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  • Episode 31 (manga): When the salesman decided to return to Matsuri's house in hopes that her mother would be home, the realization that all the "scary little girls" he had been encountering along the way (save possibly Ana) were already there, and he was about to encounter them again... Unfortunately, some of the humor is derived from his undeserved perception of being a pedophile, started by Miu's lie and seemingly substantiated by Matsuri's poor explanation skills.
  • Episode 12 (anime): The teacher in Ana and Matsuri's class picks on Sasazuka again and tells him to "go stand in the hall". Sasazuka defiantly says "No" and sends the teacher outside instead.
  • In episode 29 (manga), "Mind Control", Miu attempts to hypnotise Nobue into going to but some juice. Nobue's reaction? She holds up a mirror, resulting in Miu convincing herself into going to the store.
    • Not to be deterred, she tries again, leading to this exchange:
      Nobue: Was that your attempt to hypnotise me?!
      Miu: Fine! Look here. You will be eeeasily hypnotiiiiised...
      Nobue: Listen to me, Miu. What you think of as hypnosis... ain't.
  • One episode has the girls communicating by writing so they don't wake up Nobue. Something Miu does prompts Ana to write "Is she funny in the head?" Chika gently pushes her paper down, out of sight.