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  • Fan Nickname:
    • "The Seven Ghosts" (the seven surviving Claymores of the Northern Campaign) and while not necessarily a nickname, Ophelia is often referred to with the phrase "Nobody out-crazies Ophelia!" (originally from The Simpsons).
    • Some people call Raphaela 'Raph' and Priscilla 'Prissy', which seems natural. For some reason, some call the as of yet unnamed Eldritch Abomination that results of the fusion of Raphaela and Luciela 'Mary' and, by extension the mini-Eldritch Abominations that it offshoots are the Mini-Marys or M+ M's if you want. Another, more logical name for same Eldritch Abomination is Raciella Luciela + Raphaela.
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  • I Just Write the Thing: Yagi likes to let his characters grow as if they're real people outside of his control, saying it's more interesting when even he can't predict what they will say in the next panel.
  • Playing Against Type: It's a good thing Funimation identifies which English V.A.s portray which characters. Otherwise it's doubtful that anyone would have ever figured out that Ophelia was voiced by Luci Christian.
  • Referenced by...: Claymore is a character class in Elona.
  • The Wiki Rule: Claymore Wiki.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Yagi explains in an interview that he plotted out the series very loosely, without expecting it to turn out as long as it did, and that he let the plot and characters develop naturally instead of trying to railroad them towards a strict goal.

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