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Even Rigaldo is impressed!

  • Clarice standing up to Agatha for the sake of the injured Miata, despite knowing that if Miata didn't stand a chance against her, neither does she.
  • Miria surviving the Organization's trap by impressing all living Claymores with her power and reluctance to kill so much that they refused to hit her for real in violation of the Organization's orders and later joined her rebellion.
  • Raki gets two in chapter 115. First, for being able to lift and wield a heavy, if dulled, claymore and second, for taking on the Organization's men, just so that none of the claymores-in-training have to kill a human being.
  • Clare's stand-off against the Awakened Being with Miria's team. With the rest of them more or less out of commission for the time being, she advances slowly, inexorably, completely untouchable. Her silver eyes, which were beginning to blend into those of her more powerful compatriots, never looked more intimidating.
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  • Clare partially awakening, taking off Rigardo's arm in a flash, and finally slashing him up into smithereens, all the while repeating "More Speed! More Speed!". Even Rigardo decided this was superb.
  • Irene owning Ophelia, who had just taken down an Awakened single digit single handedly. Irene beats her with only one arm, that's why only Teresa and Priscilla outranked her.
  • Speaking of Teresa, let's not forget the insane amount of awesome she brought to the table. Like beating the rest of the top five of her generation effortlessly.
    • Lest we forget, she fights her awakened predecessor as No.1 (so this is an abyssal-level awakened being) by ripping its arm off with a simple twist and gutting it.
    • When Teresa leaves Clare with some townspeople she'd just saved from a yoma, thinking they can give her a better life, and the town is immediately attacked by bandits right after Teresa leaves. She returns to find the place trashed and Clare badly injured and unconscious being dragged along by a bandit whom Teresa had previously maimed. She kills him, of course, but the Moment of Awesome comes when the lead bandit whips out his 'falcon sword' which is apparently unbeatable (at least according to the bandit's rather lengthy bragging session). He then invites Teresa to attack him as he's so sure that she can't. Teresa's response? Calmly taking him down with one swing that's so fast, we don't even see it.
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  • Galatea going all Muhammad Ali (i.e. Curb-Stomp Battle + You Fight Like a Cow) on Dauf, who vastly outclasses her in everything except agility - where he still has the advantage even boxed in - and intelligence. Doubles as a Funny Moment. Especially the part near the start where she just stands there between his hands after foiling his Kirk punch, then talking some more smack, swiftly figuring out how to actually hurt him seriously, and cutting off his hand. Dauf only starts using his enormous advantages to save his own life when reminded by Riful!
  • Priscilla fighting both Alicia and Beth, the Organization's #1 and #2, in a two-on-one battle... and utterly slaughtering them without the slightest effort. She just looks so incredibly bored, even as she one-handedly tears the head off a character shown to be comparable to Riful in terms of raw power. Just... just wow.
  • Post-infected Dauf manages to actually give Priscilla quite a beating (and for one of the rare time after she awakened, break her out of her bored look) and would have even nearly killed her, had she not been strengthened by the recovery of her lost memories. Awesome, even if he wasn't actually aware of what he was doing, having gone berserk.
  • The end of chapter 113. Miria is alive, and has restarted her rebellion with all the Claymore!
  • Chapter 120. Miria beats Hysteria by ripping off her own arm and impaling Hysteria with her sword and arm at high speed. Then after Hysteria survives that, Miria, lacking both arms, stabs her in the throat with a sword held in her teeth.
  • Chapter 121. Anastasia. Nike. Dietrich. The Ghosts. Say it together: BIG. DAMN. HEROES.
    • Also, the cake once again goes to Miria for charging at an Abyssal One on her own in a desperate attempt to save two warriors she didn't even know personally but who followed her into the rebellion. Really, Miria would be rapidly turning into a walking, talking CMOA if she hadn't already been 110% awesome from day one.
    • And a single-frame CMOA for Miria just as Anastasia stops her from Awakening and tells her, essentially, that they don't want to fight a fourth Abyssal One at once. Read: Anastasia assesses Miria's personal power on par with that of a Number One.
  • Deneve gets one in Chapter 123 for talking some sense into Miria, keeping her from throwing her life away and awakening.
  • Teresa gets a retroactive one in chapter 125. When no warrior of that day and could keep up with Hysteria's speed, it was Teresa who dealt the blow that allowed Hysteria to be killed the first time around. The kicker is that she had just been recruited and given a single-digit number back then.
  • Villainous example (sorta): After a lengthy battle, the awakened Cassandra finally disables and subsequently kills awakened Roxanne, but not before telling her why she was and ultimately still is inferior to her as a warrior.
  • Miria killing Rimuto and euthanizing the two Asarakam creatures, ending the Organization's reign of terror for good.
  • Despite knowing the shitstorm that will certainly ensue next chapter, Raki saving/convincing Clare to leave the Destroyer and the fact that she escapes with no injuries that weren't already there in Chapter 129.
  • YUMA. As an Awakened Being breaks off from being killed by Deneve, Helen, Dietrich, and Anastasia, he charges at Yuma and Cynthia's position in an attempt to escape. Yuma, who thinks of herself as the weakest of "The Seven Ghosts" refuses to run away (she was trying to heal Cynthia, who had her arms and legs torn off in a previous battle and asked Yuma to kill her to keep her from awakening) and grabs Cynthia's sword, dual-wielding it Deneve-style at the approaching monster. Yuma THROWS one sword like a boomerang at the Awakened Being's legs, severing them with one slice, then leaps and cleaves its head in two as its body is falling to the ground. Yuma certainly took a level in Badass after this!

