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  • When Mitsuha was told near the start that she was acting strangely and had undone hair, her Imagine Spot makes her look like Tomoko Kuroki.
  • When Tessie tries to offer reasons for Mitsuha's strange behaviour the previous day, he has an expression and delivery that he probably thought was creepy and dramatic but just ends up goofy and exaggerated.
  • The rambling about how the rural town is 'empty' in the beginning. There is no bookstore or dentist and convenience store closes early, but somehow there are 2 pubs...
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  • Taki writes a bunch of stuff in Mitsuha's notebook about what he's observed of her life. The last entry, according to the novelisation, also visible in the film proper as Freeze-Frame Bonus? "Has breasts".
  • Many "Freaky Friday" Flip moments:
    • The Running Gag of Taki groping Mitsuha's breasts every damn time he wakes up in her body, cue the little sister walking in. When it happens during the Time-Compression Montage, she has an utterly flat expression at being caught, like he's out of fucks to give, that makes it even funnier.
    • Late in the film when Taki cries Tears of Joy at being given one last Body Swap moment, dude still doesn't let the opportunity go to waste like it was the best thing that ever happened to his life. And then he says how glad he is that Yotsuha is still alive. It ended up sending Mitsuha's sister NOPENOPENOPE away from the house after slamming the bedroom door into his/her face when he/she charged like a stampeding bull to give her a "big sisterly hug"...
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    • Also late in the film when Mitsuha and Taki finally meet in person at the shrine, Mitsuha calls Taki out for fondling her chest when in her body. On top of that, Taki claiming that he only did that once.
    • Mitsuha is being much more modest about it, grabbing his groin in panic at most. But then came the morning wood...
    • Taki's friends are baffled when (s)he got lost on his way to school.
  • The Japanese voice acting was so on point that they mimicked both protagonists in each other's bodies very convincingly. The dub likewise casts the two mains (actually voiced by the producers of the dub to boot) portraying each of their two personalities amusingly.
    • Tsukasa thought Mitsuha!Taki was cute. His (her?) mannerism is funny to look at too.
    • When Miki got her skirt torn by a jerkass customer, Mitsuha!Taki repairs it by sewing a cutesy pattern. Dude had quite an epiphany when he found out what Mitsuha did for his secret crush. And Mitsuha!Taki asks Miki to take her skirt off, not realizing that she's still in Taki's body. Miki's initial reaction is priceless.
    • Taki in Mitsuha's body doesn't wear underwear to school, at all, even during basketball matches where s/he is the source of Male Gaze from other students, much to the dismay of Mitsuha when she learns about it.
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    • When Mitsuha swapped into Taki's body, she blows his wallet on cafe sweets, since she's so elated to finally being in a real cafe. The look on Taki's face as he scrolls through his photo collection on mobile and learns where his hard earned part-time money went is something to behold.
    • Mitsuha is confused why she is given a love letter from girls... Eventually both parties had to tell the other to stay off their personal lives.
    • Mitsuha!Taki using "watashi" to the bewilderment of his friends, and cycling through the pronouns until she uses the correct one. And sitting in seiza the whole time at that.
    • When she experiences the first body swap with Taki, Mitsuha thinks going to a real café is a dream she doesn't want to end. When she needs to do Taki's work at the restaurant, she quickly starts begging for the "dream" to end.
  • The Kuchikamizake, made out of rice and human saliva. Yup. The little sister tells Mitsuha to sell the Shrine Maiden Sake as a product. Cut to Mitsuha's thoughts of appearing in a sake commercial.
    • Doubly hilarious when Taki has to drink it. Mitsuha blows up at him over doing so and calls him a pervert.
  • Teshigawara's (or Tessie) idea of a cafe: Mitsuha and her friends had to cope with canned coffee from a vending machine. Meanwhile Taki is working part-time in a high class restaurant.
    • The first time we see Taki's two friends bring Mitsuha!Taki to one, (s)he is practically glowing. When shown again during the Time-Compression Montage, we see they have confused and maybe a little scared sweatdrops.
    • When Taki!Mitsuha dropped by the vending machine, she makes furniture for it, wood-sawing and all.
  • The rules Mitsuha sets for Taki are all concerning modesty. Taki? "Don't waste money, no dialect, don't be late" etc.
  • According to Another Side: Earthbound, when Taki is in Mitsuha's body, he cooks fancy Western meals for the family, whereas Mitsuha herself usually makes simple Japanese fare. Yotsuha somehow determines from this that Mitsuha has a grown man for a secret boyfriend.
  • When on the date with Miki, Taki discovers that Mitsuha has left him links to dating advice on his phone. Furthermore, they're stuff like "I have anxiety and I still got a date". Cue hilariously outraged response.
  • After spending a month as her granddaughter, Taki offering to carry Grandma on his back while they spent the afternoon hiking in the mountains shows that he has come to love the Miyamizu family as his own, and what a sweet young gentleman he is.... then he finds out the hard way that Mitsuha's slim female body is not quite as fit for extended gestures of chivalry as he would like.
  • Taki (as Mitsuha) and Tessie are really into the plan they just concocted in the old club room to evacuate the villagers before the meteor hits, almost like they're about to go on a movie-style spy mission, providing levity amidst the dire situation.
  • Tessie and Sayaka's over-the-top reaction to Mitsuha having had her hair cut short. In both timelines.
  • When Taki, Tsukasa and Miki go to find Taki's 'online friend', Taki is the only one asking the locals about the location of the scene in his drawing, Tsukasa and Miki instead spend their time acting like a couple of tourists out on vacation. When Taki gives up his search, he complains to them that they haven't helped him do anything.
  • Tsukasa, Takagi and Miki all agree: Taki's suit needs changing.
  • One of Taki's ruminations near the end: "I'm always searching for something, for someone. Or maybe I'm just searching for a job." May be Black Comedy or even Dude, Not Funny! for anyone who is unemployed though.
  • Early on in the film, we see into part of Tessie's room, where a box of tissues and an implied porn magazine are in view.

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