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Tear Jerker / Claymore

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"I couldn't even hate the beast that killed Teresa. It was me, overcome by fear, that I couldn't forgive"

  • The scene in episode 1 where Raki's crying next to his brother's dead body. It's bad enough that right before, Raki discovers that his brother has been possessed by the yoma that killed their parents. It's really driven home when the yoma mockingly tells Raki, "He's crying now. It appears this body's memories are crying for you. How touching!" when tears fall down its cheeks. Of course, to kill the yoma Clare has to kill Raki's brother. Fortunately it's a pretty quick death, but it's also pretty graphic. Afterward we see Raki sitting in fetal position crying next to his brother's dead body, and it's just gut-wrenching.
    • Then we find out the truth about the yoma. That really was his brother, driven completely insane with Horror Hunger by the yoma parasite in his brain, but still capable of crying for Raki.
  • Undine's death was quick but also traumatising.
  • The entire Teresa flashback.
    • When a mute Clare sees Teresa's scars for the first time and regains the ability to speak, tearfully asking if it hurts and then going on to say that she knows Teresa is still hurting inside because Clare has the same pain. Teresa, up until now a borderline sociopath, completely breaks down, falling to her knees and clutching Clare to her as they cry together.
      Teresa (to herself): [Clare] taught me something I thought I'd never learn, that even eyes like mine can still shed tears.
    • Then when Teresa is killed right in front of Clare by an awakening Priscilla. The death itself is honestly so much sad as it is shocking seeing as it comes right out of nowhere. The tearjerker is right after Priscilla kills/injures the rest of the group and leaves Clare all alone with her big sister/mother figure's decapitated corpse. There's no dialogue (other than an internal monologue), just Clare crawling toward Teresa's severed head, tears streaming down her face and finally clutching the head in her arms as she sobs into Teresa's hair. Finally, Clare carries the head around with her until she finds an Organization member and demands he use Teresa's head as material to make her a Claymore. Her face is what sends the image home. The whole Teresa arc is really just one tearjerker after another with a few CMOAs and CMOHs thrown in.
    Clare: ""
    • Hearing Clare utter that name as she witnessed her Mother-Sister figure being decapitated right in front of her.
    • Priscilla. She was just a kid who was manipulated by the organization to do their bidding, and they didn't care what the psychological toll was on her. You see Priscilla wanting to do the right thing, but it was like everybody was doing some tug-of-war thing on her and she herself was caught in the middle. When we see her screaming for her father when Teresa is hovering over her, it just hits you that she just wanted her family and that she just wasn't cut out to be warrior to begin with. Even though she caused Teresa's death and awakened into the most powerful being in the world Priscilla isn't really that much to blame in the end. She was just another victim.
  • Another moment: After Jean manages to pull Clare back from Awakening, sacrificing her own life in the process, Clare falls to her knees crying, and says 'I'm the weakest Claymore! So why are you the one who's dead and not me?'
    • It was the "NO! Your life is your own! It doesn't belong to anyone else!" line that really got me. So the Tear Jerker started before Jean actually died.
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    • Shortly thereafter, we learn that the 24 Claymores sent to Pieta on a suicide mission had a secret plan of survival. Only seven of them survived, and Miria, the leader of the 24, who came up with the plan, beats herself up over this when the battle is over. The other survivors tell her it isn't her fault that so many were lost, and that they're grateful to her for the lives her plan was able to save, culminating in this.
  • Lets not forget Rafaela reuniting with her Abyssal One sister Luciela (the latter having just lost her battle against Isley and had reverted to human form). For goodness knows how long, Rafaela had waiting for the moment she would kill the monster that had been her sister herself, but when she see's Luciela in tears and open arms over her arrival, she drops her sword and hugs her. No wait it gets worse, it turns out Luciela's just trying to convince Rafaela to awaken so she can get back at Isley and take over the island. So Rafaela, snaps Luciela's back....while hugging her.
    • That's not just the worst part of it all. Luciela isn't just cynically trying to use Rafaela...she honestly doesn't understand that Rafaela wants to kill her rather than awaken so they can be together again...
  • From Chapter 107, Miria loses the battle with the new twins after her perception is altered into thinking she's fighting Hilda, the friend she killed after Hilda had awakened (and whos death triggered Miria's near awakening). Miria dies crying, thinking her friend is still alive while the Organizations Claymores kill her brutally.
    • Turns out she survived. Still sad though.
      • The monologue of the unnamed warrior who recounts the "battle" against Miria. The warrior was utterly convinced that all of her friends were dying, and when Miria turned her gaze on the unnamed warrior, the warrior resigned herself to death. But she woke up, and so did all of her comrades. Upon realizing that Miria had taken so much care to not only keep them alive, but to take them down without doing any permanent damage, they couldn't bring themselves to kill her. And then they all rebelled against the Organization with Miria leading them.
