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Funny / Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

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  • Following his duel with the virtual Atem, Kaiba speaks with his staff about the efforts he went through to recreate him, saying Atem's "perfectly coiffed hair" was the hardest part of him to render digitally.
    • After the above scene, Kaiba proceeds to rant at his scientists about his desire for a real final match against the Pharaoh and ends his speech by crushing his metal drinking flask and then dramatically tossing it aside. He then concludes with this gem:
    Kaiba: Fire whoever designed that bottle. KaibaCorp products should not bend that easily!
  • Joey falls asleep and dreams about being on top of the Battle City Finals blimp. "Hey, this isn't my pillow!" Then Kaiba appears. "Kaiba, you're not my pillow either!"
  • Duke casually dropping the bomb that 50 people disappeared all at once and then walking away cheerfully.
  • Twice the boys comment that the girls all love Bakura because of his British accent. The fact that the accent was a silly dub thing just makes them lampshading it funnier.
  • Joey bikes to school, going way too fast because he's late. When he nearly knocks over a policeman, the man yells at him, asking if he didn't see the speed limit. Joey yells back that he was going too fast to see it.
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  • The kid bullying Aigami saying (in the dub) that “You're gonna be the star of my how to video on bullying.”
  • Joey jumps over a bridge to stop the bullies from attacking Aigami; he lands, stumbles and falls backwards, and rolls completely over into a kneeling position. In the Japanese, Joey says nothing during this. The dub has him quip "That was on purpose!"
  • Hologram!Atem snarks at Kaiba that he's been saying he'll defeat him for years.
  • When Kaiba defies being sent to another dimension by Diva, there's a hilarious moment in both the original Japanese and the dub.
    • In one version of the subtitles, Mani wonders if Kaiba's ego increased by his new duel disk saved him. Especially hilarious since this is technically true.
    • In the dub, Kaiba drops THIS line:
    Kaiba: You said tech has its limits. Wrong. There are no limits when you're as brilliant as Seto Kaiba.
  • Kaiba, as usual, has a lot of great Deadpan Snarker moments. Case in point, his reaction to Dark Aigami/Diva going full-on Evil Laugh when a duel turns in his favour.
    "I'm getting really tired of that laugh."
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  • The fact that using their soul power to summon monsters in the dimension duels makes it look like they're trying to go Super Saiyan.
  • After Aigami is prevented from taking the Puzzle, Kaiba goes "To be continued!" as he escapes.
  • After Kaiba had his Blue Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon dispatch Yugi's monsters, Yugi went with summoning Apple Magician Girl. Kaiba's only response: "You fight me with fruit?"
  • Later on in the same duel, Yugi managed to use the effects of all three of his Magician Girls to thwart the threat of Kaiba's Blue Eyes Chaos MAX. Kaiba's response? A very deadpan "You really hate dragons, don't you?"
  • After being scolded for talking over their graduation rehearsal, Joey argues that it doesn't matter because no one is listening to Yugi's practice speech anyways. The camera immediately pans over to Tristan, who is caught up in the speech enough to be crying over it.
    • When the real graduation finally happens, both Tristan and Joey are reduced to Inelegant Blubbering.
  • When Kaiba enters the room in his space station where he will assemble the Millennium Puzzle, the AI of the ship starts to explain its capabilities and how it's going to assemble the Puzzle. Annoyed, Kaiba questions why it's explaining all of this when he's the one who built it. The AI's response?
    AI: Affirmative, but my AI has recognized your affinity for being reminded of your genius.
  • While demonstrating his new AR tech to Domino City, Kaiba speechifies about how boring and poorly-designed reality is, and then says that if he could, he would fire whoever designed it. That's right, Kaiba says that he would fire God.
  • The third official trailer for the English dub was put on YouTube. The scene contains a news article which mentions an "Exodia Airlines" flight landing. What is the top rated comment?
    LittleKuriboh: AAAA! EXODIA AIRLINES! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE! Nobody's ever been able to fly Business Class on him.
  • After Kaiba's commandos managed to capture Aigami, they interrogate him. Then Mokuba drops the bomb that they know his sister gave away a puzzle piece and other such interesting facts. They also show a picture of her... actually, almost a dozen pictures of her from every possible angle, just to rub it in on how much they know already.
  • When Tea is preparing to fly to America, the gang all high-five her... except Joey, who gets way too enthusiastic about it.
  • After Seto has stopped traffic to dramatically monologue at Yugi, Yugi notices Mokuba in the helicopter above, who just happily says 'Hey Yugi! Looking good!'
  • A minor one, but Kaiba still has Saggi The Dark Clown in a deck that otherwise wouldn't feel out of place in the modern Meta.
  • Dark Magician Girl's Nonchalant Dodge of Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon's Frickin' Laser Beams. Its destruction afterwards just has Kaiba utterly nonchalant about the whole thing. His 4000 ATK dragon was cut down by fruit magicians, and he just snarks back: "You really hate dragons, don't you?"
  • Joey's Creepy Chin returns, with a friend.