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Awesome / Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

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Screw the rules! Instead of drawing from my deck, I DRAW A GOD CARD FROM THE GROUND!note 

The prequel manga

  • When Sera duels Kaiba in the latter half of Transcend Game, Sera kicks off with her ace monster, an 8800 Pulse beatstick. Kaiba brings out his ace, the iconic Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which has a Pulse of... 3000. Sera moves in immediately and blows up Blue-Eyes, but Kaiba simply laughs at it; not only does Blue-Eyes survive and not a scratch is left on Kaiba, its Pulse power-leaps to 19900 and curbstomps Sera.


The movie

  • The visual effects and general animation quality are the best that Yu-Gi-Oh! has ever seen.
  • Kaiba, of course, making an entrance by jumping out of his Blue-Eyes White Jet before it's actually landed.
  • When Aigami tries to steal the Puzzle, Mokuba headbutts him away and he only manages to get two pieces.
  • Aigami tries to disintegrate Kaiba almost immediately but is repelled by his augmented willpower (via Duel Disk) and forced to duel him instead.
  • After all he's done, seeing Jonouchi grab Aigami by the collar and try to punch him is immensely satisfying, even if he doesn't land the hit.
  • Mokuba's new look is certainly awesome.
  • The dub gives one to Joey. Instead of transporting him to another dimension and straight-up disintegrating them as in the Japanese version, Aigami traps him in a world of memories which he proceeds to erase bit by bit, which would erase Joey's memories/body as well. Joey saves himself by thinking of his friends, including Atem, and breaks out on his own.
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  • Kaiba manages to track down and capture Aigami, who can teleport at will and disintegrate people.
  • When dueling Aigami, Kaiba seems to be on the ropes until he summons Obelisk the Tormentor by pulling the card out of the ground. He sacrifices two monsters to activate Obelisk's effect and ends up dealing 7000 damage to Aigami in one turn. Unfortunately the duel is interrupted before he can win.
    Kaiba: I activate Obelisk's effect! I will destroy my own monsters to inflict damage to you equal to Obelisk's attack power!
    (cue Oh, Crap! reaction from Aigami)
  • After Kaiba just got finished hyping up his new Duel Disk, Duel Links system, and himself to a stadium full of people, he announces that he'll challenge Aigami, only for Yugi to proclaim that he'll be dueling Aigami first in order to save Bakura. Yugi then proceeds to talk down Kaiba and when Kaiba asks if he's threatening him, Yugi says "Sure, why not. Now, what's it gonna be, Kaiba?" Then Kaiba agrees and allows Yugi and Aigami to duel first instead.
  • Yugi holds his own against Aigami's constantly-evolving Cubic Monsters and turns the tables with a triple trap card combination that traps his opponent in a perpetual damage loop, essentially causing it to self destruct and take Aigami with it. Bonus points for it being similar to Atem's strategy to defeat Strings and Slifer the Sky Dragon. Yugi was clearly paying attention.
  • The following confrontation with Kaiba is equally amazing, with both duelists giving it their all as Yugi's magician troupe clashes against Kaiba's increasingly powerful dragons. Yugi brings it to a close by countering Kaiba's attempted comeback with the very Monster Reborn card he gave him earlier to bring back his Dark Magician and is in the position to win the duel before they are interrupted.
    • It's even better if you look into the move more closely. The last time Yugi was shown using Monster Reborn was when he didn't, using it as a symbol that the dead should stay dead when he negated it during his winning move against Atem. Not only did he prevent Kaiba from gaining a foothold over him, he sent him another message regarding Atem staying dead.
  • Aigami and Mani are powerful enough to wield the Millennium Ring without dying, and Mani briefly resists its control, stopping himself from killing Bakura.
  • Yugi before Atem shows up because he was in the midst of his third consecutive duel which used either magic or technology to literally wear away at him physically. He still held out until the last possible moment, which was longer than anyone else could.
    • Joey gets another understated one. Yugi and Aigami are dueling, the world is crumbling around them, and we get a shot of... Joey, the only other person left conscious before he fades too. And this is at the end of it all, literal moments before Yugi falls unconscious.
  • Atem has two Big Damn Heroes moments where he uses his powers from the afterlife to help Joey get out of the dissolving dimension.
    • The second time he appears, he enters like the Winged Dragon of Ra's Phoenix mode and effortlessly summons his loyal servant Mahad to vanquish Diva's corruption.
      • Complete with his badass theme in the English version! Ramping the epicness to a Millennium!
      • Even better (on a Meta level) is that for all the common anime-only card effects or ruling-bending that regularly occurs, this was a completely legitimate move. Palladium Oracle Mahad can be special summoned immediately after drawing it and doubles its attack when battling a Dark attribute monster.
      • On a meta level, theater-goers not only cheering Atem's return but yelling out "YU-GI-OH!!!" Seen here.
  • Anzu going off to America to pursue her dream of dancing on Broadway in the closing credits of the movie.
  • Kaiba just in general. Guy is so salty and petty about never getting his rematch, first he tries to drag the soul of a dead man, that just found rest after 5000 years, back to life, putting the entire world at risk, and when that fails, he just builds a machine that allows him to travel to the afterlife instead. Just to play a children's card game with his dead rival. Evil Is Petty has never been this Awesome.
  • When Kaiba travels to the afterlife to settle their score, Atem is shown sitting on the throne of the Pharaohs. Keep in mind it's the afterlife. All of his predecessors and successors should be there, including (former) High Priest Seto, but he's the one sitting on the throne. In other words, he's the King of all Kings.



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