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  • Actor Allusion:
    • During "Jyuushimatsu Falls in Love", one of the outfits the brothers make Jyushi wear includes the Stone Mask as a face piece. Daisuke Ono played Part 3 main character Jotaro Kujo in that series.
    • Jyushimatsu gets another one in a piece of Butler-themed merchandise. His pose, teapot and all, matched the pose Sebastian Machiellis made on the cover of one of the volumes.
    • In "The Perfect Christmas", Karamatsu takes off his shirt before blasting off everyone in front of him just to make way for Totoko. Yuuichi Nakamura plays similarly topless Gray Fullbuster in Fairy Tail.
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    • In "Dubbing-Matsu-san", Todomatsu scrubs his butt with scallops and then exasperatedly asks if this is what he studied abroad for. Miyu Irino did actually go on hiatus to study abroad earlier during the year that episode aired.
  • All-Star Cast: One of the main reasons that the anime became a Sleeper Hit is when you consider that it gathers together big names in the voice acting industry, like the sextuplets being voiced by Takahiro Sakurai, Yuuichi Nakamura, Hiroshi Kamiya, Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono, and Miyu Irino.
  • Anime First: The show came out before its manga did, which was released in January of 2016 in the josei YOU magazine.
  • Artist Disillusionment: Reiji Yamanda speculated that the change of tone in the second season was intentional in order to push away that Fujoshi fanbase that the show had built up. Whether or not they succeeded too well is up for debate among viewers.
  • Bonus Episode:
    • Thanks to the episode order being switched around due to the controversy over the first and third episodes, the unaired shorts "Matsu Juice" and "Virgin Hero" were packaged together as "Episode 3.5" for the DVD release. In all DVD releases however, one bonus short is added to the lineup.
    • Season 2 has a whole bonus season: dMatsu-san, a series of online shorts running on the dTV app in Japan, collects a few bonus stories.
  • Casting Gag:
  • Colbert Bump: Ever since this anime gained popularity, fans have been flooding to watch the prequel series, Osomatsu-kun.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Chibita (by tradition) is still voiced by a woman, in this case, by Sachi Kokuryu (Weed in Ginga Densetsu Weed and Reiji in Gundam Build Fighters).
    • Hatabou is also voiced by a woman, Momoko Saito.
    • The Girlymatsus are voiced by the same voice actors as their male counterparts.
    • Mick Wingert voices the Matsuno matriach, Matsuyo.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Fans of a certain brother collectively call themselves "[X]matsu Girls/Boys" thanks to a particularly hammy line from Karamatsunote  during "The Melancholy of Osomatsu".
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Matsus" for the sextuplets as a whole. On the same vein, most fans will call each brother by their "prefix" (Osomatsu is "Oso", Karamatsu is "Kara", and so it goes), though this is more for the sake of objectivity than actual nicknames. They're also called "Muppets" thanks to their wide mouths.
    • "MATSURISH"note  for the cast's F6 look during episode 1. The song they sing during this is similarly nicknamed "MATSU 1000%".
    • "Glorious Shift Leader" for Ichimatsu during his brief managing stint at Black Factory.
    • "14matsu"note  or "Tenshi" for Jyushimatsu. He's also sometimes called "Numbersmatsu", "Juicymatsu" or just plain "Juicy"/"Juice" in the English-speaking fandom.
    • The fandom also tends to call the sextuplets by a "Matsu" version of their voice actors' names (Choromatsu becomes Kamiyamatsu, Jyuushimatsu becomes Onomatsu, etc.).
    • Minor female characters associated with a particular Matsuno will be usually referred to as "[X]matsu Girls" (i.e. The two girls Karamatsu thought were checking him out, the girls on Todomatsu's date, Nyaa-chan, etc.)
    • "AV-chan"note  for the girl Jyuushimatsu spends time with during "Jyuushimatsu Falls in Love". In Japan, she's just referred to as "Jyushimatsu's Girlfriend". She is also given the name "Homura" thanks to Jyushimatsu's "King-sized game winning home run" gag.
    • The couple that appears in the "Black Santa" short are often nicknamed "Couple-chan", "The Christmas Couple", or "Boyfriend-kun and Girlfriend-chan" by fans in the English-speaking fandom.
    • "Akamatsu" or "Defaultmatsu" for Osomatsu.
    • "Hivemind Mode" for moments when the sextuplets start creepily working in sync.
    • "Chadmatsu" for the "proper" Osomatsu seen in "Osomatsu-san Returns!"
  • I Knew It!: Those who predicted episodes 24 and 25 of season 2 would be a redo of "Letter" and "Such As It Was" had no idea how right they were.
  • Milestone Celebration: The anime series was proposed as part of Fujio Akatsuka's 80th birthday celebration.
