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The fastest way to go to the Pachinko.
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     Season 1: First Cour 
Episode 1—Osomatsu-kun Returns!
  • Osomatsu's grand plan to get himself and his friends and family back into the public eye? An idol anime. Not only do the brothers take an unexpected Art Shift from goofy teenagers to a group of good looking young men, but they come with all of the genre conventions that go with such a show. At least, until their trademark wackiness starts kicking in...
    • The sequence where, out of nowhere, the brothers combine their idol power to create a rainbow beam so powerful, it takes out an incoming asteroid (which, by the way, was neither explained beforehand nor mentioned again).
    • Meanwhile, in Florida....
      NASA Mission Control 1: What's happened?
      NASA Mission Control 2: (Tearing up) It's a miracle!
    • Choromatsu's face when he realizes the charismatic foreigner is Iyami, of all people.
      • As he tells the brothers that he can handle the situation, he temporarily slipped out Iyami's trademark buckteeth.
    • Totoko dying of a nosebleed after the brothers force her to choose one of them as a Love Interest.
      Choromatsu: The heroine can't die in the first episode!
    • The brothers realizing that they can't maintain their idol forms for long because they're not used to modern shows like that.
      • To win back some of their audience after briefly losing their forms, Karamatsu tries to flirt with a girl and kiss her before throwing up near her feet.
      • Ichimatsu just up and turning into his Showa-era form while the brothers are arguing.
  • The entire Attack on Titan parody with Chibita as the Colossal Titan:
    • Osomatsu doesn't take Chibita down by slicing the nape of his neck. No— he slices off the top of his oden stick.
    • Instead of Chibita eating the human alive, he throws him into an oden pot (that somehow got there).
    • The endless barrage of attacks from the other cast members dressed up as different anime characters (and as one Virtua Fighter).
    • Dayoon and Hatabou using a motorcycle to climb around Chibita.
    • Using plungers as the 3D manuvering Gear.
  • The fact that the brothers spend ten years waiting around their house trying to come up with an idea for a revival.
  • The best part - the fact that absolutely no one was aware that this is how the series would start. It wasn't in advertisements, nor was it shown in screenshots of the show before the episode's airing. To those uninitiated, it comes off as a pleasantly hilarious surprise.
  • After wrapping up Episode 1's On the Next, Osomatsu finds out that they have a minute left to speak. He prepares to tell a joke, but right before he can even get to it, the show ends mid-sentence.

Episode 2— "Let's Get a Job!"/"The Melancholy of Osomatsu"

  • During the fishing segment from Episode 2, it's Todomatsu's turn to be the Straight Man when he's spending time with his cool kid wannabe older brother Karamatsu. He leaves no slack where Choromatsu's absent.
    • ... Which is probably a good thing, too, since The whole Honest Axe segment during the Cold Open is performed by Jyuushimatsu and Choromatsu. Jyuushimatsu apparently drops a fishing pole, but Choromatsu comes up with two statues of Asura instead (a silver one and a jelly one, among other things), asking if he had dropped them. When Jyuushimatsu denies both, Choromatsu says that that was the honest choice and gives him a tiny man for his honesty.
    Jyuushimatsu: A Shonousuke Hijirisawa! I'm gonna make this my family heirloom!
  • "Welcome, corporate slaves!"
    • When Iyami reads the brothers the rules and regulations of the place, one of them points out that they can't make out a word of what's on the cards he's flashing to them (since it's written in black ink on a black card). Made funnier by the fact that Ichimatsu of all people can understand any of it.
      • And then taken further with the fact that Ichimatsu becomes an overseer during their hellish work experience.
  • At the otherwise nightmarish Black Factory, the product they're trying to mass produce is a bunch of clones of Dayoon, which then go on to become background filler in the latter half of the episode.
  • In the end, the brothers decide to take job hunting slowly and not rush into things... by exploiting their nature as sextuplets and switching off every few hours at a ramen shop under the guise of one Matsuno brother.
  • Osomatsu keeps spouting dirty words (which got censored) while shaking hands with an idol Choromatsu's a fan of. The idol is clearly traumatized. Needless to say, Choromatsu wasn't pleased.
    Osomatsu: Thank you for taking care of my little brother. Would you have *** with him sometime?
    Choromatsu: Don't say ***!
  • Ichimatsu inexplicably turning into a Cat Boy upon reaching an alleyway. He used a cat to transform himself.
    • Right afterwards, Osomatsu comments how there are things he still doesn't know about his relatives despite living together for 20 years. Then he sees Jyuushimatsu shouting loudly while swimming really fast in the river. Osomatsu quickly reconfirms his previous comment.
  • Karamatsu off in his own little world at the bridge. When he thinks two girls are checking him out and one person taps his shoulder, he makes the most ridiculous face as he greets them and calls them "Karamatsu Girls". It wasn't the girls; it was Oso, who greets him back by scaring him off the bridge.

Episode 3— "Tidbits Collection"

  • The Matsunos in Space segment of episode 3: How do Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu react when Choromatsu dies of asphyxiation?
    • To prevent their own oxygen bars from running out they then decide that holding their breath will do the trick.
  • For the Saw parody in Episode 3, the resident villain Jigusou decides to enact his revenge on one of the Matsuno brothers... for commanding a bird to poop on his Drama Club script ten years ago.
    • He ends up not only getting the wrong people during the whole segment, but by the end of it he decides that he can't afford to care anymore and rips open the next Matsuno he sees, which just so happens to be a vocally protesting Jyuushimatsu. Made all the better by the voice acting.
    Jyuushimatsu: Eh, Jyuushimatsu dake do.note 
    (Jiguzou turns on his chainsaw)
    Jyuushimatsu: Jyuushimatsu dake do!
    (Jiguzou keeps advancing)
    Jyuushimatsu: JYUUSHIMATSU DAKE DO!!
    • When Jigusou captures Iyami, there's no lead up at all. He just straight up stares at him, says "nope", and continues his search for the right Matsuno to terrorize.
    • Jiguzou keeps capturing Ichimatsu whenever he changes his target. By the third time, you can tell Ichimatsu's clearly tired of all this shit.
  • The brothers' sleeping habits during "Please Let Me Sleep in Peace" are ridiculous, but can strike a chord with anyone who's ever had to share a room with siblings.
  • The brothers going "Trick or Treating" at Iyami's house.
  • The Pachinko Police segment. Todomatsu tries to make off with his recent Pachinko earnings when the Police stop by and try to abduct it from him. Turns out it's his brothers, who somehow set up an entire task force for the sole purpose of making each brother share their earnings in Pachinko every time they win, with Todomatsu as the recent victim. Bonus points for having Jyuushimatsu as the literal hound of the operation.
    • Word of God states that had any other brother won at pachinko, none of what occurred in the segment would have happened. Apparently, it's a punishment reserved only for poor Todo.
    • The other brothers have pretty good pachinko outcomes, too. Oso would have bragged about it, Karamatsu would have talked to his money before spending it, Choromatsu would have tried to lie about winning (and failing miserably at that), Jyushimatsu wouldn't have won anything at all, and Ichimatsu would have gotten away with hiding all of the money. Apparently, he should have some large funds hidden from his brothers.
  • The entirety of the Bathhouse Quiz segment. "Now, remember everyone's wieners..."
  • For the On the Next of episode 3, Choromatsu announces that Totoko will be formally introduced in the fourth episode. Words cannot describe how... excited... he was to hear that news.

Episode 4— "Let's Become Independent"/"This is Totoko"

  • Iyami practicing his "Sheeeeh!" pose with Dayoon providing a size changing golden turd for him to react to.
    • He finally gets to use it at the end of the episode when he sees all of the Matsunos fully supporting Totoko's endeavors, despite them being suspicious of Totoko's financial situation and the fact that she exploited their giant crushes on her to sell expensive tickets and merchandise.
  • When Matsuzo and Matsuyo announce that they're going to get a divorce, the brothers are understandably worried. They try to tell their parents that it's because they want to stay a whole family, but they really just want to continue living as the NEETs they are (which just isn't possible if they're all split up).
  • Todomatsu giving up on the interview seems pretty heartwarming, up until Matsuyo tells him that he passed. Turns out that was his plan, and he bounces to her side with a very uncharacteristic break in his voice.
  • Juushimatsu attempts to appeal himself to his mother by listing down his good luck and skill in baseball as his selling points. Matsuyo then asks him if he has strong shoulders, to which he replies that he can throw up to 80 meters. Cut to him testing it out in a baseball stadium, where he only manages to throw the ball up to 78 meters. Sure enough, he gets sent on reserve.
    Juushimatsu: (hoarding dirt from the ground and filling a pouch with it) Damn it!
    Choromatsu: What kind of test is this?! What happens if we have strong shoulders?!
  • Osomatsu throwing a tantrum and admitting straight to his mother's face that he wants to be treated like a little kid again. The other brothers aren't too pleased with this stunt, but Matsuyo found it endearing and gave Osomatsu a pass. Her reasoning? Mothers love when their kids want to be dependent on them.
  • Karamatsu attempts to copy Osomatsu's strategy by straight-up telling his mother that he just wants to mooch off her, which she naturally refuses. Choromatsu points out to him that saying it that way just makes him trash.
    • Ichimatsu who has been passive until then immediately raising his hand when he realize he will be stuck with Karamatsu unless he gets picked.
  • Choromatsu's trump card for Matsuyo— proving to her that he's the most likely to provide her with a grandchild.
    Matsuyo: Which one of you is the horniest?
  • Matsuyo and Matsuzo trying to solve the custody situation is quite heartwarming, until the show reveals them to have only revised their custody plan from interview to sports draft.
  • When Totoko calls in the boys to her house for a special announcement, all of their reactions to seeing each other when they open the door are absolutely priceless. Special mention goes to Todomatsu, who's visibly distraught and crying when he sees his older brothers in the room.
    • You've got to give points to Karamatsu though— dude went into Totoko's room dressed like he was in an old school porno. Extra points for the audible "OHHH YEAHHH" sound effect playing during this scene.
    "Should we call the cops?"
  • Jyushimatsu's guess on Totoko's big confession:
    Totoko: The truth is...I have a confession to make...
    Jyushimatsu: Were you in a porno?
    • You have to remember that this is coming from the mouth of the same person who kept insisting that she brought them all up to her room to play Baseball. The contrast is quite startling.
      • The fact that Jyuushimatsu kept guessing they're playing baseball is quite funny, too.
    Jyuushimatsu: YAKYUU?! note 
  • Choromatsu revealing that he was coerced into being Totoko's manager because she gave him back pats. The lead up to this statement is just as good, as the way Choromatsu was stuttering make his brothers (and the audience) believe that he had sex with her.