Several ones in chapter 131.
  • Clare discovers that she mega-manned ANOTHER power from Rafaela when dealing with the Tapeworm being - that "Tapeworm being" is Agatha the Bloody, a former single-digit Claymore who fully-awakened.
  • Helen gets one when she reveals how many times she turns her arm to reach maximum rotations with her drill-sword in order to take on the Origami being...(answer: 55, twice as many than Jean)
  • Galatea freezes a WHOLE Awakened being with her powers... (Compared to how we saw her handle Dauf's projectiles by her first appearance this is one huge level of Badass taken for her

  • Chapter 138: It shows the Galatea speaking about her trump card which could save the day from the Cassandra-Priscilla hybrid that is heading towards the city...with ALL of the Claymores (from the Rebellion along with Clarice and Miata) standing behind her in a full-spread shot.
  • Chapter 141: Miata awakens, with Clarice and Galatea working together to keep her mind human. And on top of that, for a potential Fridge Brilliance Heartwarming, consider the fact that all previous Awakened forms — which have been either the result of a loss of control, hatred, or being forced by the Organization — have been Eldritch Abominations. In comparison, Miata's is almost beautiful as a serpent-like being with angelic wings. Is it just a coincidence, or is the nature of the form a direct reflection of the fact that it's love and trust keeping her heart safe rather than Beth and Alicia's method of being forced to synchronize to the point of losing their own personalities? Either way, it's incredible. ...Unfortunately, she starts to slip, but the fact that she begins to become hideous as she loses control supports the theory that the Claymore's state of mind affects their Awakened form ("An altruistic love calls her back!") — and Clarice's declaration at the end is just plain badass, whether it ends up working out or not.
  • Chapter 142, also known as Clarice's Dying Moment of Awesome: She manages regain enough yoki control for Miata, the other warriors and even the human soldiers to finish off Europa. Despite the fact that her body is literally just barely holding together at that point, she leads the other warriors in bringing Miata's mind back from the brink, relatively sane at that, which she succeeds in doing. And her last words to Miata are "I love you." Then she crumbles to dust.
  • Chapter 144: A newly-reborn Priscilla faces off against Raki, with Raki holding his own until Priscilla mentions how, although she's having fun fighting him using only her human power, she's infinitely more powerful than him. After the decisive match, the Seven Survivors appear with Priscilla taunting them with how she wants to face each of them one-on-one before she regains her full power.
  • Chapter 147: Priscilla is being her usual Smug Super self curbstomping everybody when Raki, whom she had previously left for dead, gets up and shoves his sword right through her neck. The best part? This was part of the strategy that Isley and Raki devised against Priscilla years ago.
    • "My Quicksword will hit first."
  • Chapter 149: Clare finally Awakens properly and takes on the form of Teresa. And immediately following that, we see yoki-sensitives all over the island stop whatever they're doing and stare into the distance, dumbfounded, — because the release of yoki from that one moment is even larger than the birth of an Abyssal One. Galatea even comments that although she is very good at gauging a person's yoki reserves, Teresa's is like trying to see the bottom of an ocean.
  • Chapter 151: Teresa wastes no time kicking back into gear as soon as she finishes her talk with Clare, giving Cassandra a Rousing Speech:
    Teresa: CASSANDRA! As a former Number One... just how long do you intend to be used in such an idiotic fashion?! Don't forget the pride of being the absolute figure of that age! What it means to stand at the top of 47 people! Remember the fighting spirit of being Number One!
    • And not only does it work, but it goes so far as to bring Cassandra's human side back to fight Teresa, Number One to Number One. Teresa curbstomps her utterly, which is awesome in and of itself, but what really makes the moment is that it's not cruel — it's kind, with Teresa complimenting the fighting style that Cassandra always hated, and Cassandra wanting to come back in a time where Teresa also exists. It culminates in Cassandra dying as herself—that is, as a warrior, rather than monster fodder—and going to her final death at peace.
    • Fridge Brilliance: By calling out to Cassandra as a fellow Number One, Teresa essentially tells Priscilla that a pathetic second place like her can bloody well wait for her turn, while the real warriors are talking. And then Cassandra only adds to the humiliation by showing Priscilla that she's a thousand years too early to hope to keep a Number One on a leash.
  • Chapter 152: Basically, the entire chapter is one for Teresa, with her utterly destroying a Priscilla supposedly stronger than ever because all the hate she feels toward the warrior that almost killed her.
    • On top of that, Teresa's using only 10% of her total power right now. Also awesome is her confirmation that Clare and the others did defeat Priscilla — all that's left of "Priscilla" now is hatred bearing her name. The "real" Priscilla died when Clare shredded her with the Quicksword. In other words, Clare truly did achieve the revenge she'd been chasing all of these years. And her reward? She gets to see Teresa again.
  • Chapter 153: Teresa Awakens. And it is beautiful.
    • Just as awesome ie the implication that Teresa is so incredibly badass and powerful that her Awakened form is basically herself. It also invokes the theme of the story in amazingly brilliant way: the key to control the Awakening process is love.
  • The final battle between Priscilla and Clare. Throughout the story the Organization has attempted to produce controllable Awakened Beings by training twin warriors to establish 'soul-linking' like Alicia and Beth to share the burden of the Awakening. In process, those warriors are trained to discard their individuality and personality, existing only as living weapons. However, it turns out that Clare and Teresa are able to successfully achieve this by using their mutual love and trust to establish a soul-linking that can sustain their Awakening. Thus, the ultimate key to control the Awakening is none other than love. This is also supported by the earlier, temporarily successful attempt by Galatea and Clarice to control Miata's awakening using the bond between Miata and Clarice.
  • Chapter 154: The battle between Teresa and Priscilla comes to an end in the most awesome way possible. She is attacked by five Priscillas with swords and then uses the Quicksword at 100% of its power. though we don't see it hitting we do see the result, all five are completely turned to dust.