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     Season 1 
  • Haruka attempting to jump in a fish tank.
  • Haruka's insistence on wearing his swimsuit everywhere.
  • Makoto's constant henpecking of Haruka and his choice to wear the swimming suit under everything.
  • When Nagisa, Makoto, and Haru go to the Samezuka pool, Nagisa decides to join Haru, who has already jumped in. As Makoto reminds Nagisa that, unlike Haru, he doesn't have a swimsuit, Nagisa yanks off all his clothes and says "I'm gonna skinny dip!" in a totally cheerful tone. The look on Makoto's face is hilarious.
  • Nagisa pulling Duck Season, Rabbit Season on Gou in regards to her name.
  • Rei's bellyflop into the Samezuka pool at his first swim practice.
    • Not to mention that he wasn't intending to swim in the first place (being unable to swim and all), and is forced into a tiny Speedo in order to do said bellyflop.
    • Speaking of Rei, there's also his ridiculous fashion sense during the shopping trip, including a butterfly themed swimsuit (complete with wings). Busou Renkin might suddenly come to mind.
    • Even funnier is that when he's showing the butterfly suit off, Makoto shouts, "Where did you find that?!" offscreen.
  • Haruka's attempt to get someone to join the swimming club so he could swim through the whole year. It fails immediately.
  • Nagisa's attempts to use Amakata to get more members into the swim club.
    • The first time, he suggests they get members to join by promising them that they'll see her in a swimsuit. Cue a pissed Amakata standing behind him, sporting a black Battle Aura and letting out a long 'Excuse me?!?'.
    • The second time, he says that instead of showing off Amakata in a swimsuit to the new members, the members will show off their swimsuits to her. Cue a shot of her standing behind them, sporting a creepy smile that would do many a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl proud.
      Makoto and Nagisa: WE'RE SO SORRY!
  • This exchange from episode 3. Haruka's so offended and protective of the water!
    Nagisa: I don't think Rei-chan likes water.
    Haruka: We don't need anyone like that. Don't let him in the water.
  • The shopping trip in episode 4. The things they try on have to be seen to be believed. Especially Rei's.
    • For example, a rainbow striped one, a flamboyant purple-black butterfly one, etc.
      Rei: I'm accounting for each color having a different psychological impact.
      Makoto: So, you don't care what it looks like?
      • Rei sounds so proud of himself for finding the suit too.
    • The fact that no one can tell the difference between the suits Haru tries on and the suits he already has. He insists he prefers the fit of what he tries on, though. Something about seeing him glance intently between two (seemingly?) identical pairs of trunks is worth a grin as well.
    • Throughout this fashion show, Kou's fangirling gets progressively less enthusiastic until she's fallen asleep by the end of it.
  • As it turns out, Haru has a selection of swimming trunks to choose from. The best part? They're all exactly the same, sans a slightly different pattern on each and, very important, they all fit different.
  • The animators at KyoAni must have had a lot of fun with episode 4. Special mention goes to that butt clench. Goodness.
  • Rei's swimming failures in episode 4, especially when he tries to do the backstroke. When he did, less and less arm stuck out of the water, until only a small ripple on the surface remained.
    • Relating to above, when other characters discuss why Rei can't swim Haruka suggests that water doesn't like him. Cue Nagisa actually pitying the poor guy.
  • One that might not be so obvious: in episode five, Rei attempts to adjust his glasses..... then realizes that he's not wearing his glasses.
  • In episode 6, the Iwatobi boys play a truth-or-dare type game, and Haru is told to tell about an experience with love. He tells a story about the first time he saw a waterfall.
  • So much of the drama CD. Special mention goes to Rin having to wear a maid outfit.
  • Gou having extensive notes on the rival competitors muscles. Gou fangirling over muscles in general.
    • Bonus points for the boys not even reacting to her. They've gotten so used to her now.
  • The scene from episode 9 when Haru is playing the yo-yo fishing game and has already won at least five yo-yo's, but he keeps playing is funny for some reason. It probably has to do with his completely deadpan expression as he plays.
  • Ninja/Detective Rei from episode 9. Also his dramatic 'Sky High!' pose from earlier in the episode.
    • Also the Reichantei pun Nagisa makes. If you didn't get it, it's a pun on "meitantei", meaning 'great detective'. Detective Conan comes to mind, and it's probably what inspired the joke in the first place.
  • The preview for episode 10 has Rei and and Rin fiercely competing to see which one can pronounce "all out" better.
    • Making it even more hilarious, neither can pronounce it recognizably.
      • Perfect body!
    • The whole thing was actually an adlib from the VAs, and it was so funny the producers decided to Throw It In!.
    • The English was played around in the official Cantonese dub of the anime. Instead of "all out" Rei actually ends up mispronouncing it as "loh yau", which means 'butt' in the language. Rin wasn't too impressed, and the two argue over the pronunciation just like the original Japanese version.
  • "Are you Rin-chan-san?"
  • "Losing... moisture..."
    • Related to the above is this gem:
      Nagisa: (unconcerned) I think he’s dying.
      Makoto: Then why are you so calm about it?!
  • The entirety of the FrFr! Special extra from the DVD/Blu-Ray version.
  • Rin's Engrish and Neat Freak tendencies in the second FrFr! short. Special mention goes to his reaction to Nitori's preserved umbilical cord and porn mag.

     Season 2 (Eternal Summer
  • Mermaid!Haru in the second season ending credits. That is all.
