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Funny / Dirty Pair

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  • In episode 3 of the TV anime, Kei and Yuri are pulled away from their vacation for duty. Kei then says to Yuri "You promised me that next time we went on vacation, we'd go topless and drive all the men wild. What happened to that?"
  • In another episode, in a mood whiplash moment, Kei confesses to Yuri to have commissioned and funded the rescue mission to save Yuri's childhood friend, kidnapped with various scientists, and that she found he was already dead when they got his call for help. She gingerly admits that, lacking the needed funds, she embezzled Yuri's money. They start to noisily bicker about the stolen money.
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  • In the second episode of the Flash series, Lady Flare/Iris is watching Kei and Yuri in a dive bar. The two start screaming and attacking each other — and Flare glares at them, then frowns, then grimaces and shakes her head at them. Even an elite sniper/ex-Lovely Angel can't keep her composure around the Dirty Pair's antics.

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