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"No fair! I wanted that part, but it was dubbed in Canada!" note 

Jessica Lynn Calvello (born August 8th, 1973 in Webster, Texas) is an American voice actress primarily known for her anime voiceover work, particularly with ADV Films. She currently works with Seraphim Digital Studios (for Sentai Filmworks) and Funimation Entertainment.

She has a BFA in acting from Southwest Texas State University, and was a company member of the Emerging Artists Theatre. She has also performed as a stage actress in several productions, including an Off-Off Broadway production of The Glass Mendacity.

In June 2002, during the recording of the role of Excel from Excel♡Saga, Calvello strained her voice and was replaced by Larissa Wolcott. Calvello was also replaced as the voice actress for Yuri in Dirty Pair by Allison Sumrall. She has since recovered and returned to voice work, although she moved to New York and worked exclusively there for the next 11 years before finally moving back to Texas in 2013. Among her first roles since moving back to Texas were Eclair in Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess, Saori Takebe in the English dub of Girls und Panzer, Hange Zoë in Attack on Titan, and Kanako Miyamae in Maria†Holic.

Calvello's personal website can be found here.

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