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Mrs. Saeko Shimazu 島津 冴子 is a prolific seiyū from Isehara. As many others, she first had Naïve Everygirl roles, then started branching into more varied archetypes. Her breaching, however, took her to frequently switch to the Yandere or Dark Action Girl types. Also, she's credited to have voice roles in almost all the Rumiko Takahashi works - just look below.

Since she didn't have many major roles in the 90's and later, Mrs. Shimazu was believed to be retired by many people. That prompted the people in charge of the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam movies to replace her with Yukana.

Her official twitter feed is here.


Some of Saeko Shimazu's roles include:

Tropes associated with Saeko Shimazu:

  • Woman of a Thousand Voices: Saeko can be quite versatile. She has voiced no-nonsense women (Glycine, Akiko Natsume), funny women (Kodachi Kuno) and has also voice young and innocent women (Kazane Tsukikage).


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