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Famous Last Words / Code Geass

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Code Geass

  • "Please, you can't! We may have different mothers, but you and I are still blood!" Clovis, before Lelouch kills him.
  • "I can't lose to an Eleven. I am a Britannian!" Lord Kewell, first character killed by the Guren.
  • "No!" Mao, just before he is hit by Lelouch's Geass that forces him to never speak again. He is then shot in the neck by C.C.
  • "Suzaku... I'm so happy... that we..." Euphemia, to Suzaku
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  • "Don't be afraid, I haven't come to kill you, my lady. I'm here to deliver you to Zero, your highness... What have I done? Why, Princess? Princess!" Andreas Darlton, victim of Lelouch's Geass.
  • "So is that okay then Lulu? And as I'm reborn, I'll fall in love with you over and over. I'll keep falling in love with..." Shirley Fenette to Lelouch Lamperouge
  • "Yeah, one on one, my ass! Huh? Wha-?! GUAAA-!" Bart Darlton, right as he's crushed by a falling G1 Base.
  • "It's blocked?! At this range?!" Alfred Darlton, who gets killed by Kallen.
  • "Father, I let you down! Forgive me...!" David Darlton, as he's killed by Nagisa Chiba.
  • "Impossible! My Gareth...!" Edgar Darlton, expressing disbelief as Kyoshiro Tohdoh kills him.
  • "Please, please forgive me, Your Highness... we never should have involved ourselves with that witch..." General Bartley calling out to Clovis while watching C.C. participate in the massacre of the Geass Directorate
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  • "My life... my life is taken... by a lowly Eleven?!" Luciano Bradley to Kallen Kozuki
  • "I... will... accept that fate. The fate of immortality... So, Charles... Because I'm... the elder one here..." V.V. to C.C.
  • "Zero! Save Japan! Help our people to lift their heads again and fight! The Four Holy Swords...have proven our worth." Kosetsu Urabe
  • "Never thought... a place like this..." Ryoga Senba
  • "General Tohdoh! I tried to warn you!" Shogo Asahina
  • "That's right, I thought so... 'cause I know who you really are, inside your heart... I know everything about you, Big Brother..." Rolo Lamperouge to Lelouch
  • "The meaning?" Marianne, being absorbed by C's World.
  • "Can't you understand that if you refuse me and what I offer, you will inherit his world?! Schneizel's world! Do not judge me! Good and evil are on each side of the same card! Even so, you still—" Charles zi Britannia to Lelouch
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  • "He got me... already!?" Dorothea Ernst, Knight of Four, killed seconds after her introduction by Suzaku
  • "A ninth-generation Knightmare Frame... It's Suzaku Kururu--" Monica Kruszewski
  • "I've failed you... Lady Marianne!" Bismarck Waldstein, Knight of One, after being bested by Suzaku;
  • "Zero... at least... finish me with your Geass, too..." Diethard Ried
  • "Yes... I... destroy... the world... and... create it... anew." Lelouch vi Britannia to Nunnally, at the end of his Heroic Sacrifice.

Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally

  • "Monster! What.. What are you?!" Clovis, before being killed by Zero.
  • "You mean Princess Nunnally... well as that monster, they were your..." Lieutenant Colonel Kusakabe, before Zero kills him to keep Nunnally's abilities secret.
  • "Nunnally!? I see, you too... you must be the daughter of that emperor and Marianne...?!" Genbu Kururugi, before being killed by C.C.
  • "Don't forget, Alice! This is our fate, the fate of Irregulars!" Mao, dying from C.C.'s cells disintegrating her body.
  • "Fu fu, You really are a cruel person..." Rolo vi Britannia, disintegrating as a side-effect of C.C.'s cells, after Anya tells him she doesn't know if he can go to Eden Vital.
  • "ME?! I see. So that's how it is, Marianne." Charles zi Britannia, to his wife after hearing her say that she should accept the fact that Nunnally rejected their plan and they are dying as a result.
  • "Farewell, Nunnally..." Marianne vi Britannia, being disintegrated as a result of Nunnally rejecting her parents' plan.
  • "I see. It seems that His Majesty has passed away, as will this life given by His Majesty. I bid you farewell, Witch of Britannia." Bismark Waldstein, an undead Knight of the Round, to Lelouch.

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

  • "Freedom is only won at the cost of human—" Bradow von Breisgau
  • "Hurry... run... Leila!" Claudia von Breisgau
  • "I will go on ahead, Shin Hyuga Shaing." Lord Manfredi
  • "Master Ashley... Good luck to you." Johannes
  • "Let us go together, Alice." Maria Shaing
  • "Yes, mother." Alice Shaing
  • "I'm looking forward to being reunited with you on the other side. Farewell!" Sir Scholtz
  • "The enemy counterattack has ceased? Oh no!" Sir Dore
  • "I... I love you." Jean/Jeanne Rowe
  • "I'm sorry. From now on, we'll be together forever, Jeanne." Shin Hyuga Shaing
  • "Eliminate them!" Gene Smilas

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