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Hey there troper! Remember me?

"Um...we're sorry, what's your name again?"

You've heard his voice, but can't remember where.

You've seen his character somewhere before, but can't piece together who he was.

This is voice actor Kazunari Tanaka (April 8, 1967 - October 10, 2016). A Kung-Fu and Judo-loving guy who was born the same year as these people, and walked hand-in-hand along with them through the Japanese voice acting business.

But why can't anyone outside of his industry remember him? This was because his roles were all...

"Person A," "Student B," "Spear Carrier C" "Old Fisherman D," "Guy Next Door E," "That Mook Who Just Tripped and Landed a Pie on His Boss and Got Beaten as F"...

You got it. His trade was being the Bit Player of voice acting—The Ultimate Everyman.

There were an oh-so-very few occasions where his characters pop out more prominently, but for most of his career? Not really. And why are there so many past tenses around here? Well, at the age of 49, unfortunately, he had no choice but to book an early flight to heaven in the year 2016 because his brain actually imploded.


From the words of the prominent hero, and heroine who knows him best, and do please take their words for it:

"By GOD! Please don't give him any 'Moments of Silence', EVEN 3 SECONDS IS TOO MUCH FOR HIM!"

Yup, Kazunari's that type of guy, and you know what they say: "Whoever is a B-Player, stays a B-Player." He'll make sure to jump out of his photo and haunt you for reading this profile if you're in here to mourn for him. So without further ado, let's pull out those characters where he does show character, shall we? As for the rest of those A-to-Z civilians of his, you'll need to hire a professional Mook hunter.


Here are the dudes that people noticed and literally have names:

While here are the titles where you may run into him from any and every corner:

Remember tropers, 'victory goes to the team that connects,' so don't you dare look down! 'Life' is a sport where you're always looking forward!

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