusty. They arranged for Raynessia's wardrobe change so she could make the maximum first impression. After the "she's a goddess!" line, they look at each other and you can hear Just as Planned in their minds.
    • The simultaneous pounding of all the adventurer's weapons on the ground will give you chills.
  • Episode 19:
    • After many episodes spent around conference tables, Crusty finally gets to show why he's the leader of the biggest combat guild, and boy, does he ever. He jumps into the thick of things, orders mage attacks like magical artiliery, blasts an enormous chasm right in the middle of the Goblin army just with his axe, No sells a giant's attack, runs up its arm and then swings his big freaking axe through its neck. All the while he has this glorious Blood Knight gleam in his eyes.
      • Also just calmly standing there as the magical artillery beams shoot around him, some of the beams avoiding hitting him by mere inches. He just stands there, without flinching or even looking back. That's some impressive coordination, teamwork and trust between them.
    • Minori performs so well as a strategist that Shiroe's own DTP comrades say she's doing a damn good job "chasing after him". Thanks to Full Control Encounter she can effectively see five seconds into the future.
    • Rundel Haus Code may be one of the People of the Land on paper, but he dies as an adventurer. If shoving your arm down a Dire Wolf's throat to blow it up from the inside doesn't qualify one as an adventurer, than nothing does.
  • Episode 20:
    • Krusty and his scary blood lust. He effortlessly cuts up what looks like a goblin general.
    • Phoenix summoning fire bomb!
    • Shiroe creates the most powerful contract in the setting: granting a lander an adventurer subclass, thus turning him into an adventurer. The visual effects make this all the more awesome.
  • Episode 24: Shiroe weaponizes the entire West Wind Brigade by taking advantage of the fact that "it's hard to cause trouble when you're surrounded by girls" to resolve the situation during the Libra Festival - having groups of four girls each patrolling the city. He gives the members additional initiative in the form of asking Soujiro to patrol in his own four-person group and hinting at a chance for any of the Brigade's members to rotate into Soujiro's group at any time. The plan works.

Anime Season 2

  • Episode 2 provides an off-screen moment for Willaim Massachusetts. After he declined to join the Round Table Council in Akibara, he moved north. There he and his Silver Sword guild defeated Demikas and Brigandia, took Suzukino's administration from him, and turned him into his own minion. In the episode proper, he intimidates Demikas into standing down without lifting a finger.
  • Episode 3 shows the full raid of Depths of Palm in earnest. Four parties organized into one unit to kill slimes of similar level to themselves. Then they meet the first raid boss and it thrashes them. It continues to do so for the next eleven attacks. Then, by studying the raid boss's movements, cool downs, and abilities they finally bring it down. Willaim Massachusetts stands on the thing's corpse, raising his bow above his head, surrounded by victory spoils.
  • Episode 8 delivers several of these for Akatsuki
    • Performing a lead role in her first raid.
    • Developing her own overskill/Teaching, Shadow Lurk.
    • Delivering the finishing blow to the serial killer, thus ending the crisis for Akibara.
    • The flavor text of her new weapon, Haganemushi Tatara, references her. She is now a legendary part of Elder Tales lore!
  • Episode 10: One man. 20 minutes. One speech.
  • Episode 11:
    • The Plan for defeating three raid bosses in one battle. It is tactically impressive and visually amazing.
    • Demikas' flashback concerning his lander wife. She uses Kill Me Now, or Forever Stay Your Hand to subdue him in ten seconds flat. Something of this nature presumably happens a lot.
    • Demikas uses a monk technique to absorb an AoE big enough to hit a dozen players. He's still in fighting shape afterward.
  • Episode 12
    • The scope of Shiroe's plan is greater than anyone suspected. He wants to buy every field zone in Yamato; Every forest, every cave, every river, everything. Then he plans to reassign ownership to the Yamato server permanently, and thus prevent any adventurer from abusing those buildings. He convinces the Kunie clan to help him do it, despite the immensely powerful raid boss waiting to turn him into paste.
    • The Silver Sword guild wins the three-way raid boss battle, thus completing the Abyssal Shaft raid. Their reward is a pile of phantasmal class items! A black pillar will stand at the bottom floor and declare their accomplishment forever.
  • Episode 14
    • Leonardo tackles the two Geniuses off their Black Dragon. From a skydive. Following that he combo attacks one Genius so fast that he exceeds its regeneration abilities, killing it for good.
  • Episode 18: Isuzu's "Forty Two" tour continues and she learns the meaning behind the phrase "42". Landers suffer from Creative Sterility due to the world's former nature as a game. It's impossible for them to create new songs because "the gods" only gave them 42. When they hear Izuzu singing songs they've never heard before, they think she's either had a divine revelation or created new songs without godly help. She gets a lot of applause. Even though they are songs she remembered from Earth, she performs them well.
  • Episode 20:
    • Roe 2 summons angelic creature to help her "younger siblings" and it does tremendous damage to the entire wyvern flock. The visuals for both are amazing.
      • And said summon? A Luquenje, one of the six beings that once threatened the world of Elder Tale in the past. Seeing it simply decimate the wyvern flock shows just how powerful those beings were, and she uses it as a summon.
    • Isuzu sings her own original song and it captivates everyone. Instead of simply carrying new songs, she had written a new song within the world itself. The "World of Cardboard" Speech leading up to it amplifies the awesome.
  • Episode 25
    • After being off his game in the last episode, Shiroe's tactical genius returns. He outmanuevers the Eternal Moths and even deduces the underlying pattern behind an Ao E attack that Reize thought was random. By the end of it, Reize decides that his fame is well-deserved.
    • Kanami's group accomplished the same feat as Shiroe's but with a fraction of its membership.
    • Meanwhile, in The Stinger, Roe 2 managed to get a lead for Log Horizon to get onwards with their plan to establish contact with the Navigators on the moon... by finding and safeguarding a launch facility with an intact space shuttle. And while the shuttle might have taken too much damage to fly without major maintenance in the years of it's disuse, it's launch station's communications will have much greater range than they could ever find in a radio station!

West Wind Brigade

  • Just about any time Soujirou draws his sword will end in awesomeness.
  • When Isami stabs a Hamelin guild member after he assaults her and Sara, she prepares to accept her death by the guard. Soujirou will have none of that, and blocks the guard's sword. His inner psycho comes out as he becomes prepared to defend his friends no matter what. He cuts off the Hamelin guy's arm in an attempt to behead him, fully knowing that the guard would target him. He manages to fight the guard long enough for the rest of his guild to get back to their hall, with only Nazuna as support, then dies. And this is all before they know that people revive after death. Soujirou is one of the first in Akiba to die.
  • After a failed negotiation between the WWB, Crescent Moon Alliance, Radio Market, and Grandeur, Soujirou manages to persuade Isaac to help him in hunting PKs, calling Isaac a nice guy inside. Isaac attacks him out of annoyance, and Soujirou dodges by stepping on the sword. After a little bit of banter, Isaac agrees to help out this one time. And that one time is glorious.

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