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  • Haruka imagining the cramped hiding places that she and Yuu could use to hide from the teachers.
  • Yuzu asked Haruka and Yuu to bring her some yakisoba from the store. Kaede points out that they'd probably bring back the instant cup noodle kind, not the yakisoba-bread that Yuzu had in mind. The reality is even worse — they bring back yakisoba-flavored Pokitz.
    Yuzu: (brightly) So, where's my yakisoba?
    Kaede: (chanting) Cup, cup, cup, cup...
    Yuzu: Stop chanting "cup".
    Yuu: I got it! It was the last one. (pulls out a flat and rectangular box of Pokitz)
    (Yuzu and Kaede are aghast)
    Kaede: It wasn't even in the right dimension to be called a cup...
    • Just before this, Haruka and Yuu get locked out on a veranda and manage to return to their classroom from the outside. When Yuzu asks what happened, Yuu panics and tries to change the subject.
    Yuu: Haruka's a C-cup!
    Yuzu: Uh, what?
  • Haruka, after seeing Kotone and Shizuku kissing, fantasizes about Kaede and Yuzu being in love too, and has an over-the-top Imagine Spot about the two romantically sharing a stick of Pokitz with each other, complete with sexy saxophone music. The reality is much more mundane: Kaede took the last stick and is being smug about it, and Yuzu demands it back. Haruka still takes it as a sign of romance.
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  • The group attempts to combine volleyball and studying before a test. The game of passing a ball while stating formulas for compounds goes well... until Yuu excitedly answers "I DON'T KNOW!" and spikes the ball into Haruka's face.
  • An idea is brought up of combining Yuu's studying with something memorable — Yuzu offers: "Like something that'll embarrass her?" Cue thoughts of teacher-student "discipline" from Haruka.
    Haruka: (hitting her head against the wall) What the heck?! That's so embarrassing!
    Yuzu: Haruka?!
    Kotone: I wonder what happened to Haru-poppo.
    Yuzu: What's with her all of a sudden?
    Shizuku: Doesn't that hurt?
    Kaede: She seems to be breathing.
    Yuzu: Of course she is!
    Shizuku: Oh, she stopped.
    Kotone: You okay? You breathing?
    Yuzu: Why are you talking like she's dead?
    • Haruka then has a different student-teacher fantasy.
    Haruka: (mortified) What're you making me think about!? You're a pervert, Yuzu-chan!
    Yuzu: Do you have some sort of grudge against me?!
  • Mitsuki trying to imagine Haruka's face. Because all she's seen of her is her shoes, all she can picture is a shoe in place of a person's head.
  • Kotone trolls Haruka in the student council meeting by feeding her lines asking Mitsuki to give her Yuu.
  • While tailing Haruka, Yuzu and Kaede quickly hide by picking up some magazines. Then they notice to their embarrassment that they're adult magazines.
  • Kaede following Haruka in an attempt to mooch off of her and ultimately failing.
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  • Mitsuki imagines herself with Haruka and starts staggering around, trying to snap out of it. Her lurching and her glowing hair decs make her look like a monster and prompt Yuu to start running.
  • After the supposed test of courage, Yuu terrifies everyone by wondering: if the test was fake, who was calling her name? Mitsuki, the one who had been calling her name, is particularly traumatized.
  • Kotone brings up a cafe she, Shizuku, and Yuu could visit. Shizuku then goes off on a tangent, talking about all the various sweets there. While she rambles on, we see that Kotone and Yuu are headed out the door, and in the transition pic Kotone is going back to retrieve Shizuku while she's still gushing about the cafe.
  • Mitsuki and Haruka have trouble getting to the counter of a crowded cafe because their large busts get in the way. Yuzu and Kaede swap in and are able to navigate through the crowd without even a graze, much to Yuzu's chagrin.
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  • The ecstatic look on Haruka's face when hearing about Yuzu and Kaede's past.
  • When Kotone and Shizuku catch Haruka and Yuu in a post-kiss moment, Haruka tries to cover up by saying she was trying to strip Yuu.
