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  • Ginta's dream in the first episode of the anime, it's so hilariously over-the-top.
    • Ginta geeking-out after Dorothy calls back the guardian ÄRM she'd used to attack him.
    Ginta: (shouting) Did you just do that?! That was so cool! (grabs her shoulders and starts shaking her) Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!
    • Ginta and Dorothy's shock when they first discover Babbo is not only a "living" ÄRM, he can talk as well.
  • Episode 2, Babbo at first refusing to go anywhere with Ginta and Dorothy. Mostly by pretending to fall asleep.
    • Ginta and Babbo's first encounter with Jack.
  • The opening of episode 3, Jack's irritation with Ginta and Babbo eating so much of the family's crops.
    • Jack poking fun at Babbo's painted on vegetable disguise.
    Jack: Just don't go looking in any mirrors and you'll be fine.
  • Episode 4, Babbo calling all the melons in a melon patch his "children".
    Ginta: (deadpan) You're not a girl Babbo.
    Babbo: (looks devastated)
    • Ginta explaining what kendama note  is to Jack... using Babbo to demonstrate.
    • Ginta's reaction to meeting the fairy Belle for the first time.
  • Episode 5, Alviss turning poor unfortunate Jack into a small bird and trapping him inside a cage.
    • Alviss trying to have a serious conversation with Ginta, after sending him 50ft into the air on his Totem Pole ÄRM.
    Alviss: Do you even have the slightest idea of what you've unleashed?
    Ginta: (shouting back) Huh? Try talkin a little louder!
  • In episode 6, it's shown in a flashback that Koyuki is a Lethal Chef. She once even baked a cake, only she used ingredients like clams and seafood sauce.
  • Episode 7 "Awaken: Meet the Other Ed!", while Ginta and the others try to fight them. The Chess Pieces' Ian and Loco bickering is actually pretty funny, despite the fact their evil.
    Ian: When's Halloween getting here Loco baby? This is boring. I wanna go home and have some real fun.
    Loco: We cannot retrieve the princess until Halloween arrives. And do not call me 'Loco Baby' again. I assure you it is not endearing.
    • The fact that Loco maintains her monotone style of speaking, even though it's obvious she is very ticked off.
    • Ginta and Snow's Accidental Kiss, and Ginta's subsequent reaction.
  • Episode 8, Dorothy and Snow's first meeting.
    Dorothy: (bitterly thinking to herself) My woman's intuition tells me that this girl is going to cause some problems!
  • Episode 9 "The Training Gate-Merilo and Bumoru", Ginta geeking-out over the snowman created by Snow's guardian ÄRM.
    • Ginta then points out how most guardian ÄRM he'd seen so far were different from Snowman.
    Ginta: The only guardians I've seen are lions, and golems and stuff.
    Snow: Oh my!
    • Snow nicknamed her guardian ÄRM Snowman "Yuki-chan".
  • Episode 11, when Alan falls unconscious and Edward reappears. At first Ed thanks Ginta for his help in rescuing Snow. But Ed then starts to scold him for his and Snow's Accidental Kiss.
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  • In episode 12, Team MÄR meeting Nanashi for the first time. Both Ginta and Nanashi quickly get into an argument after Nanashi nearly kills them, having mistaken them for Chess Pieces who attacked Luberia.
  • Episode 13, Nanashi's attempt at flirting with Dorothy in the underground cave.
    Nanashi: Don't worry Dorothy. You can hold onto me if you want.
    Dorothy: Go back to bed so you can keep dreaming!
    • Ginta beating up Tom for doubting his claim that he'd defeat the Chess Pieces.
  • Poor Jack, in one episode of the anime, he got turned into a monkey by Loco. Babbo comments that it's not really any different from normal.
    Snow: Nanashi, is that attack really that powerful!?
    Nanashi: Oh yeah, it hurts.
  • Just about all of the anime episode 15, "John Peach: The Seventh Team Member?". Sure it's Filler, it's still one of the funniest of the earily series. John Peach, a loudmouthed boy claiming himself to be a hero (after a few misadventures) challenges Ginta to a few silly competition's, like a race.
  • Episode 20, Ginta's flashback of his mother and father arguing over reading Ginta one of her books. Both parents are ridiculously childish about it.
    • While caught in an illusion inside the Training Gate. Babbo thinks he's kissing a beautiful woman, only he's actually kissed a very disgusted Jack instead.
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  • Episode 22, Nanashi insisting on fighting Loco. Mostly because she's a pretty girl.
  • Episode 23, Dorothy scolding her Eldritch Abomination looking guardian ÄRM Toto for literally eating her opponents' ÄRM, which she wanted for herself.
    Dorothy: Bad dog! Bad dog! That was very bad! No more treats! Bad dog! Very bad doggy!
    • The fact that Toto is just as terrified of Dorothy's temper as everyone else.
  • Episode 24 "Phantom's Hidden Joy", Rolan introducing himself to Jack, Snow and Edward. None of them are particularly impressed.
  • Watching Pano in episode 26 while under the effects of Jack's mushrooms.
  • Episode 28, Babbo's (rather understandable) embarrassment when Ginta decides to summon guardian ÄRM Alice for the first time.
  • Episdoe 31, everyone's reaction to Gaira's insisting that they take their day off to get in some training, especially Nanashi and Dorothy.
    Dorothy: Why do I have to go too?!
  • Episode 32 "The Quiet Fighting Spirit... Alviss' Power", Team MÄR's reactions upon meeting Rapunzel for the first time.
  • Episode 33, poor Jack's reaction when Kollekio gives him the ace of hearts card, instead of the Joker as he'd intended.
  • Episode 34, Dorothy, Alviss, and Jack all chanting "pervert" at Nanashi after he volunteers to fight Aqua.
  • Episode 36, for introducing guardian ÄRM Crazy Quilt, if nothing else.
  • Koyuki to Mrs. Toramizu.
    Koyuki: Did you know your son is a pervert?
    • Made all the funnier by the fact that he really isn't.
  • Episode 40, Snow's pouty Puppy-Dog Eyes when pleading with Dorothy to allow her to take part in the next round of the games.
  • Episode 46 starts with both Nanashi and Dorothy up to their usual antics once a short recess in the War Games is declared.
    • Babbo and Edward panicking when they think Dorothy and Snow are fighting for Ginta's affections.
  • What's the mighty Alan's greatest fear you ask? Cats.

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