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  • The sheer randomness of the background extras in the anime. It starts with the Dappyamen (the fish people in spacesuits, a Shout-Out to Takahashi's first published work), and goes on to include absolutely everything the staff can think of. The best part is that the characters are so used to them they hardly bat a lid... Except sometimes even they are surprised.
  • The finale which culminates in a slapstick chase where all the remaining cast chase Lum and Ataru, since they remain dissatisfied that Ataru didn't say he loves Lum despite the threat to the Earth and heavy property damage.
  • The Cameo of Kenshiro. First he tells Ataru to shut up with his speech about solidarity with the students who didn't do their homework and were keeping the students in class after school, only to be reminded he didn't do his homework too. Then Kotatsu-Neko enters in the class, and Kenshiro promptly picks a fight with him... and takes all of five seconds before being utterly defeated and sent flying into the wall.
    • Doubly hilarious because it's a voice actor joke – Akira Kamiya plays both Shutaro and Kenshiro.
    • The context of the cameo provides a few gags: Kitsune-ko's Sadistic Teacher, a cat, had his students draw what they like, with Kitsune drawing Shinobu, and then told them to bring what they like at the village festival or else he'd destroy it. Hilarity Ensues:
      • With Kotatsu's help, Kitsune-ko tracks Shinobu to her class (why the fight happened) and shows up transformed into a tiny principal to tell her she's in grave danger. Onsen of course objects-and the Stormtroopers tie him up for "disrespecting the principal".
      • As the students praise Kitsune for his dedication, Onsen unties himself, sees the "principal" praising the little fox for his dedication to saving Shinobu and attacks him for disrupting the lesson... Except it was the real principal who had arrived in the meantime.
      • As the students decide to go with Shinobu and provide support Onsen tries to stop them, and declares they'll have to go over his body. They do just that. Then, as Onsen chases them to the courtyard and gives them a passionate speech, they turn back... And walk over him again.
      • Ataru going to the party with Onsen attached to his leg.
      • When Shinobu, Kitsune and the students finally arrive at the festival Shinobu goes to Kitsune's teacher to give him a piece of his mind... But, being a cat, he has already forgotten everything.
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  • Chapter 39, "The Curse of the Copy Man". An accident with an object-copying machine results in a "Freaky Friday" Flip of sorts between Ataru and Mendo's physics notebook. Notebook/Ataru looks like Ataru, but has the page contents written all over itself, is incapable of doing anything other than repeating verbatim the words and actions of anyone who talks to it (because "all a copy-person can do is copy what he hears"), and peels apart into "pages". Ataru/notebook (Ataru's consciousness trapped in the notebook) loans these "pages" to the other students, prompting Mendo to remark: "I never thought you would stoop to selling your body!"
  • The climax of the second movie when Ataru calls out for every girl in the series who had appeared up to that point, including unnamed one-shot characters and his own mother, before finally calling Lum's name and waking up from his dream.
  • Lum uses a device to make a copy of Ataru in order to thwart one of Ran-chan's plans. The copy can be easily distinguished from the original Ataru thanks to the prime symbol floating next to his head. Long story short, countless copies of Ataru, each one with his own prime symbol floating next to his head, end up running amok all over town.
    • Reversed in another episode when Ran-chan stuffs Lum into a xerox machine to make exact copies of her. Long story short, Ataru ends up with hundreds of Lums all pining for him by the end.
  • Oyuki is tasked with playing the goddess Amaterasu for a class play but gets sick at the last minute. So of course the real goddess Amaterasu shows up and ends up getting dragged into it.
  • The episode where Benten decides to see why Ran is utterly terrified of the calm and collected Oyuki getting angry. When Oyuki finally does get angry (at a hamster that had been harassing Ran), she quietly scolds him… while freezing Ran's home and nearly impaling everyone with ice-spikes to prevent said hamster from escaping. It ends with Oyuki still chiding the terrified hamster while Ran and Benten are trembling in fear.
  • The way people react whenever Cherry shows up, usually with horror because of the trouble he always brings with him... as well as the page-filling closeups of his face.
  • This exchange.
    Lum: What will happen to these cows?
    Farmer #1: They'll become stars in the sky.
    Farmer #2: Then we'll eat 'em.
  • When Lum's spaceship crashes on the Mendou estate and Lum loses her memory, Ataru and the Stormtroopers infiltrate the estate to get her back. During their trek through the estate's woods they encounter various traps, then the bizarre fossil monster created by Lum in an earlier episode runs across the shot… Followed by Soban chasing Shinobu. In the Mendou estate. At night. While wearing school uniforms. Even Ataru finds that one strange.
