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Shout Out / Ghost Sweeper Mikami

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  • Daishuu is shown repelling a wraith with his bare fists while yelling "ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!!".
  • Pietro bribes Mikami with the "Condor of Malta" to get her to visit an island in the Mediterranean.
  • Early on, part of Pietro's training is shown as performing a "vampire Sho Ryu Ken" inside a waterfall.
  • In chapter 56, on page 5, there's a certain spear-wielding boy...
  • At one point, Dr. Chaos claims that Isaac Asimov owes him money.
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  • And then there's Meiko unwittingly emulating the opening of Iron Chef.
  • The "Survival Mansion" arc in the manga is pretty much one big shoutout to Resident Evil 1.
  • Chapter 284. Mikami pretty much copies the end to the movie Jaws with a great white shark.
  • When Gyakutengou is starting its attack on Myoushinzan, Papilio calls out "This week's surprise mecha!".
  • The Tanabata arc is, in part, one big shout-out to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, with milk instead of liquid nitrogen.
  • Chapter 371 takes place in 1978 and contains an authorized cameo of a certain mangaka, and how Reiko's mom inspired her to create Lum.


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