Episode 5— "The Karamatsu Incident"/"ESP Kitty"

  • The brothers' payments for the oden. A couple of them leave somewhat normal payments, but the others leave what amounts to pocket lint (Todomatsu), a couple of acorns (Jyushimatsu) and a paw print (Ichimatsu).
  • Jyushimatsu kept mishearing things during Chibita's call, ending up with "Karamatsu is becoming a youkai and getting an enema in the ocean".
  • Ichimatsu's surprisingly good mood after hearing that Karamatsu got kidnapped.
    Ichimatsu: (dancing and wiggling) Oh no. Oh no. Oh no, Oh no.
    Choromatsu: Stop dancing, Ichimatsu. Don't celebrate your brother's disappearance.
  • Osomatsu's first reaction after hearing about Karamatsu's kidnapping? He immediately hangs up the phone in the middle of the explanation and goes back to bed.
    • Jyushimatsu makes a running start for the phone and breaks the front door on his landing.
  • When Chibita captured Karamatsu, the weapon he uses to endanger him was a cannon filled with oden, which actually kept feeding him over the course of the day.
  • Karamatsu wailing that he "got beaten out by pears" as he's being comforted by Chibita.
  • After Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu bring the ESP Kitty home, one of the first things Osomatsu considers is taking the cat to Totoko's house and resolving the Sibling Triangle they're all in with her. They all agree to leave that plot alone.
  • Osomatsu and Todomatsu testing the cat for its Living Lie Detector capabilities by reciting a series of compliments about Choromatsu, only for the cat to reveal that it's just a series of insults.
    Choromatsu: Bullying?! Isn't this bullying?!
  • The Brick Joke at the end of "ESP Kitty", revealing that a very injured Karamatsu was ignored at the park during the brothers' heartfelt conversation with Ichimatsu.

Episode 6— "It's a Birthday Party, Dajo"/"Iyami's Great Discovery"

  • The use of M72 LAWs to commit suicide in Hatabou's office.
    • Ichimatsu using those exact same weapons to blow up Karamatsu after he makes a lame joke.
  • The fact that Hatabou, of all people, became a millionaire by working with the American government as an information broker, despite not doing anything to show it.
  • When the sextuplets get the flags shoved up their asses, you can very clearly hear each brother screaming in pain— all except Jyushimatsu, who is quite notably shouting "Whoo hoo!" as the flag's being inserted, and Ichimatsu and Todomatsu, who make very suggestive moans.
    • If you take a closer look at the flags, one of them is practically a barbed dildo. Considering that Word of God is that Ichi is a Masochist, no guesses as to who got that one.
  • Osomatsu and Iyami betting on race horses. The first horse Iyami bets on goes so fast it transcended space and time itself. Then the second horse he bets on randomly explodes, with Osomatsu saying don't bet on exploding horses. The third horse Iyami bets on (and in which Osomatsu cheers for as well because he feels bad for Iyami) finally wins, but the judges disqualify that horse because it was actually a centaur!
  • Iyami claiming that his "SHEEEH!" pose has been mimicked by everyone from Shigeo Nagashima to The Beatles to Godzilla, and then SHEEEEH!-ing so hard he breaks his back when no one believes him.
  • Iyami discovering that his teeth can never truly run out.

Episode 7— "Todomatsu and the Five Demons" / "Four" / "Going North"

  • After Todomatsu excuses himself from the two barista girls' company, he finally lets loose and whoops and hollers like he's never been shown to do before. As much as he'd like to distance himself from his idiot brothers, he's exactly like them in every way.
  • The face Todomatsu makes while his coworkers at Sutabaa are talking to his brothers is both hilarious and slightly terrifying. It doesn't go unnoticed by Choromatsu, either.
  • The absolute hell Osomatsu and the other brothers give Todomatsu—er, sorry, Totty— after Todo tries as much as possible to get them out of Sutabaa. Needless to say, he kind of brought it upon himself.
    • What makes it even better is that while the other four brothers are clearly doing this out of anger towards Todomatsu, Jyushimatsu doesn't seem to hold any hard feelings towards his younger brother. He's just joining along for the fun of it.
  • During the beginning of the short, Todo begs his brothers to leave so hard that he destroys the pavement by banging his head so much, and his face is almost entirely covered in blood afterwards.
  • The brothers ordering the wrong types of food from the cafe.Anyone who had to work in fast food knows how that feels.
    • Only Karamatsu is able to make a relevant and complete order for coffee, but he's the one who gets hit for it.
  • When Dayoon and (a frozen) Dekapan make their way to a rickety bridge over a cliff, Dayoon starts to have flashbacks about how the pair got so far in the first place. He keeps pondering for a moment, looks at Dekapan... and pushes him off the cliff, letting him shatter into pieces.
  • When the brothers have to split 4 Imagawayaki, Choromatsu reveals that they've been glaring at each other for 36 hours and as the brothers start to tire, Osomatsu screams for them to wake up or the sweets will be eaten... by him.
    • As all the brothers bemoan their predicament, Todomatsu wonders if the one who gave them 4 imagawayaki (and thus put them into this situation) is their mother. Choromatsu snaps that wondering why there are 4 imagawayaki won't change the fact that there are still 4 for them to fight over, and punches him for it.
    • The brothers sans Choromatsu finally decide to give up sharing the Imagawayaki equally decided to take them by force with Osomatsu dressing up as Bruce Lee, Todomatsu going back to being Totty, Karamatsu becoming an old time gangster with a gun, Jyuushimatsu is a luchador and Ichimatsu becomes a cat boy again.
    • They end up resolving the Imagawayaki situation by giving the fourth one to their parents, but they end up fighting again for the cream-filled one.
  • In The Stinger for the episode, Osomatsu complains about the pressure of living up to the genre of "gag anime", and instead proposes that the show's genre is "Anime at One's Own Responsibility". This way, whether the show fails to deliver or not is up to the viewer's opinions alone. Dayoon isn't impressed, and nonchalantly sends Osomatsu down a Trap Door.

Episode 8— "The Calming Osomatsu"/"Totoko's Dream"

  • "The Calming Detective" Osomatsu managing to ease the tense atmosphere in crime scenes with his sheer stupidity.
    • Even the knife that Karamatsu was stabbed with is calmed down by Osomatsu's antics.
  • Near the end of "The Calming Osomatsu", Inspector Choromatsu notes that the atmosphere became so calm and peaceful that it was almost like a murder hadn't happened at all. Cue the cut to the mountain of corpses made by the murderer due to Osomatsu's fooling around.
  • The presumed killer (aka Ichimatsu in a Jason Voorhees-style getup) casually hanging around in every scene completely unnoticed by everyone else, and even chasing after Choromatsu with knife in hand at one point. And then he ends up as one of the victims.
  • In an attempt to console Totoko after the latter was disheartened at her dim prospects of making it big as an idol, Karamatsu sings to her— while wearing the exact same getup he wore when he went to her house in episode 4. Totoko punches him in the gut for his efforts.
    • Later on, when Iyami suggests that Totoko star in a porno instead, she punches Karamatsu in the gut again instead of him.
    Karamatsu: Wh-why me?!
  • Iyami straightmanning for the whole segment was pretty good, too.
  • When the brothers and Totoko aren't able to figure out a way to reinvent Totoko's idol image, she decides to quit being an idol, but promises to make a comeback and get "one or two sizes bigger". In the end, she meant it—she comes back as a giant robot and proceeds to launch torpedoes everywhere.
  • That ridiculous song Karamatsu and Jyuushimatsu sing at the very end of the episode. And then Karamatsu falls off a building a couple of seconds afterwards.
    Jyuushimatsu: NII-SAAAAAAAAAN!

Episode 9— "Chibita and Oden"/"Jyushimatsu Falls in Love"

  • Chibita misinterprets Karamatsu's vague life goals as wanting to run an oden stand like he does. He then proceeds to take Karamatsu on as an (unwilling) apprentice, and proceeds to show just how seriously he takes oden.
    • Karamatsu's unusually calm demeanor and confusion throughout the scene make it even better.
  • Jushimatsu practicing his swings with Ichimatsu tied to the bat. He doesn't even seem to mind,as later segments can confirm.
  • Jyushimatsu's girlfriend is actually prone to Die Laughing...okay, she doesn't die, but still...
  • When the brothers dress Jyushimatsu up in preparation for asking out the girl he likes, some of the outfits they put him in are completely random. One of them is a tribal getup with a grass skirt, mask and spear; Jyushimatsu ends up in this outfit twice, and both times he tries to walk out the door before his brothers stop him (cue this song to those who get the reference).