  • Dracula's attacks. In the one against Lum he's just pathetic, but when he takes on Ran... She bites his neck to defend herself, and then tricks him into donating blood.
  • One day Ataru was finally having everything go his way and had won the admiration of all the school's students including Mendou... And then it turns out Ataru invoked the devil by accident (Ataru's rather strange jogging route looked like a symbol necessary to invoke his help), and now he shows to claim his soul by pulling it out of his throat with his hand. Needless to say, everyone but Lum goes away disgusted while the Devil and Ataru are busy trying to take each other's soul...
  • Every time the Spice Girls try to defeat Lum, Oyuki, and Benten only to fail miserably.
    • Their most hilarious failure: They try to seduce Ataru but he completely ignores them at best or is annoyed by them at worst. For example, they once thought Ataru had a fetish for addresses and phone numbers, so they went to him with their own information written on signs hanging from their necks… Ataru mistook them for much younger girls that got lost, so he brought them to the police.
  • From the rather strange Episode 151:
    • Shinobu is at home and goes to her room to sleep, only to find a giant reptile before her. Her panicked reaction has to be seen... And contrasted to her grabbing the monster from the tail and throwing it over the horizon.
    • The weirded out faces Sakurambo and Kotatsu Neko make when another Kotatsu appears.
    • The two Atarus.
      • Sakura's completely unfazed reaction when the Atarus try and glomp her.
    • Shinobu versus the tank.
    • When the situation gets as weird as it was in "Beautiful Dreamer" Mendo blames everything on Ataru having drunk Lum's eye drops believing it was a soda and jumping through the blackboard to teleport home the previous day.
      • Worse, he's right.
    • When the classroom door disappear before Lum and the Stormtroopers can follow the Atarus, Mendo and Shinobu into exploring the school, the Stormtrooper grab Onsen, who was trying to deny the absurd situation was true, and use him as a battering ram as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
    • The Atarus, Shinobu, Sakura and Mendo multiplying a hundredfold-and the Mendos immediately starting fighting.
    • In the end Mendo realizes the key to stop the mess is having Ataru do something else that defies reality. Ataru tries... And then starts the Kaiju battle, a giant superhero appears and starts laughing, and the episode gets at the weirdest point of the whole series.
    • The episode started with Megane complaining that everything had gotten boring, and making some philosophical thoughts. The episode ends with him doing the same... While passing next to Godzilla and the scene showing that everything from earlier in the episode is still there.
  • In episode 158, Mendo threw a large party... For the birthday of Josephine, one of his female octopi that is now of marriage age, with Mendo's speech extolling her virtues as if he's trying to marry her off to one of the presents. Even Megane admits it's absurd (not that it stops him from gorging on the buffet).
  • From the first movie:
    • When the alien mailman delivers the invitation to Mendou, his soldiers march out, take it, jump on a motorbike to deliver it... And, starting in the early morning, arrive to Mendou at sundown.
      • Meta: the sequence was eliminated by the theatrical cut because it was too long.
    • The opening, showing the mailman deliver the invitations and the various reactions.
    • When people make an effort to find out who Elle is:
    • Ataru swooning over the ship captain believing she was Elle… And then mistaking Elle’s old caretaker for her and reacting just as you expect.
    • After Elle's ship leaves, Sakura mentally snarks, "The universe is truly vast. To think there'd be someone who could compete with Lum's bad taste in men."
    • Lum was being stalked by one of Elle's soldiers, and when Benten intervenes the soldier disappears after a curtain of rose petals… And then, while Lum and Benten talk, we see her straining to hide behind a clock and hoping they'll leave soon.
    • Benten renting an armed bus… And sending the bill to Elle’s caretaker, before running a check at the restaurant and kept Rei from eating there.
    • The dinner at the Moroboshi has to be seen to be believed.
    • For some reason, Benten's list of guest to Lum and Ataru's wedding includes the mutant monster Lum had assembled out of unrelated fossils and brought to life, a stray cat and a stray dog. Oh, and she basically kidnaps them too. The only ones who weren't kidnapped were Rei (because even he knows better than going against Benten), Oyuki, Kurama (who is there just to make sure Ataru won't come after her again) and Ran... Who hadn't actually been invited but was told of the wedding by Oyuki.


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