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Okay, I think she gets the idea.

  • In general, Lumi is incredibly expressive and makes some of the funniest faces. No not THOSE faces, but the ones like the page picture.
  • Lumi tries to regain her composure after Youta touches her for the first time and sends her into heat. She yells at him about how she's a proud paladin who won't be made a fool of...and then Youta lightly takes her hand with predictable results. It's her expression, a weird combination of embarrassment and Dull Surprise, that really makes the scene, as well as Youta laughing his head off at the absurdity of the situation.
  • The first time Lumi and Youta are about to make out. Youta is understandably stunned about what is happening to him. He asks her if she's certain she wants to do it with him. Cue a closeup of Lumi's goofy, beet-red, drooling, swirly-eyed, absolutely hopelessly overcome by lust expression.
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  • After making out with Youta for the first time, Lumi is so embarrassed that she stick her head in a hollow tree trunk, forgetting that she's Going Commando...
    Youta: In my world there's an idiom: 'You hide your face but not your butt'! But you really should cover at least your anus! AHAHAHAHA-!
  • Lumi stepping in dragon dung and the subsequent short-lived Running Gag of everyone telling her how bad it, and by extension she smells. The page picture has the twins Mona and Liza actually complimenting Lumi on her incredible fortitude for putting up with such a wretched stench: needless to say, she's not very flattered.
  • The Youta Pillow. It's Lumi at her most hilariously adorable: she stitches a crude face on a pillow, but it doesn't do the trick because it smells like herself. So she strongarms Youta into hugging it before booting him out of the room to...go to work on it, all with a deadpan expression. Then Youta walks in on her making out with it later, and we get a hilarious look of bug-eyed mortification from Lumi as she babbles and yells at him trying to salvage the situation.
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  • Momo ties Youta to a tree, has sex with him and passes out afterwards...leaving Youta tied to the tree without his pants until morning, to his chagrin.
  • The bicorn losing its shit and screaming in Tia's face when she tries to touch it (both times), and Tia's absolute non-reaction to it.
  • Manaka and Rino, the two sailors in charge of taking Lumi and Youta to the next city: they're like a tag-team of hyperactive, Jojo-posing cheerleaders. The crowning moment of their introduction is them proudly proclaiming that they can handle anything the sea throws at them; hideous monsters, devastating storms, and all manner of horrific fates. The last panel is a dead-eyed, dimly-smiling Youta.
  • Manaka is valiantly fighting against a massive storm with Rino cheering her on as per usual, when the mother of all waves rises up to wipe them out. Rino desperately cheers Manaka on, with even Youta and Lumi joining in, but unfortunately...
    • The story behind the storm also counts: Noa used her abilities as a mermaid to summon it to pay them back for saving her mom, cheerfully leaving the four behind to fight for their lives.
    • Bonus funny points for this epic battle against a raging maelstrom happening with all four of them in the nude.
  • Manaka and Rino have another moment when they are traveling across a dessert on a camel. While Manaka is having fun, Rino is still distraught over the loss of their ship and calls the camel a stinky animal. The camel promptly gets offended by that comment.
  • In a moment that's as much hilarious as it is awesome, Youta defeats Amane in a Single-Stroke Battle with his bare hands, dodging her sword and touching her on the cheek, with obvious results.
  • Youta, thinking Galia's weakness is water, grabs a bucket and splashes her with it. Cute the colossal sandworm glancing down at him with a little question mark next to it before going right back to trying to obliterate the city. It's such a 'Galia' reaction.


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