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  • In the opening sequence, some men in a burger place come and try to chat up Paprika, who (while we can't hear her dialogue) is implied to politely rebuff them. How do we know this? Because we can see her reflection in a set of mirrors next to her and each one looks increasingly disgusted.
  • Near the beginning of the film, Shima completely losing his mind due to the DC Mini's influence and loudly and grandly delivering an incomprehensible rant is either this, or straight-up Nightmare Fuel, or both. Continuing on that, most of the madness-induced rants in the film are incredibly over-the-top and silly.
    • In a subtle way, it's pretty funny that Shima is so eccentric in his daily life that it takes the onlookers in the room several moments before they realize that anything is amiss with him. Apparently, saying totally bizarre things is perfectly in-character for him.
  • A tense moment in the restaurant scene being broken by another of Tokita's orders.
    Waitress: Who ordered the paella?
    • Really, the whole scene. Chiba, Tokita, and Osanai having a serious conversation, and a waitress repeatedly bringing large portions of food to Tokita.
  • A lot of Tokita moments. He's a total Manchild. "Sounds like a line from a mysteryyy!"
    • Later, Paprika says the same thing. It makes sense: she was modeled off of Tokita.
      • A brief scene just before she says this line is when Paprika is sitting in the movie theater. She flicks a piece of popcorn into the air and opens her mouth to catch it, only for the kernel to bounce off of her face instead. Her surprised expression is giggle-worthy.
  • The scene where Tokita, Chiba, and Osanai break into Himuro's apartment. Chiba scolds Tokita for picking the lock on the door, which Tokita follows up with an innocent "At least I'm not as bad as Himuro!"
  • Chiba is dreaming about being kissed by Konakawa. Meanwhile, Shima is trying to wake her up- and the dream sequence cuts to Chiba violently slapping Shima's face, as he falls in slow motion, stunned. Later, he remarks "Well it must have been real, because it hurt a lot!" and he and Chiba both chuckle.
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  • The cartoonish "zhoop!" sound effect when Tokita (in the robot suit) eats Chiba.
  • Some of Tokita's dialogue when he's stuck in the robot suit is pretty funny.
    Robot Tokita: An overweight spirit needs no special diet! Go forth, superhero! Don't stop!
  • Chiba's epic chewing out of Tokita is a combination of this and satisfying.
  • Konakawa is sitting in his office alone. He remembers his over-the-top action-movie themed dream from before, and he chuckles to himself. He stands up, makes a gun gesture with his hand, and dramatically points to the window.
    Konakawa: It's over!

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