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Although not without its inaccuracies, Jormungand is astonishingly accurate for a Japanese work when it comes to military and firearms.

  • The weapons used in Jormungand are well detailed and described, as this page shows.
  • The portrayal of the Bersaglieri, including the trademark black Capercaillie feathers to distinguish them from other Italian soldiers.
  • The sales contract for the Hind-Ds is in Surprisingly Good English and contains many clauses that one would find in a real business contract.
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  • The Dubai Police Force cruisers were shown properly with the green/white colors, though without contact info and the DPF logo in Arabic.
  • The "Neuron UAV" that Amalia Tolohovsky was mentioned as pitching to prospective clients in episode 8 is a real UAV currently in development by Dassault Aviation.
  • Chen being addressed as "shao jiang" (少将) by Karen. Since most personnel of Daxinghai are ex-PLA soldiers and officers, it is correct that Karen addresses Chen by his rank, since this indicates that he used to be with the army.
  • On that note, Daxinghai itself: their role in providing security services that advance Chinese national interests is quite consistent with the real-life behavior of actual Chinese PMCs such as Huawei International Security Management.
  • There actually is a Super Hind Mk V gunship; it's a South African upgrade/rebuild of the Hind. A few of them are in service with the militaries of third world countries.
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  • Koko mentions the existence of the "Utin Jääkärirykmentti" or "Utti Jaeger Regiment" in the Finnish Army. This regiment does actually exist and its main job is to train prospective Finnish commandos for either the Airborne (Paratroopers) or the Special Jaeger (Special Forces) companies.
  • The officer from the unnamed Balkan Republic wears digital woodland camo, a standard feature of modern armies, whereas the paramilitaries have to make do with old style camo patterns.
  • Mao correctly orders everyone to cover their ears and open their mouths before the gun is fired. The ears are self-explanatory. You want your mouth to be open because the pressure wave from the shot will cause your lungs to burst if you don't (the same applies if you're near the impact site of any big explosion, whether a bomb or artillery shell).
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  • Episode 9 has a reference to Rule 61 ICTY. This is Rule 61 of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which basically allows the International Criminal Court to try accused people in absentia and issue a warrant for their arrest after all reasonable attempts to locate them have been exhausted.
  • Bookman's connections and influence are entirely plausible given his position within the CIA's National Clandestine Service, the branch that conducts covert operations. Most media doesn't go into that much detail regarding CIA personnel.
  • Also, a quick search of Google Earth will reveal that the aerial view of the CIA headquarters at Langley is more or less accurate.
    • In addition, Koko talks about various CIA positions to Jonah such as Case Officers or Paramilitary Operations Officers, which do exist within the organization as actual positions.
  • Bookman graduated from Annapolis Naval Academy, but was commissioned into the US Marine Corps. It is a lesser known-fact that a small percentage of Marine officers really do come from Annapolis, which primarily serves to train officers of the US Navy.
  • Spin, the CIA agent Hex meets at the start of the Dance with Undershaft arc, is extremely worried about his cover being blown, because he's under Non-Official Cover: this is a term for intelligence agents with covert roles who are not officially tied to their government without diplomatic immunity, as opposed to agents like Scarecrow, who operate under Official Cover (usually as part of the Diplomatic Service) with diplomatic immunity.
  • Tojo mentions the Military Intelligence Command (MIC) and the Intelligence Security Command (ISC) to his comrades in Japan. These are actual intelligence organizations in the JSDF. The latter does counter-intelligence against anyone trying to undermine the JSDF as a whole. The former does intelligence/counter-intelligence work for the JGSDF.
  • When Lehm meets Wiley for the first time, he introduces himself as being a member of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, which is the formal name for Delta Force.
  • The two A-10s seen in "Pazuzu" are shown with the typical Scud hunting loadout, down to the positioning of ECM pod and self defense Sidewinders.
  • The SEALs from Alpha Platoon, SEAL Team 9, are correctly shown wearing the US Navy's AOR 2 digital camo, which was authorised for use by SEALs and Naval Special Warfare units only. They are also armed with SCAR-Ls, which has also been adopted by all American special forces units as an official weapon.
  • The CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology provides an assessment on the feasibility of quantum computing to Bookman.
  • The drone Koko uses in "New World phase 3" is a SAGEM Sperwer, fitted with Spike missiles, which were tested for use with the Sperwer.
    • In the same episode, the Night Nine team are connected to port 16 according to Dr. Miami due to Koko using ECM jamming. Port 16 on the tactical data link used by the US Armed forces is an ECM resistant high capacity link used when Jamming is present in a combat space.
  • The Marines in "Warmonger" are correctly shown wearing desert and woodland MARPAT digital camo.

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