  • Missing Episode: The original version of "Osomatsu-kun Returns" was not included on the DVD/BD release of the series and taken off of most Japanese streaming sites as well as Crunchyroll. One of the segments of the third episode was also cut from DVD release and from Crunchyroll. In both cases, this was due to them being unauthorized parodies: Of many different things for the first episode, and of Anpanman for the latter, which triggered a Berserk Button from a network executive who's a big fan of Anpanman. note 
  • Playing Against Type: A double case: Jun Fukuyama as Guttural Growler Ichimatsu and Daisuke Ono as Large Ham Keet Jyuushimatsu. It's quite notable as both voice actors's pigeonhole is the character type of the other.
    • Mick Wingert, who did the initial voice of Vigilante in Arrow, is Matsuyo Matsuno.
  • Recycled Script: Some of the segments from the show (ESP Kitty, The Life of Chibita's Flower, the cute neighbor skit, "Iyami, Alone in the Wind") are actually based off of some Osomatsu-kun chapters, but altered a little for this series.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: You'd be surprised at how often this cast runs into each other...
    • Iyami, Karamatsu, Matsuyo, and Matsuzo 's voice actors worked together on Gintama as Shinsengumi's Sougo Okita, Kintoki Sakata, Otose, and Oboro, respectively. Choromatsu was a minor villain in the first season, while Osomatsu joined in as the Shinsengumi's Shimaru Saitou. Evilmatsu, who only appears for one episode, was Gintama's titular hero.
    • All the sextuplets (with exception of Todomatsu), including their own father, Iyami, and Totoko, worked together in Shirokuma Cafe. Osomatsu as Shirokuma, Ichimatsu as Panda, Choromatsu as Penguin, Jyuushimatsu as Llama, Karamatsu as Grizzly, Matsuzo as Lion, Totoko as Sasako, and Iyami was a salesman. Hilarious in Hindsight as of 2019, now that both series got a collaboration that year.
    • Both Matsuzo and Matsuyo performed on Naruto as Kakashi and Orochimaru, respectively. Ichimatsu provided the voice work for the Big Bad of The Last: Naruto the Movie, and Dayoon was Zetsu.
    • Both Karamatsu and Choromatsu played the same character in the Pokémon franchise. Karamatsu played N in the anime, while Choromatsu played him in the Black 2/White 2 trailer.
    • A surprisingly large amount of the cast was involved with Jojos Bizarre Adventure in some way. Jyuushimatsu (of all people) is Jotaro Kujo, while his elder brothers Osomatsu, Karamatsu, and Choromatsu played Bucciarati (for the PS2 game) and Rohan Kishibe (Diamond is Unbreakable anime), Anasui and Bucciarati (in an upcoming Anime) , and Rohan Kishibe (All Star Battle) respectively. Their father, Matsuzo, is Kars. Dekapan is Speedwagon, and Dayoon turns out to be Part 1 and 2's Straizo. Even Jiguzou is Okuyasu Nijimura!
    • Iyami and Todomatsu starred in Daily Lives of High School Boys as friends Yoshitake and Tadakuni, respectively. Ichimatsu and Osomatsu guest appeared as Kiyotaka and Hidenori's brother, while Evilmatsu was Hidenori.
    • Four of the sextuplets also starred together in Durarara!!. Choromatsu and Jyuushimatsu cannot stand each other as Izaya and Shizuo. Ichimatsu is their mutual friend, Shinra, while Karamatsu is Kyohei.
    • Karamatsu and Totoko were each others' Love Interests in Macross Frontier as Alto Saotome and Sheryl Nome.
    • In Owari no Seraph Totoko was Karamatsu's one and only love. The cast also includes Todomatsu, Osomatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Iyami as Yuuichirou, Ferid, Norito, and Crowley, respectively.
    • Both Matsuyo and Osomatsu attended Hope's Peak Academy as Sakura Ogami and Leon Kuwata respectively, Ichimatsu and Evilmatsu were trapped on Jabberwock Island as Teruteru Hanamura and Gundham Tanaka, and Iyami attended Gifted Inmates' Academy as Korekiyo Shinguji. Coincidentally, all five characters had all been murderers and were executed in a Cruel and Unusual Death (except for Matsuyo, with her case being self-inflicted).
    • If these guys are adept in Basketball; Choromatsu, Jyuushimatsu, Iyami and Ichimatsu had roles as Akashi, Midorima, Hanamiya and Murasakibara. Most of them were even on the same team at one point— 3 from Generation of Miracles, and 1 from Uncrownedd Generals.
    • In Black Butler, Osomatsu and Jyuushimatsu once opposed each other as their kid masters' Battle Butlers as Claude Faustus and Sebastian Machiellis. Oh, and Ichimatsu was a Grim Reaper (AKA Grell).
    • Both Osomatsu and Todomatsu have have been to the same therapist, even within the same week. Todomatsu had to go for a cellphone addiction, and Osomatsu needed to control his boner.
