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  • Poor Jack, in one episode of the anime he got turned into a monkey by Loco, Babbo comments that it's not really any different from normal.
    Snow: Nanashi, is that attack really that powerful!?
    Nanashi: Oh yeah, it hurts.
  • What's the mighty Alan's greatest fear you ask? Cats
  • Just about all of the anime episode "John Peach: The Seventh Team Member?". Sure it's a Filler episode, it's still one of the funniest of the earily series. John Peach, a loudmouthed boy claiming himself to be a hero (after a few misadventures) challenges Ginta to a few silly compatitions, like a race.
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  • Koyuki (to Mrs. Torimizu): Did you know your son is a pervert? Made all the funnier by the fact that he really isn't.

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