      • That warrior is Raftella, the Organization's Number 10 who designated as the "Anti-Warrior" Claymore (meaning she is specifically designed to fight Claymore's who rebel). After the Claymore Rebellion begins, Raftella is brought before the Organization leadership to explain why the Claymores did not kill Miria when they had the chance. She explains that each warrior was moved by Miria's compassion for saving their lives because she gave value TO their lives. Everyone else thought of them as monsters, pawns, and experiments and used them as tools to fight and die for their own ends, but Miria dared to fight them and keep them alive despite beating EVERY single digit warrior except the new twins and Raftella when she assaulted the Organization the first time. Raftella explains that Miria's power awed and impressed them, and instead of killing them like an Awakened Being would, she spared them intentionally, which appealed to their hearts as humans...which is why they ALL willingly choose to side with Miria when she attacks the Organization the second and final time. Unfortunately, after telling this to the Organization leadership, Raftella [keep in mind that she is the ONLY Claymore to not physically join Miria during the Rebellion] is brutally run-through by servants of Limt and left for dead.
      • She survives, though just barely — and uses what she believes is the last of her strength to protect the warriors from Cassandra and Roxanne's killing blows. The only reason that the twins and Audrey survived is because Raftela was there. And how does Raftela ultimately survive her wounds long enough to have the chance to heal? The trainees, despite clearly being nervous and maybe even a little awed, surround her and hold her up while Raki defends them from the Organization's men. Later, she cries when Miria tells her that there are no hard feelings for her role in Miria's defeat, and that they all know just what she did to protect them later.
  • The deaths of Isley and Riful. Even Evil Has Loved Ones...
  • When the first pair of twins, Alicia and Beth, fight to protect each other. And subsequently get curbstomped by Priscilla. It's heartbreaking when you watch a supposedly emotionless and mindless battle machine for the Organisation weep for her fallen twin.
  • Cassandra is a Walking Tear Jerker. Her entire life is one continuous Trauma Conga Line, which she takes like the Iron Woobie she is. Alas, Poor Anti-Villain.
    • After finally killing Roxanne for good, she just looks at Miria's Claymores and... walks (crawls?) away. It is just so sad, how much the woman has lost by that point: her dignity, her friend, her life, her last shreds of humanity, and even her arch-enemy—leaving her with absolutely no purpose in her existence anymore.
    • And her Bittersweet Ending, where she is freed from Priscilla's control and taken for The Last Dance by the strongest warrior who ever lived, allowing her to die (again) honorably as a human, not as a monster devoured by an even bigger monster. The fact that that even feels like a happy ending in the context of her crappy, crappy life is a Tear Jerker in itself.
    • Her final thoughts are that if she were reborn in a perfect world, Teresa would be there to take the Number One position, meaning that she wouldn't have to—and she would be one step closer to her one and only friend, who was Number 35.
  • Dae's theory concerning the Claymores' drawing strength from The Power of Hate puts Priscilla in a tragic light. She knew at the last moment that the yoma she killed wasn't a monster impersonating her father — it was her father. She blocked the memories, but her guilt and self-loathing remained. The reason she is such a powerful Awakened Being is because, deep down, she hates herself more than anyone else ever could. Even Clare probably doesn't hate Priscilla as much as Priscilla does.
  • When Raki protects the little Claymore trainees during the Claymore Rebellion from the vicious trainers and servants who are out to kill them, he meets Raftella who is barely alive after being run-through by about ten spears. She explains that she is doing what little she can to help her comrades from being killed by the resurrected Cassandra, who is about to kill powerful single-digit Audrey (who just had her arms and legs sliced off moments before due to Cassandra's "Dust-Eater" technique) Moved by Raftella's strength and kindness, all of the little girls hold hands and hug her to keep her from collapsing from blood loss.
  • THE RAKI AND CLARE REUNION in Chapter 129! What makes this so beautiful is that Raki, along with Miria, Deneve, Helen, Cynthia, Yuma, and Tabitha are at the outskirts of the Holy City of Rabona where Clare has been encased in a giant blob-like shell (that also has captured Priscilla, who's on the verge of escaping). Deneve decided to bring Raki along to see if he could free Clare (as well as moments before, she showed him the truth about the Claymore's bodies), and when Raki places his hands against the shell, he repeats his famous quote about wanting to be with her forever because she's the only one for him. Miraculously, Clare's hands reach through the hardened shell and clasp Raki's as he pulls her through the blob (she had been encased for almost a month with no way to free her). When Clare sees Raki for the FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS, they both tearfully embrace as Raki screams Clare's name and the six other Claymore's watch with huge smiles that Clare is alive and safe.
  • Clarice sacrificing herself in a Dying Moment of Awesome to return Miata's mind back to her. Even with her body breaking down, she doesn't let Miata feel sad and says at the end of the battle 'Mama loves you' before breaking into hundreds of pieces.
    • What makes this even more sad is while Clarice is using her full power to calm Miata's mind in her awakened form, she mentions her past before she became a Claymore: she was poor and homeless, living through people's trash and being unloved by anyone. She became a Claymore to give her life meaning and be someone important. After she fades away, Miata recalls her own past before she became a Claymore: she was constantly moving around with her mother, whom she loved deeply until she was killed by a Yoma, who in turn was killed by a nearby Claymore. The clincher is that Miata starts crying after Clarice is gone, but doesn't understand why (because Clarice removed the memory of her) and all of the new generation Claymore's bow their head in silence and respect at Clarice's sacrifice to save all of them.
  • Teresa and Clare's reunion is nothing but a Tear Jerker from the moment it starts to the moment that Teresa says, "Let's fight together, Clare ... what sustains my heart is your strength."
  • For the series as a whole: Watch carefully. The end approaches.


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