Episode 10— "Iyami and Chibita's Rental Girlfriend"

  • It turns out that underneath Karamatsu's leather jacket, he wears a tank top with his face on it.
  • You would think that getting payback on the Matsunos would spur Chibita into doing the Rental Girlfriend scam, but he wasn't even interested at that point. No, what got him to do it was Iyami saying that he'd look good in a dress.
  • All of the brothers' reaction to something being thrown through their window. Karamatsu dives into the wall, Ichi transforms into a cat (again), Choromatu tries to hide, Todomatsu hides behind Jyushimatsu, who takes off his jumpsuit and prepares to fight, and Osomatsu doesn't react at all until later.
  • When Iyami/Iyayo nearly blows her cover to Choromatsu by accidentally using Iyami's "zansu" verbal tic, and subsequently covers it up by bringing up Zangief instead. Naturally, this makes the nerdy Choromatsu fall in love with her even more.
  • Choromatsu declaring his love for Iyayo... in public, and wearing only his underwear.
  • Jyushimatsu dive bombing out of the ferris wheel window after he couldn't hold his breath anymore.
  • Apparently, their desire to keep Iyayo and Chibimi as girlfriends got them to muster up enough drive to work for once. They end up gathering up enough money to make a small suitcase filled with the stuff. And all that in a comparatively short amount of time.
    • During the working montage, one scene couldn't quite be shown on screen, but you can clearly make out one of the brothers working a machine gun for whatever reason.
  • At one point during the date with all six sextuplets, Iyami almost gives up the ruse, which he then attempts to cover up by jumping up on the table and dancing frantically. Most of the brothers look on in confused apprehension...except Jyuushimatsu, who is grinning his usual grin and windmilling his arms to dance along.
  • The very end of the episode, where the boys take their sweet time getting all the money back from Iyami and Chibita. Their exaggerated faces everyone makes throughout the whole scene make it even better.
  • The Stinger for the episode reveals that Dayoon also took the "cute girl" drug, and he used it to win the Miss Japan competition. He turns back to normal right in the middle of his acceptance speech, on national television.

Episode 11— "Christmas Osomatsu-san"

  • Ichimatsu scaring the living daylights out of a couple on Christmas in a Santa costume. He was just being awkward, but the mood was nice, up until he spontaneously combusts out of nowhere.
  • The boys becoming so bored and lonely on Christmas that they all turn into Christmas-themed zombies and start trashing the house.
  • They end up doing a gift exchange for each other, but the end result was that they all got each other porn.
    • Their complete lack of enthusiasm during the gift exchange.
    Everyone: Die, die, die, die, die... die.
    • How they react to each others' gifts. Osomatsu getting Jyushimatsu's, says its junk, Todomatsu gets Choromatsu's and says its lame, Jyushimatsu getting Ichimatsu's and wonders if its a bomb, and Ichimatsu gets Karamatsu's, which is sequinned with the english word "Great" written on it, he starts to cry.
      • The best part is that the whole thing is just the Christmas version of getting each other porn to joke about their loneliness on a romantic holiday... only for all of them to give this gift to each other.
  • The Glorious return of the brothers and Totoko's modern forms with each of the boys treating her to something.
    • From Jyushimatsu able to turn off all the lights in the world and turn them some of them in the form of her original design, Totoko was too curious in how he did it to marvel at it.
    • Karamatsu taking off his top and knocking out dozens of people with one punch and then carrying Totoko into a club
    • We then jump scenes to Totoko in a blizzard, her only explanation is King Whatshisname banished her, where Ichimatsu is there and we have both of them naked covered in towels and Ichimatsu hugs her closer, causing a massive nosebleed from Totoko
    • Another jump cut, which was no way explained, has her eating dinner with Osomatsu and he takes her outside and makes it snow and hugs her. This causes Totoko to explode from the pressure of her nosebleed.
    • Finally, she and Todomatsu start flying over the city and are joined by the rest of the brothers that can also fly apparently as they destroy all the love hotels in Japan.
  • The brothers spent Christmas at Chibita's oden stand, they resolve to get a girlfriend by next year(Ichimatsu says his next life instead), when Chibita makes the point that they have no jobs and are broke, they have no chance of getting girlfriends. The brothers brush it off till Hatabou's gigantic ship filled with half naked women and money flowing like water passes them.
    • While Chibita is talking, Jyuushimatsu (who had sampled the super spicy oden) rather nonchalantly turns to the side every so often to silently spit a stream of fire into the air before returning attention to the conversation. This happens at least twice within twenty seconds.
  • Jyushimatsu staying up all night to see Santa, only to reveal it was to capture him.
  • The brothers begging Totoko to date them on Christmas, and Totoko begging them all to leave. As the brothers continue to beg, they get lower to the ground and as Totoko begs them to leave, she also gets lower to the ground. This continues till all 7 of them are laying on the floor wailing. They then give up a date and instead for a photo that looks like they went on a date, Totoko refuses and the cycle starts all over again.
  • In the second "Dayoon's Counseling Room", Karamatsu just asks for a little bit of good treatment in the second cour thanks to all the crap he's been put through in the first. Dayoon responds by opening a trap door and sending him into the incinerator.
    Karamatsu: We've gotten a lot of letters from people who are starting to feel bad for me!

Episode 12— "End of Year Osomatsu-san Special"

  • Totoko and Osomatsu start up a Clip Show on the pretense that they're trying to figure out which of the Matsuno brothers is the worst.
    Miyu Irino: You know, I've been thinking… I'm not sure if he's the worst, but Ichimatsu's definitely the scariest.
    Jun Fukuyama: Wait, wait, wait, wait…
    Daisuke Ono: I agree.
    Irino: Ichimatsu's seriously scary.
    Fukuyama: Really?
    Ono: Darkness. Total darkness.
    Irino: I mean, this script has nominated episodes listed for everyone… Jun-san, could you read the parts Ichimatsu was nominated for?
    Fukuyama: Okay, let's see… "Episode 4: Threatens mother. Episode 7: Tries to defecate on table, then exposes himself. Episode 11: Picks fight with couple."
    Irino: The first two are so intense that the last one seems normal. The first two would actually be crimes.
    • In the end, the results showed that the winner of the contest was all six of the brothers... and Totoko, who wasn't even in the running. Complete with a giant sign above all seven of them saying "YOU ALL SUCK".

Episode 3.5— "Matsu Juice"/"Real Life Matsus"/"Virgin Hero"

  • Todomatsu putting on airs of getting more "weapons" to harass the barbecue goers, but ends up actually joining them.
    Karamatsu: (picking up a rock to throw at Totty) I'm gonna kill him.
    Osomatsu: (Depressed) Thanks.

     Season 1: Second Cour 
Episode 13— "Sanematsu-san"/"Girlymatsu-san"/"Accident?"
  • "Girlymatsu-san" is about Gender Flipped versions of the brothers, but despite being female they still have the same voices.
    • The best part? Though they have jobs and generally better lifestyles, they're still primarily the same nasty people.
  • Osomatsu calling Choro "Fappymatsu" after catching him at an inconvenient time. Even Mom and Dad are seen laughing at the nickname!
    • He does it one step further later on and calls him "Chorofappiski" and "Alexfapper Graham Bell".
    • When the boys talk about where they all hid their porn, we catch a glimpse of the things each brother are into. Jyushi's pile includes a bug encyclopedia.
    • Todomatsu insulting the rest of his brothers by referring to them as stupid (Oso), painful (Kara), Fappymatsu (Choro), Kittymatsu (Ichi), and Jyushimatsu (Jyushi).
  • When Todomatsu tells Ichimatsu to drop the "weird loner" act, Ichi doesn't even deny anything he's saying, but takes Todo's clothes with him out of the bath house.
    • After this, Karamatsu tries to tell the remaining brothers that they can always run to him when they have problems, only for all of them to exit the bath house before he was even finished talking.
  • As Choromatsu and Todomatsu watch Jyushimatsu be, well, Jyushimatsu, they wonder when exactly he started to act that way. Todomatsu then theorizes that he might secretly have the most issues out of the six, freaking out Choromatsu and Jyushimatsu, who heard the whole thing.
  • Osomatsu tries to apologize to Choromatsu by building a standable sign that says "Caution: Fapping in Progress". Choromatsu obviously loses his temper at the sight.
  • Todo calling his brother a Virgin idol Otaku, and the absolute hell Choro fires back at him for that statement, telling him that their sextuplet gimmick is half-assed (they could do better with a Five-Man Band or even seven siblings) and that Totty should have never been born.
    Jyushimatsu: Oh yeah! The "Totty Shouldn't Even Exist" theory!
  • Choromatsu's pettiness in general was great. His fury at Osomatsu the whole episode was something rarely seen on him, and it just adds on to the pile of Not So Above It All that was laid out in the first cour.
    Choromatsu: Oh, I'm sorry. I guess there are some things you shouldn't do, even as brothers.

