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  • When Cassandra accidentally smashes Hysteria apart during her fight with Roxanne. "Whoops! I got the wrong gal!"
    • Made even more hilarious because Hysteria's biggest gripe was being ignored. Cassandra barely even noticed her while fatally wounding her, and clearly had zero idea that Hysteria was anyone of any consequence at all.
  • In episode 6, after Teresa breaks the Organization's rule of not killing humans by cutting down the one armed bandit that laid a hand on Clare, the bandit leader proceeds to attack. After Teresa successfully parries his first strike, he goes on a lengthy tirade about how his Falcon Sword renders him untouchable and his attack unavoidable. During that time, Teresa is shown to have a blank, almost bored look on her face. The kicker is when the bandit leader audaciously proclaims that Teresa wouldn't be able to get within arms' reach, only for Teresa to cut him down faster than he could react.
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  • Deneve's completely serious declaration to Raki about what a Claymore's upper body looks like, complete with her dramatically tearing off her shirt to force him to look at exactly what kind of bodily horrors are inflicted upon Claymores to make them what they are... and then Helen whips Devene's clothing at her head and yells at her to put her damn shirt back on and cover her breasts because she's making everyone uncomfortable.
  • Riful being squicked by Audrey's reaction to how powerful she is.
  • Noel and Sophia bickering in their introduction. "Bitch, if you're trying to start a fight, I'm ready."
  • The moment Rubel is revealed to be a spy! With his appearance and manners, the man basically has "spy" written on his forehead in huge letters. He's even described in-universe as "a suspicious man". The moment he first appears on screen, he's so sinister it hurts.
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  • As Clare and company head south to find Raki and possibly take revenge on both the Awakened Ones and The Organization, they sense a group of Claymores as well as an Awakened One nearby (who happens to be none other than Riful). They observe the battle from afar for a while, only to discover that two of the Claymores (Rachel and Audrey) are proving a surprisingly equal match to Riful, not wanting to take any chances however, Miria orders Clare, Deneve, and Helen to come with her to assist in the battle, at which point Helen feels the need to question who they're helping.
    Helen: So like... who are we even saving? Those girls from the organization, or the Abyssal One?
    Deneve: Are you seriously asking that?
  • Galatea going all Muhammad Ali (i.e. Curb-Stomp Battle + You Fight Like a Cow) on Dauf, who vastly outclasses her in everything except agility - where he still has the advantage even boxed in - and intelligence. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. Especially the part near the start where she just stands there between his hands after foiling his Kirk punch, then talking some more smack, swiftly figuring out how to actually hurt him seriously, and cutting off his hand. He only survives because Riful saves his bacon.
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  • In chapter 150, the first thing Teresa does when she awakens as Clare's Super Mode is to bop Raki on the head, claiming that the idea of a cheeky guy like him taking Clare's chastity pisses her off.
  • Dae, talking to Priscilla, tells her that if she prefers eating men, then women, and then little boys (in that order) then eating must be a form of sexual pleasure for her. Then fucking Priscilla, the Big Bad of the series, the monster everybody in the series wants to destroy, stops and tells Dae that he's a total creep. All while she stops to say this while eating the lower half of Dae's body.
  • Chapter 83, the conversation between Clare and Cynthia.
    Cynthia: Isn't that great? We took care of things without a single person getting hurt. For that reason alone, it was worth coming to this town.
    Clare: I think I'm starting to understand why the Organization disliked you so much that they sent you to die in the North...
    Cynthia: Hm?
    Clare: Nothing. Just talking to myself.
  • Chapter 151: Teresa's Rousing Speech to Cassandra ends on... kind of a weak note.
  • At the start of the Northern Campaign, one of the scouts Isley sends to investigate the strength of the force stationed at Pieta awakens and pulls a Leeroy Jenkins, leaving his companions in the dust.
  • In the short special chapter "Warrior's Dawn Side Story" three returning characters are presented by name and title: first Isley, the Silvery King, second Rigaldo, the Lion King, and then there's Dauf. Who's just Dauf. It doesn't help that his biggest contribution to the discussion is him saying "Gah".
  • Chapter 33, one has to wonder what must have thought the awakened being of Gonahl, the one Ophelia and Clare were sent to fight together, in theory: the Awakened being introduced herself only to be largely ignored by the two warriors as Ophelia was far too busy messing with Clare and Clare was far too busy keeping Raki safe and trying not to be brutally murdered by Ophelia. At some point all the Awakened being was doing was just watching as Ophelia kept threatening Clare, utterly uncaring that there was a giant tentacle monster right next to her. The awakened one's face at the center of this panel really says it all. At last Ophelia's attention was redirected toward the enemy she was supposed to fight... After being physically stopped from pursuing Clare by the Awakened being herself. Villains prefer to have people pay attention to them, you know that Ophelia?
  • A lot of fans find it kind of hilarious when they noticed that Priscillas Awakened form apparently has armor-plated vaginal lips

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