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  • The music snippet during the next episode previews: “Her name is Koko. She is loco. I said ‘Oh no!’”
  • On guard duty, Lehm is talking with Jonah, and is about to explain why an unrivaled, fearless soldier like him is doing with a girl like Koko, and as he's building up to his punchline of her skills, they run into a sleepwalking Koko. Lehm's train of thought is derailed.
    • Not even a minute before that, while they're talking, we have a shot of Koko sleepwalking, looking for the bathroom apparently. At one point she pauses in front of the couch where Valmet is sleeping... Then immediately flops down on her stomach, painfully waking her up.
      Lehm: Let's see if I've got this right. You want to know why a majorly bad-ass mercenary, whose been on the winning side of a hundred battles, would want to take a job as a bodyguard for a chick arms dealer.
      Jonah: I don't remember using the word 'bad-ass'.
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  • After Mildo loses her fight with Valmet, the latter starts lecturing the former. Mildo's reaction?
    ''Oh, fuck me, she's in lecture mode."
  • Jonah + Math = Hilarious... Somewhat.
  • When going to see an Army Colonel to convince him to cancel the order for 15 Hind-Ds, Valmet is frantic and worried about Koko's safety after Tojo reveals that the rival arms dealer is a former intelligence officer with his own mercs. Tojo is nonplussed.
    Tojo: "Hey, what about protecting me?"
    Valmet: "No. My life is only for Koko."
    Tojo: "Seriously? What if we're up against Colonel Matrix?
    Valmet: I'd leave you and run. *laughs girlishly*
  • When Major Pollack's men observe Koko and her squad from a distance, one of his soldiers commented that Koko was having a tantrum that's equal to a seizure.
  • The absentmindedness of Dr Miami and the exasperation of Mokoena trying to keep up with her.
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  • Jonah comes to call Valmet for breakfast, and she tosses him a rubber knife and "suggests" they spar as a warm up (this is after Valmet's been doing handstands and several hundred one-arm pushups at high speed). Jonah's reaction says it all, and that's before Valmet hilariously curbstomps him, while lecturing on the mistakes he's making. It ends with a worn out Jonah tossed over Valmet's shoulder, with her casually carrying him to breakfast and continuing her lecture. It manages to be both awesome and funny at the same time.
  • A bullet being detected in Jonah's butt while going through airport security and the resulting events.
  • Koko's unusual pose upon finding out that another arms dealer is out outmaneuvering her in London. Her team certainly found it amusing.
  • Valmet skipping R across the water like a stone after he tried to feel her up. Made especially amusing by Tojo and Lutz's commentary.
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  • Doctor Miami recruiting Karen to be her secretary.
  • Valmet and Lutz getting sleepy and Jonah outright falling asleep standing up while listening to Tojo's infodump explanation to the origins of the SR Unit.
  • Koko's drunk beatdown on Tojo over concerns that Hinoki might recruit Tojo to form a reformed SR Unit.
  • Jonah getting really scared after hearing about and seeing Wiley's specialty, much to Wiley's dismay.
  • During a business dinner between Currie and Dr. Miami, Mildo gets more and more worked up, until eventually she starts a fistfight with Karen. Currie and Dr. Miami calmly continue their discussion while the two women beat the tar outta each other just off screen.
  • When Dr. Minami finds out the reason that there is tension between Karen and Jonah is because the last time they met Jonah tried to kill Karen, she responds by commenting appreciatively on how tough Karen is.
  • Karen tells Dr. Minami in an embarrassing way that she doesn't have breasts like Valmet. The doctor denies her answer...
    • In the English dub she tells Miami cuddling isn't in her contract.
  • The first episode of Perfect Order has a funny moment: Valmet and Karen growl at each other with animosity, only for Koko and Minami to break up the fight before it starts.
    Koko & Minami: Alright, ladies, knock it off.
    Valmet & Karen: (dejected) Sorry. It won't happen again.
    Lehm: Aw, no cat fight?
  • In episode 9 of Perfect Order when Scarecrow is talking about Koko we see a picture from his file on her, she's sticking her tongue out and winking at the camera.
  • In Episode 10 of Perfect Order, when Bookman uses a Global Hawk UAV to... spy on the onsen built at Dr. Miami's factory.
    • And earlier, when Bookman meets Koko, she tells them that lunch is on Bookman. Bookman's reaction says it all:
    Bookman: "Oh, Crap!, I'm going to be out by 2000 dollars."
  • In episode 12 of Perfect Order Chequita's little tantrum, and Kaspar totally ignoring her despite the fact she's attacking the back of his seat When Jonah leaves his group is amusing as well as heartwarming.

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