Episode 14— "We Caught a Cold"/"Todomatsu's Line"/"Choromatsu-sensei"

  • Osomatsu blowing off the chance to take care of his brothers to take their money and play pachinko. He not only loses all the money, but he also gets infected because the other brothers held him in place and got Ichi to kiss the virus into him.
    • They actually kiss twice. Blink and you'll miss it. It happens when they start freaking out after Jyushimatsu starts shrinking and splitting.
  • After getting well, Todomatsu attempts to murder his brothers by scattering gunpowder all over the room and setting it on fire. Afterwards, he tries to justify his actions by saying he's a Neat Freak. It's funnier than it sounds.
  • When Ichi's turn comes up, he appears to take care of the brothers like a regular person would before launching into a sadistic humiliation act that all the brothers (save Jyushimatsu) have to buy into.
  • Karamatsu getting sick again by trying to get his brothers water from the mountains.
  • Jyushimatsu shrinking himself down into a virus sized army of himself to infiltrate his brothers' immune systems and beat the sickness out of them. His brothers are just as flabbergasted as the audience. Oh, and it also has the added side effect of turning them all into clones of Jyushimatsu.
    Matsuyo: "Doctor, one Jyushimatsu is more than enough! *starts crying*"
    Jyushimatsu: "*suddenly appears behind his mother* Yeah, they're really annoying!note "
  • Karamatsu admitting that his foot got run over by a truck. Everyone still ignores him.
  • The brothers finally come to the conclusion that they don't exactly know everything about each other as they leave for the bathhouse. Then they notice Jyushi's still in the house, so Totty goes to fetch him... while he's in the middle of a serious call about his stock falling. He then runs out of the house in his slippers, leaving Osomatsu to comment on how they really don't know everything about each other.
  • Choromatsu playing a Dirty Old Man principal in "Choromatsu-sensei", constantly mistaking school festival events for sexual innuendo. He even has a Freak Out! with awesome music fitting a final battle playing in the background, which ends with his head shooting through the roof. Totty's straightmanning was excellent, too.

Episode 15—"Interview"/"Girlymatsu-san 2"/"The Life of Chibita's Flower"

  • Jyushimatsu's antics in "Interview". He sticks his butt in the interviewer (who's played by Choromatsu)'s face, makes weird faces, and gnaws on the interviewer's head. Though he'll always stop doing these things whenever Choromatsu tells him to, that doesn't mean he won't go back to doing weird things afterwards.
    • The boss (played by Karamatsu) deciding that Jyushimatsu must get the job after hearing about his stunts.
  • Chibita's ultimate oden— nothing. It was within themselves the whole time. Someone's been taking lessons from a certain Matsuno...
  • After witnessing the Flower Fairy interacting with Chibita, Karamatsu starts hunting all over the city for a flower to water. Due to his wording, he gets arrested during his hunt.
    • He actually manages to find a flower to water, but he decides to pour cognac all over it instead and give it his home address. He manages to get not a cute pixie like Chibita's fairy, but a Gonk of a Bastard Girlfriend whom he only narrowly avoids becoming a Henpecked Husband to.
Episode 16—"Matsuno Matsunan"/"The Ichimatsu Incident"

Episode 17— "Jyushimatsu Festival"

  • Ichimatsu's minor Freak Out! when Jyushi starts putting away his characteristics.
    (after seeing him close his mouth and tuck away his Idiot Hair without touching it): I'm... gonna take a dump.
  • Karamatsu's Engrish in one of the skits is off the charts. Bonus points for him pronouncing Jyushimatsu's name like an English word.
  • In Choromatsu's skit, he found Jyushimatsu at Comiket, selling what are supposedly "BL" (actually baseball books). Jyuushi then proceeds to describe various baseball terms in BL terms, like calling catchers "ukes" and switch hitters as "reversibles".
  • The other brothers look into their photo albums to try to find out at what point Jyushimatsu became the way he is today. They eventually pinpoint it at 10th grade, but a slight backtracking revealed that he's been that way ever since he was a baby. Freaked out, they seal away their photo album and decide to go drinking to forget about it.

Episode 18— "Girlymatsu-san 3"/"Iyami's Counterattack"

  • Todoko coming to the wedding in white
    Karako:"Isn't white reserved for the bride"
    Todoko: "What? This isn't white. This is milky beige"
  • The fact that the anime's protagonist for the last few episodes will be decided by a kartrace in the first place.
  • The rules of the race are shown in a Freeze-Frame Bonus which also has far too many inside jokes and odd lines to list here. Here are examples:
    "In regards to Fappymatsuing... You may use up to four tissues each time"
    "No gorillas may enter (doping allowed)"
  • The racers' "cars" are fairly creative, too, like Karamatsu driving around in a bathtub. The most normal car is probably Choromatsu's... which happens to have Totoko's face plastered over it and has the name "Chorofappyski".
  • From the race itself:
    • It seems like the Matsu sextuplets are going to work together like in the olden days to take the first place from Chibita, with everyone (sans Oso) readying crab shells... And then all Oso's brothers throw their shells at him.
    • Chibita admitting to only being in the race to figure out what the hell those whiskers on his face are.
    • Choromatsu recieving support from Ichimatsu and Todomatsu seems very sweet of them, with Totty even going so far to say that he'd do anything to let him win, but when Totoko comes screaming down the track for blood, you see he's the first one to drive behind her to avoid her onslaught.
    • How is Ichimatsu removed from the competition? After taking care of Totoko, the narrator tells him that he will be the protagonist from now on if he wins the race. He throws his car and himself off the cliff to escape that burden.
    • There's something about the gravelly way Dayon and Dekapan sing the second OP.
    • How Iyami defeats several of the other contestants. He tricks Dayon and Dekapan into driving off a cliff using a cardboard cutout of the same love hotel from episode 12, traps Totoko in an "F6 Swamp" that is advertised with a picture of the members of F6 all naked, and then lures the Matsuno parents into a giant bomb decorated with a picture of them enjoying a stable life in old age.
    Matsuzo and Matsuyo: "We want that the most!"
    • Who ends up winning the race? Shounosuke Hijirisawa, of course! And after the credits, rather than the usual "next episode"-preview, we simply get jaunty music and the text "Hijirisawa Shounosuke-san (supposedly)" in the series title's font.

Episode 19— "Shonosuke Hijirisawa-san"/"Period Matsu-san"/"Girlymatsu-san 4"/"Choromatsu Rising"

  • The first episode of Shonousuke's new show has him star alongside 16 other brothers.
    • They barely get into the new episode before it gets cancelled, and for what reason? The team didn't actually know what to do for the skit.
  • "The Sunglassed Wanderer" has Karamatsu as a wandering vagabond who steps in to save Hatabou from some thugs. He makes some impressive-looking sword slashes, but instead of defeating the bad guys, he ends up slicing Hatabou and himself into pieces.
  • "The Scaredy-cat Magistrate Todomatsu". Despite being in the body of an elderly magistrate, Todomatsu has the exact same voice and distinctly "young" speech patterns as usual.
  • "Disc Mansion" isn't too bad, either. In the original myth, Okiku was a servant who was tricked into believing she had lost one out of the family's ten precious delft plates. After her murder, she would rise out of the well she was drowned in and count up to nine before shrieking in agony. The Osomatsu version? "Todogiku" rises up from the well pulling the face from "Todomatsu and the Five Demons"... And keeps counting up to 6,524 porn DVDs before yelling at Choromatsu for supposedly hiding the last one.
  • In the first part of "Choromatsu Rising", Choromatsu brings up the idea of giving out free hugs. During the transition to the next part, Karamatsu, who wasn't even present in the first part, is shown in public, offering- you guessed it- free hugs.
  • The idea of self-awareness as a physical object and how it manifests for each brother. For example, Karamatsu's is a tiny blue ball which he proudly holds in public, demonstrating his complete lack of self-awareness. Choromatsu's, on the other hand, is a giant floating green Eldritch Abomination that grows bigger every time he refuses to talk to a girl, eventually exploding and causing Choromatsu to go insane and lose all his self-awareness.

Episode 20— "Tell Us, Hatabou"/"School Matsu"/"Iyami's School"

  • Early in the episode, Ichimatsu is talking a walk with Jyuushimatsu. Or rather, Ichimatsu is walking Jyuushimatsu. Who's dressed up as a dog again.
  • Karamatsu and Todomatsu are, once again, fishing together. But Karamatsu's outfit is not the same as last time. He has skipped the jacket, exposing the infamous tanktop with his face on it (which appears to be glittering in the sun), wears dangerously short shorts, and those glitzy shoes...
    Karamatsu: *adjusts glasses* "Hm. I feel like I'll freeze to death."
  • "School Matsu" has the protagonists as delinquents. Despite being very good fighters in their childhood, Karamatsu's and Osomatsu's attempts at fighting are not very impressive, to say the least. At one point, Oso gets a stick and Kara a metal pipe out of nowhere... only to use them for a few matches of tic-tac-toe. All while Choro and Todo are scared shitless in the background.
  • There is something very funny, yet very sad, about Iyami giving people lessons in comedy for half the episode only for his performance for a live audience to delve into Epic Fail really quickly.
  • At the end of the episode, the brothers decide to try voice acting instead. Who's waiting for them when they walk in the door? Totoko, in the same delinquent getup that she donned in "School Matsu", who proceeds to beat them to a pulp for not taking voice acting seriously.

Episode 21— "Mahjong"/"Godmatsu"

  • All of the brothers immediately start messing around with the game set after Osomatsu beat them all at Matsuno Style Mahjong.
  • The mahjong game is so serious that it even causes Jyushimatsu to temporarily drop his regular hyperactive shtick.
  • "Godmatsu" has the titular character explain that he was created from all of the shitty actions that the brothers have done throughout the show. The fact that they had enough goodness to start with that they could create one person just with the goodness they have lost means that there's still hope, right? Well, no— the accumulation of their bad side is far larger and stronger than Godmatsu would ever be, and kills him in one hit.
  • The brother's escalating Freak Out! whenever Godmatsu and Totoko interact at the front door.

