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  • Anzu's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Shingo when he tries to replicate the scenario that led to Kiyoshi's first kiss.
  • Gakuto's reaction to discovering Mitsuko's hand drawn boy's love manga based off him and Jo!
  • Hana, urolagnia, and mushrooms. That is all.
    • The anime really takes the scene where Hana's memories return to another level, building up the most dramatic music only to cut out with an anticlimactic *pop!*.
    • The most recent urolagnia scene was Hana finally succeeding in pee-ing onto Kiyoshi's face. - The funniest part of the scene was Kiyoshi going into some deep-sounding rambling and subsequent feelings of unworthiness and devastation.
  • The Micky Mouse-esque Art Shift in Gakuto's mental image of a conversation between him and Kiyoshi here.
  • After Mari manages to smuggle a cellphone into the prison in her cleavage, Kiyoshi shoves it back in after making their call. The next time we see them Kiyoshi's sitting on the ground with a heavily bleeding face.
  • There's something that's just so hilariously endearing about Hana's utter determination to get her revenge despite everything that's happened to her.
  • The easily miss-able translators note when Mitsuko interrupts Fan-Preferred Couple Kiyoshi and Hana right when they were about to give in to their urges.
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  • In the flashback to the girl's childhood, Kate has quite the delayed reaction to Mari calling her 'a base woman' because she doesn't know what the term means, having had to look it up in the dictionary. Fast forward back to the present day and a furious Kate has to do it again with the dictionary now filled with post-it bookmarks, implying that this is a regular thing.
  • Due to Memetic Mutation, "It's her nipple! Her...fucking....NIPPLE!"
  • Risa quite literally putting Andre out to pasture before the cavalry competition.
  • Right after the end of the Sports Festival story arc, Kiyoshi attempted suicide when he mistakenly believed that no girl in the school likes him. Comes close to becoming Black Comedy and would really be one if he succeeded.
    • It is also hilarious that Joe managed to predict how Kiyoshi would attempt to die - With an erection.
  • Kiyoshi's misguided attempt to raise funds for his grand confession to Chiyo.
    • "Pimping" out Gakuto to a fangirl several times and getting caught by Mitsuko, Gakuto's love interest. And yet still has the cheek to ask Mitsuko for help in raising funds. This earned him a well-deserved slap on the face, courtesy of Mitsuko.
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  • The entire scene with the boys trying to convince Chairmain Kurihara to postpone their expulsion. Especially the following line which is just as ridiculous in context as it is out:
    Kiyoshi: Buttcheeks! What the hell is a butt doing in the window?!

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