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Famous Last Words / Claymore

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  • "Alright then, I'll put you out of your misery." Teresa of the Faint Smile. She is about to Mercy Kill a nearly-awakened Priscilla but the latter launches a sneak attack, chopping off Teresa's hands and then her head.
  • "I'm grateful to you. Thank you, Clare. I'm glad I met you." Jean
  • "If you're going to fight in my place, I won't forgive you if you lose." Ophelia, after being defeated by Clare. She is refering to her and Clare's shared desire for Priscilla's head.
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  • "As strong as you are, why have you stopped at number 5?" Ilena to Rafaela, the organization's number 5 who has been sent to execute her. Ilena's death is never shown, but may fans presumed that Rafaela carried it out as Ilena hasn't appeared until the finale when she showed up like nothing happened.
  • "Honestly, from the crowns of their heads to the tips of their toes they truly are unsightly beings." Isley of the North. He is refering to the Abyssal Feeders devouring him. These are his last spoken words, but his last thoughts are a Final Speech about his True Companions, Raki and Priscilla.
  • "" Rosemary to Teresa in one of the extra scenes.
  • "I'm so sorry, sister. At that time... if I had only been stronger." Rafaela to Luciela as she effects what is essentially a Mutual Kill, though their now-mindless bodies do go on to cause wordless trouble later on before finally being eradicated.
    • "Carve it into your body... this is everything I possess." Rafaela again in a Journey to the Center of the Mind, passing on her memories to Clare before her mind 'dies' for good and her/Luciela's bodies become the mindless Destroyer.
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  • "Hmph... keep eating shit for the rest of your life!" Roxanne
  • "Miata, I love you." Clarice
  • "That my life, together with this old body, would be trampled by the body of the greatest creation that I've brought forth, is surely complete happiness and good fortune for me as a researcher..." Dae
  • "No, actually... it would be better that way." Cassandra, after realizing that if Teresa were to take the position of the Number One from her, she would end up one step closer to her first and only friend, the Number 35.
  • "Thank you, Teresa. And... sorry." Priscilla

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