Episode 22— "Todomatsu's Star of Hope"/"Final Sheeeh"

  • During his mixer audition, Ichimatsu once again shows how he has absolutely No Social Skills by feeling so pressured to make small talk with Todomatsu (who's standing in as a girl) that he opts to try taking a dump on the table instead.
  • Osomatsu literally attempting to rape Todomatsu during his audition, believing it to be completely normal and acceptable behavior.
  • Choromatsu repeatedly stating that he has no interest in the mixer, and Todomatsu repeatedly calling him out by showing him a picture of a cute girl and inciting a Cuteness Overload in him.
  • Todomatsu's hammy speech when he tries to convince the brothers not to drag him down for once. And even after all that, what happens when he goes to the mixer? He's completely ignored and gets nobody.
  • The brothers' solution for making Iyami perform a proper Sheeh Fist? They mess with most of his remaining possessions (his bank statements, his insurance, and the small hope he had of winning over an Anime Chinese Girl). Keep in mind that they're not even doing it out of the kindness of their hearts; they had a whole 320 yen combined riding on his win, and that was what they considered a large bet. They also threaten to burn his house down if he doesn't win... Despite him being established as homeless and that being their fault.
    • There is an epic Brick Joke right at the end of the episode, hailing all the way from Episode 4. Dayon jumps down into the arena, acting all badass (without dropping his Verbal Tic)... And brings out one giant, pink turd for Iyami to react to. Somehow, this is what makes Iyami drop the Final Sheeeh strong enough to completely disintegrate the whole Earth.

Episode 23— "Kerosene"/"Dayoon Tribe"

  • The absurd lengths the brothers go to in order to make each other to refill the kerosene in the heater.

Episode 24— "Totoko's Big Panic"/"Letter"

  • Totoko vents her envy of her friends (and Nyaa Hashimoto) getting married by punching huge frozen fish in the freezer of her parents' fish shop.
  • What do the brothers do when they find out that Totoko is looking to marry an oil magnate? They immediately rush out to a random desert and start digging a giant hole. They don't make it.
  • After Totoko finally finds an Arab Oil Sheikh she can marry, things seem to be going well for her—but when they're about to have sex for the first time, he can't even kiss Totoko because she smells like fish. Totoko responds by Megaton Punching him right out the window.

Episode 25— "This Was Osomatsu-san:

  • Remember how the last episode "Letter" was one of the most tear jerking episode so far? This is the continuation, and the serious mood doesn't even last 10 seconds.
    • Let's look back at the ending to "Letter": Choromatsu finally sends the letter to his brother, and Osomatsu recieves it: it is revealed that the latter is not the one Choro sent, but actually a invitation for the Matsuno family to a selection. The former somehow burst in to flames when Choro tried to put it in the mailbox.
      • ...and as soon as he recieves the info, Osomatsu runs around to spread the news to his scattered brothers(whom he didn't even try to speak with in the last episode), and for some reason all of them aren't wearing pants. This includes Choromatsu in his office.
  • The entirety of the baseball league.
    • The sheer ineptitude of the brothers during the first match: Osomatsu gets drunk and heckles his teammates, Choromatsu gets distracted by the sight of Totoko and Nyaa and later joins Osomatsu in getting drunk and heckling the team, Jyushimatsu scores for the opposing team, Todomatsu takes a break away from the field, Ichimatsu takes a break on the field, and finally Karamatsu throws several meatballs just so that he can pose dramatically while watching the ball fly into the sky.
  • The revelation that Jyushimatsu, a baseball fanatic, has never actually played a single game before. He gets so excited by the prospect of playing his first game that he goes crazy, dons an outlandish baseball-themed superhero/monster costume, and scores for the other team.
  • The final match, where almost everybody who appeared in the anime gets slayed one by one.
  • The sextuplets, driven by the desire to "get to home base" with Totoko, erect, that's right, erect a giant baseball bat.
  • Totoko committing seppuku in the end when the sextuplets fail her.

     Season 2: First Cour 
Episode 1— Osomatsu-san Returns!
  • Iyami and Chibita are discussing the gap between seasons when they suddenly notice that the Matsuno residence has been replaced with an opulent mansion. What's more, there's a crowd of lovestruck young women lining up at their door. To say they're completely lost is an understatement.
    • They then rant to the crowd about how the Matsuno brothers are worthless, pitching ridiculously huge tents at the end of their tirade. Unfortunately, the fangirls' glazed-over eyes show that nothing remains but an inexplicable lust for the Matsunos.
  • The adult Matsunos finally make their appearance, and they've become morbidly obese from their newfound success, with the exception of Ichimatsu, who's become so thin and emaciated-looking that he looks like a zombie. This doesn't stop their adoring public from wanting their attention, so Choromatsu is free to flip all the skirts he likes and Ichimatsu gets thanked for slapping his fans with a robot arm. It's as if this segment is designed to ask "Why the hell do any of you like these assholes?" to the not-insignificant Estrogen Brigade.
    • Special mention goes to Jyushimatsu, who's about as huge as a whale and is even growing a fungus.
  • Totoko and Hatabou peddle poorly-made merchandise of the Matsunos. Somebody points out their crappiness, but Totoko doesn't even give a damn and proudly declares her intention to make a quick buck.
  • Jyushimatsu straight-up eats some poor girl covered in sushi.
  • Todomatsu says uggos aren't welcome in his club.
  • Karamatsu's hilariously awful opera singing.
  • The brothers declare themselves set for life... right before an angry mob barges into their home and does awful, painful things to them. Oso gets stomped on, Kara gets hot wax dripped on him while his thankfully blurred-out dick flops around, Choro and Ichi get stuff shoved up their butts, Jyushi gets roasted like a pig, and Totty gets his face trapped between two old man butts.
    • Needless to say, their kid selves, who were watching all of this through a special television, are not too pleased with how things turn out and start working their butts off to avoid being shitty NEETs.
  • After the timeline splits off, we see the adult Osomatsu has a loving family and a stable job, and he drives off to a reunion with his beloved brothers. Everything starts off normal with Karamatsu... but then ninjas jump out of the bush, right before Karamatsu transforms into a cyborg with an Arm Cannon.
    • The rest of their brothers just get more and more goofy with each appearance. Choromatsu looks like a ridiculous 90s anime pastiche and switched bodies with Totoko, Ichimatsu is a He-Man Expy who's armed with a reed, Jyushimatsu has somehow turned 3D, and Todomatsu is just a guy from real life who's wearing a Totty mask. Somehow, this all happened through hard work and doing things "properly".
  • After Super Robot villain versions of Iyami and Chibita crash the reunion, the brothers get into mechas and properly combine into one huge super robot while a theme song expressing the virtues of doing things properly plays in the background. This includes Osomatsu, the supposedly ordinary salaryman, but excludes Choromatsu, who gets replaced by Totoko in Choro's body.
  • At the end of the fight, the brothers get swarmed by a thankful populace. Of note is that Nyaa-chan is fawning over Choromatsu, but again, he switched bodies with Totoko before the fight, which means Choromatsu can't get Nyaa's attention even when he's doing everything properly.
  • After viewing their happy future through the TV, the kid Matsunos happily declare their futures secure...until another angry mob barges into their house and beats the crap out of them for being full of themselves before burning down their home.
    • Fast-forward ten years later, and the brothers are once again lamenting their shitty situation. Choromatsu complains that nothing has changed, and Osomatsu simply tells him that none of them have a future. Here they go again.

Episode 2— "Congratulations! Employment!!"/"Super Detergent"

