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Trivia / Dirty Pair

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  • Bonus Episode: The 25th and 26th episodes of the TV anime due to scheduling conflicts — but they were released as a special OVA, "From the Lovely Angels with Love", immediately before the classic OVA series.
  • Completely Different Title: "Dan et Danny" in France; "Kate & Julie" in Italy — because Kei sounds like "Chè" ("What?") in Italian
  • Development Hell: The anime series was stuck in conceptual stage long enough that when it finally went into production, it was late enough into the year that episodes 25 and 26 would have conflicted with major Christmas and New Year programs, so they were dropped. They would be released later as OVAs.
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  • Dueling Dubs: All three movies were dubbed from 1993-1994 by Streamline Pictures with Lara Cody as Kei and Wendee Lee as Yuri. They were redubbed by ADV Films (who had previously dubbed the OVAs and Flash) in 2003 with Pamela Lauer Jones as Kei and Allison Sumrall as Yuri.
  • Fountain of Expies: The two title characters, who compose of a Tomboy and Girly Girl pair, the tomboy usually having short reddish hair (though it can be long or just lighter colored hair in general as well) and the girly girl having long, more feminine hair (and like with the tomboy, can also be inverted as having short, yet dark colored hair). Three of the best-known pairs, that are often thought of as being the best-known direct expys of the two, are:
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The license for various Dirty Pair anime have been gained and subsequently lost by three different studios in North America: Streamline, ADV Films, and Nozomi Entertanment.
  • One-Hit Wonder: Pamela Lauer Jones, who voiced Kei in ADV's dub of the OVAs and later movie redubs, has no other voice credits outside bit roles and additional voices in two other shows. When she was confirmed to be reprising Kei for the 2021 TV series dub, she acknowledged that she was "coming out of retirement" for the project.
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  • The Original Darrin: After being replaced by Allison Sumrall for ADV's redub of the films, Jessica Calvello returned to voice Yuri for Nozomi Entertainment's dub of the TV series.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • For Flash, Kei and Yuri are respectively voiced by Rica Matsumoto and Mariko Kouda instead of Kyoko Tongu and Saeko Shimazu.
    • In the English dubs:
      • Kei was originally voiced by Lara Cody in Streamline's 1993-1994 dub of the films. In Flash (dubbed in 1998), she was voiced by Sue Ulu. For ADV's dub of the OVAs and films (dubbed in 1999 and 2003 respectively), she was played by Pamela Lauer Jones, who reprised the role in Nozomi's 2021 dub of the TV series.
      • Yuri was voiced by Wendee Lee in Streamline's dub. Then, for ADV's dub of Flash and the OVA series, the character was respectively voiced by Kim Sevier and Jessica Calvello. When ADV redubbed the films, Yuri was voiced by Allison Sumrall. Calvello reprised the role in Nozomi's 2021 dub of the TV series.
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  • Role Reprise: In the TV series' English dub, Pamela Lauer and Jessica Calvello reprised their respective roles as Kei and Yuri from the 1999 OVA series dub.
  • The Wiki Rule: Dirty Pair Wiki.