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Trivia / Ghost Sweeper Mikami

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  • Completely Different Title: Zig-zagged in Italy, as the series was released under three different titles over there, the manga was released in 1997 under the name Mikami Agenzia Acchiappafantasmi note  and is generally referred to as such amongst the Italian fanbase, the movie was released in 1998 under the original name, but when the TV series was dubbed in Italian in 2003, the series was called Una Miss Scacciafantasmi note .
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  • Missing Episode: Or rather missing dub, there's was a Hong Kong English dub of the TV series that was broadcast in Southeast Asia on AXN as part of their deal with Animax, this dub is pretty much lost outside of a few clips on You Tube.
  • Real-Life Relative: In the Mexican Spanish dub, Pete and Okinu's voice actors are married in real life, but both were single at the time when the series was broadcasted in Latin America.
  • The Other Darrin: In the 2009 pachinko game NONE of the voice actors came back and it's pretty obvious, not even Mikami was safe since she was voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi in this.
    • In Italy, the movie was dubbed in 1998 and the TV series was dubbed in 2003, both of which have completely different casts.
  • Star-Making Role: The Latin-American/Mexican Spanish dub gave Moisés Iván Mora (Yokoshima), Mariana Ortiz (Okinu) and Concepción "Connie" Madera (Mikami) their first famous roles.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here at wikia.
  • What Could Have Been: The cast was still the same but some of the voice actors were initially cast in different roles, Kumiko Nishihara (Meiko) was originally cast as Okinu, Mariko Kouda (Okinu) was originally cast as Meiko, Shigeru Chiba (Dr. Chaos) was originally cast as Kenki-kun, and Takeshi Aono (Kenki-kun) was originally cast as Dr. Chaos, however the director of the anime version, Atsutoshi Umezawa strongly opposed these choices and they ended up swapping roles, resulting in what we have today. One has to wonder what the show would've been like if we ended up with the initial casting choices.
    • While the show was popular (and is still very fondly remembered) and had decent ratings in its initial broadcast, the reason why the show lasted 45 episodes was due to one of the show's sponsors pulling out and it didn't do too well in toy sales despite its popularity. Had the toy sales been better, we likely would've had the entirety of the manga animated or at least a good portion of it.


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