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A tormenting pleasure.

  • There's a lot of cute, blink-and-you-miss-it moments in the show's opening, but perhaps the funniest is Mari's face as she realizes she and the girls are digging a toilet.
  • In Episode 1, Kimari intervenes when two bullies try to extort some money out of Shirase, claiming that a teacher wants to ask her about the money. Shirase doesn't initially realize that it's a ruse to safely extract her from the situation, and was actually worried that someone was on to her. Kimari then insists that she gave Shirase "a knowing look" while saying that.
  • In the dialogue-less credits montage of Episode 1, there's a sequence of Kimari and Shirase drooling over a fancy lunch set, only to freeze when they get a look at the price. There's then a shot of Shirase tearfully reaching for the envelope with the million yen she worked multiple jobs for, specifically for the Antarctica expedition, while Kimari grabs her and frantically shakes her head.
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  • In Episode 2, Kimari tells Shirase that Hinata heard about their plans to go to Antarctica by eavesdropping on them. Hinata then says she wasn't eavesdropping; the two were just too loud and proceeds to recite part of their conversation earlier that episode. Kimari frantically tells her to drop the subject, while Shirase has a Luminescent Blush that emits a high-pitched humming sound and causes her face to disappear.
  • The Chase Scene in Episode 2, which manages to be equal parts funny, heartwarming, and awesome (from an artistic/animation viewpoint).
    • At one point Hinata hides from Samejima by just sitting down at a table with a couple of drunk women. When she takes off again they wave goodbye to her.
  • Yuzuki's mother immediately shooting down Shirase and Hinata when they ask if they can go instead of Yuzuki, who at this time really didn't want to go. Her Brutal Honesty when she asks Shirase if she can talk in front of a camera immediately shoots her going in Yuzuki's place down. Though Hinata fares better, Yuzuki's mom implies she's not good looking enough, which Hinata complains about a few hours later.
  • Kimari's confrontation with her mom in Episode 4, when she has to tell her she forged her signature on her permission form. She knows. She isn't happy.
    • When Kimari gets a look at the bath salt her mom asked her to take out, there's a scream sound effect.
    • Kimari's father pulling a Cavalry Betrayal on her when she tries to escape her mom through the front door. The moment he catches a glimpse of her Death Glare, he closes the front door and holds it shut, silently apologizing to Kimari for not standing up for her.
  • In episode 5, Kimari and Hinata decide to take Shirase to karaoke so that she can vent her anger at all the rumors surrounding her. Kimari, Hinata, and Megumi take turns to scream in the mic and press Shirase to do the same. After much insistence, she obliges… and they take a photo of her "madness". Yuzuki receives it on her phone and is visibly relieved that she wasn't dragged into this embarrassing fiasco.
  • "Shirase-chan and Hinata-chan's durian show!"
    • Preceding that, the moment when Shirase casually looked into her bag and found Hinata's passport. Featuring "Psycho" Strings.
  • In episode 7, when the girls are formally introduced to the crew, one of the older ladies tells the crew that they're still underage, so are off-limits regarding trying to flirt with them. She then repeats it, and specifically calls out one of the younger guys. He immediately asks why he was singled out as the rest of the crew laughs.
    • One of the crew members tries to nab some of Yumiko's meat only to meet the business end of her skewer.
  • In episode 8, Shirase rescues Kimari who nearly falls overboard after throwing her color streamer over the railing. However, she puts Kimari in a rather tight headlock, to the point Kimari can't breathe.
    • After their first day of exercise, Yuzuki's arms are so sore she can't even lift them to scratch her itchy nose. Hinata then smirks, and Yuzuki says if they do anything to her she'll kill them. The next scene shows the words "I will kill you" written on her forehead with a marker as she's napping. She's then seen furiously scrubbing it off while they're bathing.
      • Later, when Yuzuki begins dozing off again, Hinata immediately pulls out a marker but is dissuaded by Shirase.
    • Kimari offers to cut the girl's hair, with which they all refuse. She then says she herself cuts her own bangs. They all stare at her uneven bangs exasperatedly, apparently having solved the mystery behind her terrible haircut.
    • When Shirase tells Kimari and Yuzuki to go do their laundry as punishment for goofing off in the bath too long right before they eat, Kimari asks if didn't they pick someone to do it because they would forget. Shirase then has an Oh, Crap! look, then quietly rushes to a table to eat her dinner.
    • The girls getting seasick.
  • In Episode 9, when Shirase realizes who the other girls are planning to have interview Toudou, they repeat the exact same bit of Shirase clinging to a pole while Hinata and Kimari try to pull her off from Episode 2, this time with Yuzuki in tow.
    Hinata: I feel like we've been through this before!
    Yuzuki: Have we really?
  • During episode 10, Shirase sees a penguin and is overcome with Cuteness Overload. She starts crawling towards it with Hinata in tow despite being told to keep at least 5 meters away from it. Kimari then has to go and help Hinata drag her back when the penguin starts walking towards them.
    • Kimari telling Yuzuki they're best friends after wondering if they'd get to hang out anymore after the Antarctic trip. She completely takes it the wrong way and assumes the other three got closer without telling her and starts to sulk.
    • Kimari and Hinata trying to find a suitable spot to defrost a chicken. They pick some crew members, then they try outside, only to see a gull land nearby, then they settle for a window. They put a sign that it's defrosting, along with a picture of a girl holding a knife, and a warning: "Touch and you die".
    • Yuzuki having an impromptu birthday party shortly after the Christmas dinner, which the girls already realized happened when they were still out at sea and trying not to barf. She then accidentally sneezes when blowing out her birthday candle.
    • In the Episode Title Card, which shows Kimari and Yuzuki having ice cream together, Kimari holds her ice cream aloft and it ends up dropping on Yuzuki's head.
  • In episode 11, Kimari finds out that the tan around her face won't go away so easily, and laments that her mom and sister are probably spreading her pictures all over the web. In the opening skit, she pretends to hold up Hinata, before her ski mask is yanked away. Hinata laughs at her, Shirase chuckles while turning away, and Yuzuki gradually loses her composure and starts laughing at her odd suntan as well.
    • Kimari asking Shirase about Mahjong, and accidentally revealing her pieces to the other women she was playing against by asking what various things on her pieces meant. After the third one, Shirase tells her to go away. She still ends up winning despite that.
    • One of the women on the expedition waiting for her boyfriend to send an email to her. She starts ranting and obsessing over it a bit too much while talking on the walkie and checking emails. When they set up some markings for a satellite to pick up, Kimari tries to make a funny face but is told the satellite isn't taking a picture at that moment. The lady then yells for her boyfriend as if to send a signal to it to transmit.
    • When Shirase and Hinata are discussing the latter's former track mates while gathering water, she starts getting a little too emotional. Hinata then flicks her forehead, which catches her off-guard. She then hugs Shirase before she starts tearing up as well.
  • Shirase's helplessness in episode 13, who can't decide which of her happiness or the penguins' stench is stronger.
    • Kanae's going-away present for Shirase is a photo of what might be the angriest looking penguin ever caught on film. Shirase thinks it's adorable.
    • In the last scene of the episode, Kimari overreacts in disbelief upon realizing that Megumi is now on her own journey... to the Arctic! But this also counts as a heartwarming moment as well, since Megumi decided to pursue her own journey to be a better person and took Kimari's earlier words heartfully. True to her word, she got as far away from Kimari as possible.


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