  • An extra segment in episode 7 has Yuzu and Kaede comment on everyone's swimsuits... until Kaede at the end, which gets a quick camera pan with sped-up music as Kaede only says her full name. Yuzu points out as much, and Kaede despondently replies that's fine with her. Then, a line of paper cutout Kaedes are shown falling like dominos — they're flat.
  • Haruka's mom catching the bouquet at Megumi's wedding.
  • Haruka, misquoting her dad, tells Yuu he'd approve of her marriage as long as it wasn't with some random guy. Romantic music plays throughout the scene, even as a box saying "No he didn't" pops up with a buzzer noise.
  • Episode 10's extra segment revolves around Rina and her smile. When Yuzu points out that Rina doesn't even say anything, but just smiles and everyone reacts as if she did talk, Rina appears behind Yuzu and smiles again... but this time in an extremely creepy manner. Yuzu drops the matter immediately.
  • Kaede frantically trying to look at Haruka from behind Yuzu, while Yuzu keeps inadvertently moving to block her view by dancing right in front of her. Yuzu takes her protests that she can't see as referring to her dance moves and keeps dancing, saying she'll show her again.
  • Kaede and Yuzu's impressions of Mitsuki and Rina, respectively, which includes Kaede using some padding and Yuzu just bobbing her head back and forth while smiling perpetually. Mitsuki and Rina are quite dismayed by their portrayal.
  • Mitsuki's realization that the huge chandelier isn't a decoration, but is actually Kotone's present to her.
  • Haruka's bliss filled face as Yuu and Mitsuki fight over her.
  • In chapter 35, it's Valentine's Day and Kaede has given chocolates to everyone. We learn from Yuzu that Kaede has a custom of putting a box full of strangely-flavored chocolates among the normal ones, which are then dealt out randomly. What's more, every past year, Yuzu has been the one to get the strange chocolates. Shizuku bites into her chocolate to discover that it's meat sauce-flavored, and Yuzu rejoices over finally getting to have some normal chocolates from Kaede. However, Kaede says that she didn't intend the meat-sauce chocolates to be the unlucky box, just as Yuzu discovers her own to be tabasco-flavored.
  • Chapter 36:
    • Yuzu mistakes a crying Rina for an elementary schooler and approaches her in concern. Once they discover that it's Rina, Kaede immediately tells her that Yuzu called her an elementary schooler.
    • Later, they go to Kaede's house and are greeted by her young siblings who she taught to call Yuzu by various citrus fruit names.
    • Kaede tells a story about cutting her finger and Yuzu trying to lick it better. Cue a faraway Haruka's shipper senses tingling.
  • Chapter 43:
    • The return of Haruka's terrible art skills. She's oblivious to how terrible she is, too, wondering if Yuzu means her when mentioning "master artists". Sumi, glancing over everyone's work, immediately dismisses Haruka's as a possible choice. In the end, while her bizarre looking flower poster is unsurprisingly passed over as a pick for the festival, another class wants to use it for their haunted house. Haruka is just concerned that it will make them look like a floral store.
    • Yuzu walks by Kaede making her poster and remarks that it looks surprisingly normal. Kaede gets some kind of look in her eye, and the next time Yuzu walks by, she's drawing a weird face instead.
    • In the end, the student council decides to go with Yuzu's poster because it's the "safest bet" (translate: normal).
  • Vol 6 ch. 1:
    • Yuzu's dismay at Haruka using her desk to play "she loves me, she loves me not", littering it with petals.
    • Sumi pulling a bunch of Christmas lights out of nowhere. It's the "wriggle wriggle" SFX that sell it.
  • Vol 6 ch. 4: Sumi's dismay at everyone dressing improperly to deal with the cold. First Kaede and Yuzu show up wearing blankets around their legs; then Yuu and Haruka show up wearing pants under their skirts; finally, Shizuku and Kotone appear to be dressed normally, with Shizuku wearing her usual thigh-highs, but Kotone reveals that Shizuku is actually wearing tights that are colored to look like thigh-highs.


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