  • The start of the episode begins with the brothers assembled into a row while their parents stare angrily at them. Osomatsu completely fails to realize their parents are mad about them not having jobs, which results in Matsuyo whipping out a cleaver and swinging it around. Two square segments of his shirt come off. Then his nipples come off. Then he lactates blood and passes out.
    • The same thing happens to Ichimatsu after he confesses that he stole some food so he could feed some stray cats while also completely ignoring his NEET lifestyle.
    • Jyushimatsu, of all people, successfully figures out why their parents are mad...but then he says he'll get work in five years or so, so he also he gets the nipplectomy.
    • Karamatsu declares that they'll get jobs as soon as possible, but he does it in such a Karamatsu-like (read: irritating) way that he gets his nipples sliced off anyway.
    • The remaining brothers don't get their nipples cut off... because Todomatsu rips his own off after mouthing off to them about how he doesn't want to work a single day in his life, leaving Choromatsu as the only one with his nipples intact for reasons he can't discern.
  • While the brothers hang out at Chibita's oden stand, Osomatsu and Choromatsu have a conversation about how, as the eldest, Osomatsu has failed their parents and pressed the burden on to Choromatsu, which leads to these words of wisdom:
    Osomatsu: Let me tell you that anyone can become a failure, but it takes hard work to become a piece of shit.
    • Choromatsu then slaps him in the face while questioning his bullshit. Osomatsu gets up and says he's against violence while slapping Todomatsu in the face. Jyushimatsu then slaps Karamatsu with an intense expression just because.
  • Choromatsu worries about the sextuplets getting kicked out for real, so Ichimatsu suggests dying. Todomatsu brings up the idea of streaming and getting ad revenue, and all the other brothers agree, except for Ichimatsu, who still wants to die. Meanwhile, Chibita looks at his dishes with an expression that suggests he's seriously considering Ichimatsu's proposed course of action.
  • The stream is a complete embarrassment. Osomatsu and Choromatsu force feed each other oden with mustard and breathe fire into the air, Jyushimatsu turns himself into "Odenman", Karamatsu fills his belly with beer and squirts it out of his nipple-holes at "Odenman", and Ichimatsu gets naked for no good reason. After the other brothers (except Choromatsu) follow Ichi's lead, Todomatsu says he's looking for a girlfriend to the stream and claims he has no idea who these people are. The scene ends with Chibita once again looking like a man yearning for death.
  • The brothers all wake up naked. After they find out Todomatsu's account has been deleted, Osomatsu announces that the world hasn't seen the last of them yet. The show then cuts to them fully clothed with serious expressions on their faces (Jyushimatsu even stops smiling) as they walk into the unemployment office... to collect unemployment checks. Because they technically lost their jobs. The poor clerk who has to deal with them tells them to fuck off repeatedly, which leads to a big brawl in the bank, which Chibita records to an impressively large audience.
  • While daydreaming about the high-class party he's going to, Iyami gets hit in the face with a dodgeball that somehow changes direction mid-bounce. The kids who threw it ask for their ball back, but Iyami kicks it into the stratosphere and gives them a lecture when they call him out. In response, one of the kids flings poo onto his suit.
  • While looking for a solution to Iyami's ruined suit, Dekapan rummages around in his pants and pulls out... a bottle of brown liquid that smells really bad. Don't worry, it's just really powerful detergent.
  • The tag on Iyami's jacket reads "SHEEEE".
  • After the brothers crash the party, Iyami leaves the super detergent unattended while he goes to the bathroom. Karamatsu spots it and mistakes it for an adult beverage, which the brothers eagerly partake of. After getting out, Iyami freaks out about the missing detergent while his clothes melt away... and then the kid from earlier shows up and flings a turd into his face.
  • To the brothers' horror, they turn completely invisible... except for their organs. Todomatsu questions why they didn't turn completely invisible, so they could peep on Totoko bathing only for the invisibility to wear off just in time for her to catch them.
  • The other brothers notice that Osomatsu's organs are complete rubbish. Choromatsu proudly points out that his organs are in impeccable condition. Karamatsu... has a disco ball for a heart somehow, but that's still better than Ichimatsu, whose heart is terribly fragile, and Todomatsu, who literally has no heart at all. As for Jyushimatsu, his organs can somehow make funny faces, because of course they can.
  • The brothers get the bright idea to cover their exposed organs up with paint. Jyushimatsu gets painted first, and he looks like a complete doofus with zero resemblance to the brothers, the rest of whom insist he always looked like that.
    • Next up is Ichimatsu, who ends up looking like a miserable baby. The other brothers again insist he always looked like that.
    • Karamatsu is next, and Todomatsu ends up painting a pair of sunglasses for his face. Not over a mouth and nose, just a pair of sunglasses. He still gets off better than Choromatsu, who got painted by Osomatsu completely white except for the word FAPPY written on his face for all to see.
    • Totty paints himself and gives himself the most kawaii face he can conceive of. It's absolutely disgusting. His brothers think so, too.
    • Last comes Osomatsu. Unfortunately, his brothers can't remember what he looked like, so they end up making him look like a stupid, pervy piece of shit. That is to say, exactly like himself. They didn't even intend on that, but Osomatsu still gets pissed and picks a fight with them anyway.
      • Gets even funnier when you connect it to the brothers being identical.
  • Matsuyo opens the door to stop them from making a ruckus and finds... nothing out of ordinary. Not even the big FAPPY on Choromatsu's head. Not even the suspiciously tight outline of their crotches. Matsuzo doesn't find anything weird, either. Neither does Totoko. Neither does Hatabou. Neither does Dayon. Not even Iyami can pick out anything wrong with them, and even accurately notes which brother is which when he couldn't even tell Osomatsu from Todomatsu earlier that day. The episode ends with the brothers getting flung over the Despair Event Horizon and collapsing together into a pile of sobbing wrecks as their paint melts.

Episode 3— "Choromatsu and Ichimatsu"/"Totoko's Challenge"

  • Choromatsu and Ichimatsu's increasingly awkward and tense attempts to find common ground, which ends with them sobbing with relief when their brothers return.

Episode 4— "Matsuzo and Matsuyo"

  • Matsuzo seems to be out of it and the sextuplets are all freaked out by his behavior. Todomatsu fearfully speculates that his current state might even lead him to force the brothers to...get jobs.
  • After a bit of prodding from Choromatsu, Matsuzo finally opens up and whines like a spoiled child about Matsuyo not showing him as much affection as he'd like. His sons are less than thrilled to find out what was making their old man zone out so badly.
    • Todomatsu nevertheless says they have to get their mother to be lovey-dovey to their father again so he can get back to full working condition, or else they'll have no choice but to die. Complete with the other brothers turning into skeletons and then dust.
    • After Todomatsu swears they'll help Matsuzo regain Matsuyo's love, Matsuzo declines their help because they're virgins who've never had girlfriends. Ichi and Choro insist that they're knowledgable, but Matsuzo just calls them out for learning everything from dramas, light novels, and porn. The segment ends with Matsuzo having a big old belly laugh at his sons while they seethe with rage.
  • After a conversation at the bathhouse, the sextuplets come to the conclusion that Matsuzo needs to act like he was when he was younger, and by "like he was when he was younger", they mean "like a virgin". This is the prelude to an incredibly embarrassing ordeal for Matsuzo.
    • The first lesson is about conjugating words. In practice, this means the students (except for Matsuzo) scream about boobs, panties, and wanting a kiss.
    • The second lesson is about buying girlie magazines. Matsuzo just runs the thing by the lady cashier without even trying to hide it, which leads to him getting beaten up and chewed out by his sons, who proceed to lecture him about how to desperately make it look like he's not buying a girlie mag.
      • Naturally, Choromatsu, or should we say, Fappymatsu, has the most "sound" advice out of the six and stretches his arm like Monkey D. Luffy to quickly grab the magazine Matsuzo bought and hide it under his shirt.
    • The brothers tell Matsuzo to pick between two swimsuit model magazines or a graduation album. He picks one of the swimsuit model magazines. The brothers then abuse him for not being pathetic enough to pick the graduation album.
    • The last conjugation lesson is about tattoos, where the students mumble to themselves about the tats being scary and too bold.
    • Matsuzo is then told to pick between two more softcore magazines. He gets beaten up for not picking both and not being greedy.
  • After all that, Matsuzo complains to Todomatsu and Chibita from off-screen that he still can't figure out how to get Matsuyo to shower him with affection again. Then it turns out he's dressed like an Elvis impersonator.
    • Next, he's got a parachute and a fan on his back, and the brothers stare at it while Matsuzo rambles on about his life with the sextuplets.
    • Matsuzo finally gives up on trying to regain Matsuyo's love, but Chibita, whom Matsuzo gave actual money to instead of putting it on the tab, tells Matsuzo with tears in his eyes that Dekapan might have a love potion he can borrow. Osomatsu tells Chibita his dad would never use such a thing on his mom...until he's interrupted by Matsuzo yelling happily about the love potion and storming off to Dekapan's lab.
  • After finding out one of the ingredients is a rare flower that only grows in one place in the world, Matsuzo goes on a perilous journey to find said flower. As he scales a cliff, he can feel himself losing his grip, until Karamatsu saves him from falling. Unfortunately, he ruins the moment by dramatically taking off his sunglasses with the hand he was using to hold onto Matsuzo.
    • Jyushimatsu and Osomatsu show up to save Matsuzo and Karamatsu from a rolling boulder. They end up getting rolled up by the boulder while it still threatens to run over Matsuzo and Kara.
    • As the three brothers and father stand in the middle of a pool of poison, Choromatsu and Ichimatsu float by in a hot air balloon...while having an awkward conversation about what they should do.
    • The brothers and Matsuzo end up trapped in a cage and surrounded by a hostile tribe. Todomatsu is the only one who can save them, but a few menacing glares get him to stiffly walk off without even trying.
    • After a long string of ordeals where the brothers protected their father from various hazards, the Matsunos try to form a bridge over a cliff with their bodies, only to find too late that they're one man too short. Matsuzo is next seen dragging six coffins through a desert wasteland.
    • In general, the Matsunos putting themselves through life-threatening situations for their father seems like a rare moment of decency for them... until you remember that they (with the possible exception of Choromatsu) originally wanted to help their dad because they didn't want to stop being worthless layabouts. It's hard work being a NEET.
  • After contemplating his relationship with Matsuyo and his sons, Matsuzo changes his mind and throws the love potion into the distance. He and Matsuyo then have a heartfelt conversation about their time together. Then it turns out Dekapan must have made some incredibly powerful stuff, because the city gets thrown into complete chaos. Dekapan and Dayon chase around entire mobs of people naked, Chibita and Hatabou make a mess of the oden stand, Iyami tries to schtup a bunch of cats and dogs, and the Matsuno brothers attempt to run a train on Totoko only to get punched so hard that they end up in the trees near their parents with their asses out. The episode ends with Matsuyo wondering if she and Matsuzo will ever really be alone one day.

Episode 5— "Osomatsu-san in the Summer"

  • The episode's Cold Open features a girl trying to confess her love to a boy. The Matsuno brothers, who are cicadas in this skit, naturally don't want anyone to have better luck in romance than them, so they buzz so loudly that the girl becomes frustrated and storms off without the boy hearing her confession.
  • The brothers conspire to interrupt Todomatsu having time together with Sachi and Aida and proceed to do so three times in a row, even managing to get rid of him when they're on a secluded island.

Episode 6— "Iyami Has Arrived" / "I Want Some Friends, Jo"

  • After the brothers get fed up with Iyami being a lazy, gluttonous good-for-nothing, Choromatsu grabs him from behind and tells the others to kill him. Karamatsu insults Iyami by saying the world won't be kind to him, and his words become a deadly weapon... but the weapon is a boomerang and circles back before impaling Karamatsu through the chest. The other brothers try varying insults that just expose just how much they have in common with Iyami before accidentally creating an elaborate war machine that flings an axe into each of the brothers' heads (even Choromatsu's). And they make the most ridiculous expressions each time they hurt themselves.
    • Special mention goes to Todomatsu's face after his boomerang hits him, which should look really familiar to anyone who watched "Todomatsu and the Five Demons".
    • After the brothers faint from the war machine, Iyami steals their stuff before leaving. He starts gloating how he won because he was good and evil should be destroyed. His words also become a boomerang... the size of a space colony. He tries to run before it quickly catches up and obliterates him and a whole entire area of Japan.