    • Chef!Haru dumping cake on Cop!Rin's head.
  • The team's recruitment method, courtesy of Gou; have the members show off their swimming moves and state their "charm points" (i.e, what Gou thinks their best-looking muscles are) after stripping on stage. Note: This is why no one joined the team.
    • The dub of this scene:
    Makoto: I've got backstroke for days!
  • Mikoshiba's inspiring, hope-filled parting words to his underclassmen. Really, the underclassmen's reactions in general.
    Mikoshiba: No tears, no regrets. Look alive! It ain't gonna be a pool party after I'm gone! Come April, you'll have a world-class badass note  settin' the pace! I advise you to enjoy the slack while you can, ladies!
  • Nagisa's impression of Rin.
  • Episode 2 starts with Rin and Sousuke having an intense stare off, then it looks like they're about to start attacking each other... Only to then pull off some sort of secret handshake.
  • The appearance of Momotarou. First with his telling of his nickname as "The Sea of Japan's Sea Otter" and his crushing on Gou and using the exact same phrase as his brother Seijuurou.
  • In episode 3, Sasabe's attempt to give the club an anecdote in the same manner as Amakata. He even does the finger-point-with-eyes-closed pose that she does.
  • Haru's part of the relay footrace has him repeating his "The water is alive" internal monologue, but for the wind instead. There's something very Narm Charm-y about it, especially when it's shown that his form is perfect, but his speed less than average.
  • After Rei repeatedly ditches the team to run some "errands", they assume he is planning to quit the swim club and beg him not to. After he assures them all that he will never quit the club, they are greatly relieved... then he leaves them again to run some more "errands." The looks on their faces are priceless.
  • Momotarou getting distracted by Rin's cleavage. No, there's no further context needed, that's exactly what happens.
  • When Rei reveals what he's been learning, the team attempts to act surprised so he won't know they followed him. Key word here being "attempt."
    Haru: Look, Rei is swimming freestyle.
    Nagisa: That's so amazing! He really did learn all the strokes, can you guys believe it?
    Gou: You're not acting surprised enough! Why can't you try to put a little more into it?
    Nagisa: (shouting in Rei's direction) Wow! Holy mackerel!
    Makoto: (also shouting) Yeah, how did he learn to swim like that?!
    Haru: (shouting, utterly deadpan) I'm truly flabbergasted beyond words!
    Gou: (unamused) You three really are hopeless, huh?
  • While Makoto is discussing what the team should be focusing on, we see Haruka inching progressively closer to the pool. Without even batting an eye, Makoto grabs his arm and holds him back.
  • Nagisa, Makoto, and Haru's attempts at acting surprised to keep Rei from finding out that they knew about his secret swimming practice.
  • In episode 4, Gou declares that the team needs to start eating healthier, and she decides to inspect each of their lunches. She ends up grading them based on how healthy and well-balanced they are, and they all fail: Haruka gets 43 points because his lunch is only mackerel and rice, Makoto gets 68 points because he doesn't have enough vegetables, Rei gets 63 points because he's too focused on his lunch looking beautiful rather than being well-balanced, and Nagisa gets a whopping zero points because his lunch is nothing but carbs and sugar.
    • Bonus points for Rei reacting to his "grade" with a Big "NO!" in English.
    • Nagisa is the only one who likes the protein-powder food that Gou makes, and asks her what other flavors it comes in. When she mentions strawberry flavor, Makoto wails, "Please, no!"
    • In episode 8, Gou gets Nagisa a box of strawberry-flavor powder and he casually piles it onto his food, while Makoto and Rei look increasingly disgusted in the background.
  • Momo's...energetic attempts to flirt with Gou in the swimsuit store. The flashy swimsuits he wants to get are pretty funny too.
    • Speaking of Momo, there's every time Rin gets fed up with him and drags him off in a headlock.
  • Nagisa's way of eating Iwatobi Cream Bread, a cream-filled loaf of bread shaped like Iwatobi-chan: Rip off its head and then suck out the jam and marmalade from inside.
  • Every time Momo and Rin interact. Rin has taken so many levels in kindness that he reacts to Momo with more disbelief than anything else. Except when Gou is being pestered he's utterly deadpan and a great Foil.
  • Makoto discovering Nagisa in Haru's bathtub. Nagisa rises out of the tub like something out of The Ring, and Makoto lets out a terrified screech to rival Rei's signature screams.
  • Nagisa's feats of misdirection every time his friends try to get him to 'fess up why he's running away from home. He bribes Haru with canned mackerel, successfully flatters "Negotiator Rei's" ego enough to divert him from the actual subject, but funniest of all, he convinces Makoto that his parents plan to exile him to Pangaea. Either Nagisa's a really slick talker, or Makoto's really Book Dumb.
  • The preview at the end of episode 7 features Nagisa and Rei discussing how the phrase "kiss me" would be translated into Japanese. Rin pops up and corrects their pronunciation of the phrase, which inevitably leads to Rei and Rin trying to say "perfect body" again.
  • One of the very few lighthearted moments in Episode 9 - Nagisa starts calling Sousuke "Sou-chan." This prompts Rei to ask why he's calling him that, leading to them having a little background discussion on whether he should or not while Makoto's trying to talk to Amakata.
  • Episode 11, where Momotarou asks Rin to give Gou a present for him during summer break: a large stag beetle that he named "Pyunsuke" and raised himself.
  • Virtually everything from episode 14, the OVA released after ES aired.



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