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As a series that rely heavily on comedy, there's bound to be many of these. Heck, Yokoshima is a constant CMOF generator all on his own. Here are some of them.

  • When fighting Medusa in Hong Kong
    Yokoshima: Now's the time to show my skills! RUN LIKE A COCKROACH!
    Mikami: HEY! Give me a hand here! *Medusa looks on with a WTF expression*
    Yokoshima: *once Medusa stops looking* Now's the time! STING LIKE A BEE! *THWACK* *hits Medusa on the back of the head*
    Medusa: DAMN BRAT!
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  • The time Maria the android fell in love with him. At one point, she throws herself at him and breaks the wall behind when he dodges her.
    Maria: Why do you dodge my kisses?
    Yokoshima: Kisses?! She could have crushed my head!!
  • Mikami, Meiko and Emi get together to summon an ancient and powerful witch named Himiko. Once they succeed, she asks them what they want of her... and it turns out they hadn't even thought of that.
    • Furthermore, Himiko just ends up sitting with them for a friendly chatter, where they tell her of how much the world has changed since the last time she was summoned.
  • One of Meiko's Shikigami runs away, so she enlists Mikami and Yokoshima's help to find it. They go through all kinds of hell and hilarity throughout the entire episode, but they're unable to catch it. At the end... the Shikigami comes back on its own, rendering the whole ordeal as one big All for Nothing.

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