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Heartwarming / Prison School

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  • Gakuto triumphantly destroying the Guan Yu figurine he considers to be worth three years of his life on sheer principle.
  • After the USC carry out plan OBE, all seems lost. Feeling guilty, Shingo asks the others to hit him if they wish, since he benefited from the USC's manipulation while the others suffered. Kiyoshi lifts his fist... and lightly punches him in the shoulder, before saying they're now even. The group then agrees that they've all done their share of mistakes, and that apologizing is enough.
    • This veers into comedy once Shingo reveals he got close to Anzu while he was outside, and even got to see her nipple (at which the group beats him up for real and calls it even), but after dozens of chapters of distrust and in-fighting, there is something very genuine in everyone accepting one another's mistakes, and their newfound determination to find a way out of their situation together.
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  • The flashback chapters that show how Mari helped a meek and bullied Meiko find confidence and self-esteem.
  • Kiyoshi being Above the Influence towards Chiyo when she was blatantly offering herself to him out of insecurity and feelings of inferiority towards Mari.
  • For a time, Risa is uncertain that anyone she knows would count her as a "friend" exactly, but Kate assures her that she does.
  • Andre deciding to forgo having Risa become his dom in favour of dating Risa as Risa. This act of maturity earns them the only happy ending in the series.
  • The final few chapters of the manga have Kiyoshi finally confess to Chiyo. He ends up telling everything to her, all of his less savory moments, all of his incidents with Hana, everything. And Chiyo accepts it, warts and all, because she loves him.
    • Until Hana reveals Kiyoshi lied about where her panties were, breaking Chiyo's mind and turning her into a misandrist.

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