Episode 7— "Sangokumatsu" / "Osomatsu and Todomatsu"

  • Osomatsu finally loses his composure and reveals every dirty little thought he's had to the ladies at the mixer, and we do mean dirty here. Kumi and Miwa are understandably pissed and Todomatsu seems like he's going to die from embarrassment (complete with trippy visuals)...but then there's a cut to Osomatsu and the girls just shooting the breeze with each other and just having a good time.
    • Todomatsu is so confused and left out that he just decides to leave. The other three barely notice his presence. He once again starts talking to himself on the way home, he's so disappointed.
    • The next morning, Osomatsu just happens to run into Kumi and Miwa and asks them if they'd like to hang out again sometime. Turns out they just played along with him so the mood wouldn't sour and bluntly tell him they're not interested at all. Cue Osomatsu tripping out and dropping onto his face.

Episode 8— "Synthesis" / "Jyushimatsu and Dolphins" / "Totoko and Nyaa"

  • Dayon using Dekapan's fusion machine throughout "Synthesis". While the first two combinations, between Dekapan and a fly and Osomatsu and Iyami, more or less result in actual fusions of the two characters' physical characteristics, all of the following combinations become increasingly monstrous and incomprehensible. The icing on the cake is that every character gives Dayon the exact same look of betrayal right as they're being combined.
  • The focus of "Jyushimatsu and Dolphins" is about how Jyushimatsu watches a dolphin show and is inspired to become a dolphin. Not a dolphin trainer, a dolphin.
  • The Girlymatsu-sans make a crossover appearance as dolphin trainers and they attempted to talk Jyushimatsu out of training himself to become a dolphin
  • The country girl trains Jyushimatsu as if he is a dolphin.

Episode 9— "Campaign Starting Now!" / "Arcade Iyami" / "Totoko and Nyaa 2"

  • Ichimatsu in the first skit:
    • He keeps disturbed from sleep by Osomatsu, Choromatsu and Todomatsu.
    • He uses full Karamatsu-style English to put the latter to sleep.
      No problem, brother! Good night, bye-bye forever!
    • The cat-scream when he swears to be more considerate.
    • He keeps monitoring his brother for inconsiderate acts.
      • Osomatsu being the only one getting caught consistently, who goes as far as breaking Totty's phone and trying to pawn other brothers' belongings to cover the repairing cost.
  • Iyami declaring one should not be controlled by the games... only to be revealed that he's hallucinating the whole time.
  • Totoko spilling hot soup at Nyaa because she endlessly takes selfies and shares them.

Episode 10— "Karamatsu and Brother" / "New Employee Totoko" / "Dubbing-matsu-san"

  • Choromatsu impersonating Osomatsu, Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu.
    • The rest of the Sextuplets harassing Choromatsu after knowing that Karamatsu doesn't like being asked to run errands, and Karamatsu refusing to help him.
  • Totoko committing various inconsiderate acts in the office.
    • The Girlymatsu-sans finishing work swiftly and berating Totoko (who has already quitted), only to be shouted down by Manager Todomatsu because they are ugly.
  • The Sextuplets stripping off, doing weird things and ad-libbing when dubbing. Might as well as to wonder if their actual voice actors do it as well...
  • "Since the sextuplets that appear in the anime are all virgins, the six that actually voiced them have also been castrated." That's quite a sick burn there for both two groups.

Episode 11— "Chibita's Revenge"

  • After finding out the brothers are wasting their money on gambling instead of paying off their tab, Chibita gets absolutely pissed and starts chewing on Choromatsu's head. The rest of the brothers try to peel Chibita off...except for Todomatsu, who just stands around and cheers them on while waving teeny little flags around.
    • When the brothers finally get Chibita off of Choromatsu, Jyushimatsu accidentally pulls out his one hair. Chibita reacts by kneeling by the riverside and crying over the single strand like it's his dead little sister. Some guys just take poorly to going bald.
  • When the brothers wake up later, Ichimatsu is nowhere to be found. They eventually find him unconscious and waist-deep in the wall, with a big lump on his freshly shaved head. As the brothers discuss what's going on, Ichimatsu barfs up a bunch of perfectly intact meat products.
  • Later, the brothers sit around Ichimatsu, facing away from him in case Chibita tries to sneak up on them. Naturally, this proves to be a problem when one of them has to go to the bathroom. Eventually, Osomatsu goes first, and after several minutes of tension, Osomatsu finally comes across...Choromatsu, who asks him what the hell he's doing. Osomatsu freaks out on instinct. Same goes for when Todomatsu puts a hand on his shoulder and he runs into Ichimatsu's comatose body, which is being propped up by Jyushimatsu for a prank.
    • Of course, poor Karamatsu got left behind, so the next time the remaining brothers see him, he's hanging by his ankles with a bunch of oden stakes stuck in his ears.
  • After a failed escape attempt by Totty, Oso, Choro, and Jyushi run to Iyami's place and beg him to let them in and keep them safe from Chibita. Iyami accepts, and the brothers are relieved...until they realize they just asked their Sitcom Archnemesis to protect them from their other Sitcom Archnemesis. Cue Iyami taking a bribe from Chibita and letting him into his house.
  • After Chibita attacks them inside the house, he shows that he's still carrying the pulled-out hair. On his back. Framed like a picture at a funeral.
  • Chibita headbutts Osomatsu unconscious and chases around Jyushimatsu and Choromatsu all over the place. Jyushi and Choro literally throw everything they've got at Chibita to no avail. Hell, they fire a four-barreled rocket launcher at him and he still doesn't go down! Chibita wasn't kidding when he said he's got a really thick head!
  • Chibita's rampage ends at the top of Hotel New York against Jyushimatsu, who pulls out his bat in a last-ditch attempt to fend off Chibita. Alas, it is to no avail and he ends up naked and humiliated in an instant. What did Chibita do, exactly? The slow-motion replay shows that Hatabou, Dekapan, and Dayon came out of nowhere and stripped Jyushi of his clothes, leaving Chibita free to slam him in the crotch. Chibita then paid them off and assumed his victory pose, all within a second.
  • As a final humiliation, Chibita strips the Matsunos of their clothes, sticks mustard in their orifices, and hangs them from the roof of their home. When Matsuyo and Matsuzo come back from their trip, they aren't even fazed by seeing their sons hanging naked from the roof and automatically assume they did something to deserve this.
    • And as a final, final humiliation, Chibita is about to pummel some other poor schmuck who pointed out his baldness... until he finds out it's Totoko, who surprisingly likes his new look. Chibita then tries to play it off like it was his idea, while the brothers still hang from their roof naked, who were responsible (specifically, Jyushimatsu) for tugging his remaining hair. Smooth Chibita...

Episode 12— "The Eitarou Family"/"Give Them Back"

  • At the end of "The Eitarou Family", Eitarou takes Jyushimatsu's advice on how to make friends and manages to succeed with outstanding results. Jyushimatsu is very proud of his student, until Eitarou reveals that he also got a girlfriend. Jyushimatsu literally expels the poor boy and his girlfriend miles into the air, in plain sight of his long-suffering mother.
    • And to make matters worse, Eitarou's mom is so awestruck by this display of strength that she begs Jyushimatsu to teach her too.

Episode 13— "End of the Year"

  • In "Playing in the Snow 2", Karamatsu builds an ostentatious snow statue of himself. While admiring his work, Karamatsu hears a car horn and finds Ichimatsu driving a truck. Karamatsu's hard work gets destroyed, probably along with some of his bones.
    • Made even more hilarious (and jarring) that Ichimatsu's eyes are damn open.
  • Even at the first "Playing in the Snow". As much as Chibita mocks Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu for playing with snow and calling them kids, the moment the two Matsunos created a large statue of Totoko, even Chibita relents and joins with the Matsunos' fawning over their masterpiece.
  • "Kasa Jizou Statues" has the brothers as Jizou statues... except for Todomatsu. Viewers might notice Todomatsu's absence throughout the episode, and heck even the opening sequence at its last few seconds have him out (specifically at the part where the director's name and the studio's logo are shown). Why the lack of Totty, you may ask? The last skit shows that he was kicked out of the family for not being enough of a loser. At the start of the skit, he's an unshaven hobo living in a crappy shack under a bridge and eating overcooked fish on a stick.
    • The segment plays out much like a documentary about a promising sports star who fell from grace, with Totty being a talented rookie who made it to the big leagues. Of course, these big leagues are for the sport of being a terrible person, and Totty showed promise by being a backstabbing, sharp-tongued little bastard.
    • What got Totty disqualified as one of the sextuplets despite fulfilling its requirements? Talking to girls confidently and easily. For this offense, he was swiftly let go and got kicked out of the house by his own mother.
    • Of course, the sextuplets can't be sextuplets without a sixth brother, so naturally, they get a new one: Michaelmatsu, a tall, jacked mofo who casually hits Osomatsu so hard he goes flying into a wall and whose dick reaches down between his knees. Flaccid. Somehow, this guy is more of a loser than Totty.
      • And to make matters worse, the brothers hurl abuse at Totty for possibly getting laid and going out to parties, ignoring the completely ripped stud they took on as their new brother.
    • The Anime Character Tryouts have the hopefuls playing baseball for whatever reason. After suddenly getting kicked out, living a hard life, and being verbally torn to shreds by his former brothers when he just asked a question about his release, Todomatsu doesn't have the strength to participate...until his final turn at bat, where he gives a blood-curdling screech, makes the Tottyface to end all Tottyfaces, hurls his bat into the pitcher's face, dropkicks the umpire, starts a riot in the stadium, and crawls over the fence to beat the everliving hell out of his bros. The tryouts end with Karamatsu explaining Todomatsu's temper to Michaelmatsu, not caring to look at Totty, who's standing right in front of him and carrying a torn-out chair.
    • After the ending credits roll, the Matsunos find out that Michaelmatsu went back to Florida because he couldn't stomach Japanese food and got a mission from God, so Totty's coming back. The brothers seem willing to make amends with Todomatsu, and everybody has a good laugh...until Todomatsu comes in and shows everybody his two guns, his wig popping off to reveal he got a pink mohawk. More attempts at fratricide ensue. And even their parents didn't seem to be fazed that their youngest son is going to kill his own brothers.

