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  • Chapter 113: The entirety of the Organization's warriors finding themselves unable to strike down an enemy who went out of her way to take them down without killing or seriously damaging even a single one earlier—namely, Miria.
  • Episode 4 of the anime: Clare partially awakens to defeat the Voracious Eater, and begs Galk to kill her in order to prevent her becoming a monster. Raki refuses to let that happen unless he dies too, and hearing that pulls Clare back from the brink.
  • Chapter 118 brings us a nice one. Raftela, who has been impaled multiple times, is using her ability to try and help some other characters, who she doesn't know, fight. When Raki tells her she's risking her life by doing this and not healing her wounds, she makes a speech about how no matter how isolated they are, Claymores will try to form bonds with one another to be more human. Cue the young trainees with Raki embracing her so she won't have to support herself, in a perfect You Are Not Alone moment, and a Badass Boast from Raki.
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  • Just about every one-on-one interaction between Deneve and Helen. Particularly chapter 87.
  • In Chapter 123, Deneve calls Miria out on her Chronic Hero Syndrome. And then points out that just by virtue of treating them like humans and comrades, she's saved more lives than she'll ever know. Because no one who chose to stick around and fight with Miria would ever DEMAND that she give up her life for theirs.
  • Raki and the cute Claymore trainees in Chapter 127. An entire army of Heartwarming Orphans who look up to him like a big brother. The bit where he promises to come back and play with them again takes the cake.
  • In chapter 129, Clare is freed and is hugged by Raki. Awwwwwww...
  • Chapter 79: Galatea and Miria, talking about Galatea's blindness, which was self-inflicted and allowed her to live as a nun (taking care of children) undetected.
    Miria: It seems you don't really regret it.
    Galatea: Regret what? What I have here is far more valuable than sight.
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  • The second half of 130, where Clare tells the Ghosts, Raki and Galatea her backstory and they decide to make their last stand to kill Priscilla, the Destroyer and Cassandra.
  • The whole sequence with Teresa and Clare (who, in the process, solidifies her status as a Determinator with bigger cojones than any man on the whole island). Especially when Teresa catches herself smiling down at little Clare who's hugging her tightly.
  • Clarice's death in chapter 142. She finally manages to be something special and tells her daughter-figure Miata that she loves her before she crumbles to dust.
  • It may change after we get the context for it but the implication behind the end of chapter 149:TERESA'S OKAY!...kinda!
    • The reveal makes it even better : Teresa lives on in the body of Clare in a manner similar to the Tok'Ra of Stargate fame and can emerge instead of Clare awakening via a Soul Link variant. It seems completely impossible for them to be separated ever again.
  • The flashback in the middle of scene 66 explaining the Ghosts' survival has Deneve's speech to Miria about the lives she saved and their good fortune that it was Miria who led them.
  • After being fatally wounded by Priscilla, Tabitha implores Cynthia and Uma to give up on trying to put her back together and instead focus on reattaching her arm. Tabitha asks Miria to hold her hand at the end, and reaches up... and lightly punches a startled Miria in the chin. Smiling, she tells Miria that Deneve told her to give Miria a punch when they met up again for leaving them all behind, and that it was her greatest honour to serve under Miria's leadership.
  • Teresa's fight with Cassandra. Teresa compliments Cassandra's fighting style, which Cassandra had always been ashamed of, and Cassandra asks Teresa to kill her so she can die in peace. It's followed by this:
    Teresa: What? Are you done already? You can still go at it, right?
    Cassandra: No, that's enough. I'm satisfied. To use all of my techniques to the utmost, and fight with all of my power... I didn't think it would be so much fun. If I were to be born again, I'd like the next time to be a time when you're there.
    Teresa: Is that okay? Because if so, next time you'll be Number 2.
    Cassandra: It's fine. Even if so. No... [thinks of her deceased friend] Actually... it would be better that way.
  • Everything about Teresa's return in regard to Clare and the rest of the Seven Ghosts. From her explanation to Yuma, Cynthia, Helen, Deneve, and Miria of how much each of them means to Clare and how much Clare needs their support and love, to this part, which makes it so very clear that regardless of the lack of blood relation, Teresa is nothing less to Clare than a mother:
    Clare: (crying) But... But... So much has happened... since you died, up until now... so much has happened...
    Teresa: (hugging her) Tell me. Everything up until now. All of it. I'll listen to all of it.
  • Chapter 153: Teresa awakens. In a meta-Heartwarming Moment that gets a Call-Back from in-story lore of the Twin Goddesses of Love, she becomes the most beautiful Awakened to ever exist: a near literal Angelic Beauty. This is also a meta-Moment of Awesome:apparently the only way one COULD make Teresa stronger would be to give her the ability to FLY.
  • As explained hereWARNING , the fact despite the darkness of the series, the true theme of Claymore is love, and that calling the final battle simply a case of The Power of Love over The Power of Hate is a disservice to what the mangaka has portrayed over the course of the story.
    "The criticism that this is just a battle between love and hate is hackneyed at best. Yagi has developed layers as to what love and hate are, where they come from, and the strength and weaknesses of both. ... To be human is to connect with other humans. It's to love others and have them love you. It's to have what we would call a family even when there is no blood relation. ... The warriors regain their humanity by connecting and bonding with others."
  • The last remnants of Priscilla's humanity thanking Teresa for putting her out of her misery and apologizing for all the carnage she wrought.
  • Chapter 154: It's fine. There are no hard feelings...between comrades that cross claymores together.