     Season 2: Second Cour 
Episode 14: Choromatsu Incident
  • Choromatsu dyes his hair brown. Period.
    • Ichimatsu lying that he looks nice.
    • Choro himself lying that Karamatsu is right in blaming his younger brothers for setting him up, and acts eccentrically. Good thing that he comes to his senses once the two older brothers leave the scene. He still gets the crap kicked out of him though.

Episode 15: Jar, Karamatsu Taxi, Todomatsu Quiz

  • Everyone spends a whole day opening the jar which contains the seaweed paste (parody of Gohandesuyo, a seaweed paste made for toast) intended for breakfast.
    • Karamatsu trying to save face when he’s unable to open the jar, then becoming a running gag when Jyushimatsu and their mom AGREE with him
  • Matsuyo (the mother) throwing the jar out of the window after even she fails to open it.
  • Totty asking questions that don't have a right answer.
    • The seventh question involves an option about someone you know having dyed his hair brown, and the brothers (minus Choromatsu) correctly deducing it as the "more awkward" moment. It's the only question that most of them got it right.

Episode 16: Space Pirates, Gourmet, The Cutie Next Door

  • Matsuzo (father) denounces Chibita's oden and sets on a quest to make the best oden, only to be ignored by everybody.
  • The sextuplets freaking out because one of Kin-chan’s bras flew over their house (Complete with nose bleed courtesy of Ichimatsu). They freakout long enough one would think the skit is going to be about that, until Kin-chan goes to pick up her bra. Cue they getting to know each other all thanks to all her flying bras.

Episode 17: Punishment, Inn

  • Jyushimatsu and Ichimatsu decide that rain is unlucky enough to please the balance and they stop punishing themselves so they would keep their karma, until they spot two ladies wet enough to see the bras through their shirt. They consider that to be lucky enough they decide the only way to keep their karma is jumping from a building and getting struck by lighting.
    • Ichimatsu being allergic to anything positive is quite hilarious (and Tear Jerker, if one would look closely).
  • After noticing there’s still time left in the episode, Choromatsu decides he’s going to masturbate. He gets interrupted by Kara and Jyushi who decide to do a Delivery Skit and stay motionless during the whole skit, with his pants still halfway down.

Episode 19— "President Dekapan / Ventriloquism / Valentine's Day"

  • The Matsuno Brothers, furious of not getting chocolates in Valentine's Day decided to become Namahages and hunt chocolates in the city till the point of swimming to a different country and try attacking cacao beans. Being salty over not getting sweets has never been so hilarious.

Episode 20— "Tidbits Collection 2"

  • Karamatsu (Karapino)'s skit is a parody of Pinocchio, but instead of his nose elongating, he has a massive Raging Stiffie when he gets overexcited.

Episode 25— "Osomatsu-san in Hell"

  • Fans bat an eye at Nyaa-chan's words at the recently deceased sextuplets. As a Tumblr user bluntly states:
    Tumblr User: Nyaa-chan, there's a difference between "much" and "not even once". And you, ma'am, are the latter.note 
  • Dekapan still wears his signature pinstripe shorts (albeit in black) and Chibita calls him out for it.
  • Totoko being tongue-tied during the eulogy as she tries to remember the good memories she had with the sextuplets. The rest are also hanging their heads in confusion and wonder that even the Buddhist monk has enough of them.
  • And even in death, the sextuplets don't seem to get the respect they deserve, seeing that Dekapan, Dayon and Totoko carry each of the sextuplets' respective coffins carelessly. Heck even Osomatsu's coffin roll down the streets while Matsuzo, Matsuyo and already exasperated Chibita (who reacts negatively at such sacrilege) trying to catch at the rolling coffin.
  • The ruler of hell, King Enma, is no other than Hijirisawa Shonosuke.
  • Each of the sextuplets, back at its top shape, are trying to convince King Enma of why they should go in Heaven.
  • The sextuplets' time in Hell is Black Comedy at its finest.
  • Turns out that the F6 are in Hell as well and thus explains their absence throughout the latest season.
  • And before we forgot, what is Osomatsu's trying to say before Iyami's plane crashed and killed everyone? "Weren't we all virgins?"
    • Fortunately, this also gain them an Heroic Second Wind and the sextuplets (alongside Chibita and co. from the land of living) to call Akatsuka-sensei for help.
  • And turns out that Akatsuka-sensei is a Trolling Creator as well. The sextuplets' reaction screams Rage Against the Heavens:
    Jyushimatsu: What are you laughing at?!
    Ichimatsu: Get a grip, Fujio!
    Karamatsu: Save us, Fujio!
    Choromatsu: Your bastard creator!
  • Sure Iyami tries to save his own ass once more, trying to ruin the sextuplets' chances to escape and the rope's being cut down. What happened to finally bring the sextuplets and Iyami back to the living? The robot uses the Final Propershitter to send the seven towards the living world above.
  • The sextuplets made it out alive! Happy ending, right? But their appearances are decaying and deformed.
    • And how about Iyami? For starters, no one bothered to give him a proper burial like the sextuplets and now he returned back to life... as a skeleton.

  • "Six Same Faces (~Tonight will be Great!~)", the ED single for season 1. It's basically a seven part chronicle of the Matsunos on a blind date with a group of sextuplet girls, with Iyami sometimes chiming in. Some of the things that they say on this date, however, are absolutely ridiculous:
    • In Karamatsu's version, he ends up talking about himself a lot, and asks the girl if meeting himself was a miracle.
    • At some point during Choromatsu's version, he and the girl try to talk about life plans, but quickly brush that aside.
    • In Todomatsu's version, he offhandedly mentions that he managed to snag all six of the girls' phone numbers.
    • In the "All Matsus" version, all of the brothers reconvene with the girls so they can decide which one they want to spend time with. They put on airs of being fine with any of them, until they all end up saying that they chose the sextuplet second to the left. Then they all start arguing and beating the crap out of each other. Todomatsu takes the opportunity to try and lead all of the girls away, to which they respond...
    All (save Todomatsu): We're not leaving it like that!
  • "Six Shame Faces", the second ED that features the Matsunos asking Totoko on a date, has just as many gems:
    • Ichimatsu's has him offer to give the girl cat food.
    • The F Side of the song has Totoko wooed by the F6 versions of the Matsunos. Of course, in stark contrast to her disdain when the regular Matsunos ask her out, she reacts to their cheesy lines with a resounding "YES! YES!"
    • In the "All Matsus" combined version, the F6 brothers ask her to pick her favorite Matsuno, which she gushes over, of course. The kicker? It was just the regular brothers, who had transformed to woo her.
  • The magazine questions the brothers get are amazing. When asked if they'd put something in a chocolate for a game of Chocolate Roulette, Todomatsu's response is to vocally protest it, but then secretly add that he'd add in poison.
  • This utter gem depicting what the brothers' job forms are.
  • In Japan, you could actually call the Matsuno household and speak with one of the brothers. One of these calls involved getting all the boys on the phone, just to fight about which of them is the bigger idiot.

     The Manga 
  • When Todomatsu sees the robber in the house, he first mistakes him for a regular guest and tries to be hospitable , but then takes a look at him:
    "On second thought, I don't think there's anyone here worth hospitality."
  • The Valentine's Day special had the brothers go dumpster diving for chocolate after Totoko denied them.
    • Choromatsu tries to do damage control after Osomatsu calls a couple of Gonkish looking girls ugly in a fit of rage. His comments... don't really help matters.
    He's not usually like this. Being called ugly today must hurt your feelings more than it usually does...
    • Instead of offering chocolate, Totoko offers the boys one of her idol debut CDs, which Osomatsu breaks over his knees.
    • Totoko tries to dismiss the situation by telling the boys that she shouldn't give herself away as an idol. Suddenly, Jyushimatsu cuts to the heart of the matter and asks if she doesn't have any particular person she wants to give the chocolate to. A Megaton Punch to Karamatsu confirms he hit the nail right on the head.
    • Totoko's Establishing Character Moment. She's in her room, casually editing a photo of herself to put on her idol blog to make herself look cuter to other people. When the brothers come over, they're not even phased by it, showing that she's been doing this for a pretty long time. If you want to know how pathetic she is, this is the scene where you figure it out.
  • Osomatsu and the others putting on a sports anime inspired performance in order to avoid going job hunting. And then it turns out that it wasn't even sports they were doing: it was berry picking, and the main character of the work had pulled his arm twisting a strawberry, of all things, the wrong way.
  • During the Mother's Day special, Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu go out of the house for a bit, and the next time the other brothers see them, Ichimatsu has peed all over himself. What happened, you ask? In a separate chapter, they show that the pair got abducted by aliens because they were going to be used as their Mother's Day present, and ended up saving the world by cloning multiple versions of Jyushimatsu to thwart them.
  • Karamatsu and Todomatsu have a fashion contest to see which one has the better style. In the end, Karamatsu lends Todomatsu a perfectly normal shirt to wear while he's out, making the latter sextuplet happy... until he finds out too late that it glows in the dark, with Karamatsu's face proudly adorning the shirt.


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