    • Matsuzo, Osomatsu, and Ichimatsu all played Joe (Cyborg009) in the 1979 series, the 2001 series, and the Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman movie series respectively.
      • English Ichimatsu has also played the character as well, in the 2012 film. English Jyuushimatsu and Karamatsu have both played his teammate Albert/004, the former in the aformentioned Devilman crossover, and the latter in Call of Justice series.
    • Osomatsu and Ichimatsu were once rivals in the war between Japan and Britannia.
    • Choromatsu and Jyuushimatsu fought against man-eating giants before, with Choromatsu as the captain and Jyuushimatsu as the commander.
    • Osomatsu, Iyami Matsuzou and did the role as Cloud, Zack and Angeal Hewley respectively.
    • As from above, Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Jyushimatsu, Todomatsu, Iyami and Akumatsu did the roles of Kurasame, Trey, Machina, Nine, Eight, Jack and King respectively. To complete the cast, Ichimatsu did the role as King of Concordia.
    • And in Tokyo Ghoul, Osomatsu and Karamatsu were former enemies back at 4th Ward but now good friends with one another despite their different factions. And their dad Matsuzo is a Child Eater Sinister Minister who is affiliated at Osomatsu's group.
    • In Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Todomatsu used to be Totoko's younger brother, with Choromatsu as the supporting protagonist and Karamatsu being a Char Clone that fanboys Gundam.
    • In an anime adaptation of a certain visual novel, Karamatsu turned out to be a Chick Magnet, with one of his potential lovers being Jyushimatsu's girlfriend and Chibita's genderbented self.
    • In WORKING!!, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, and Jyushimatsu worked together at the same family restaurant.
    • Looks like Jyushimatsu and the country girl were already a couple in another modern reboot of a Showa series. In fact, the country girl almost loses her life in said anime before being revived.
    • Jyushimatsu and Akumatsu were both classmates of a certain reality-warping god.
    • In English, Jyushimatsu has had attractions to both Ichimatsu and Todomatsu, the former in Miraculous Ladybug and the latter in Fire Emblem Warriors.
  • Sequel First: In North America at least, Osomatsu-san got its translation and exposure far before either of its predecessor anime or manga did. Spain was a little luckier in that regard.
  • Sequel Gap: Anime-wise, it's been 27 years since the last Osomatsu-kun adaptation came out, and a whopping 46 since the end of the first run of the manga. If we go by the end of the third (1990), then it would only be 25 years. Less, but still a lot.
  • Sleeper Hit: The series was based off of an older, more famous one, but it was expected to have moderate success thanks to nostalgia. However, the show was one of the breakout hits of the Fall 2015 Anime lineup and outsold everyone on the Lineup for its first BD release. Even the staff has no idea how it became so radically successful.
  • Talking to Himself:
  • Throw It In!:
    • Ichimatsu's aroused moan at the end of "It's a Birthday Party, Dajo" was improvised by Jun Fukuyama, who did it since Ichimatsu's profile stated he was a masochist. The rest of the brothers (save Jyushimatsu) also had improvised screams.
    • During the first season's year-end special, the sextuplets' voice actors mention that Daisuke Ono tended to improvise a lot of Jyushimatsu's lines, though most of them didn't make it into the final cut.
  • Trolling Creator: Episode 24 set up a Drama Bomb Finale, where the sextuplets all move away from each other and Osomatsu is left in the house alone. The team even said that it was going to be one of the saddest episodes in show to hype it up. This made the audience think they were going to get some sort of conclusion to the story... and they did in episode 25, but everything is glossed over in a couple of minutes, the contents of the letter were never revealed, and the rest of the episode focuses on a nonsensical baseball game. When the situation is repeated in season 2, the audience was at least prepared.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Reportedly, Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu's personalities were not part of the original draft for the series and were added in later. This becomes obvious when one looks at the initial promo image for the series, where both lack their trademark visual quirks.
    • The decision to make "Totty" Todomatsu's nickname was spur of the moment. It was supposed to be one-off, but the cast liked it so much that it was made an official element of the character.
    • According the original plans for the series, the Matsuno brothers would have been in their thirties and, shockingly, have jobs. Early drafts of the show also had the world look more like Pierrot's -Kun adaptation than the poppy colors used in the show.
    • Ichimatsu was originally going to be mean and snarky rather than gloomy and apathetic. His initial characterization was switched over to Todomatsu at Miyu Irino's suggestion, which lead to the creation of Totty's characteristic "dry monster" personality.
  • Word of God: Interviews with the staff have provided a steady amount of info concerning the characters:
    • Ichimatsu's treatment of Karamatsu is the result of jealousy towards the latter's self-confidence.
    • The Gender Flip versions of the brothers in "Girlymatsu-san" aren't actually siblings, just a set of friends who happen to resemble the Matsunos. They were also confirmed to not be the sextuplet girls from "Six Same Faces" prior to this reveal, and shown to be the brothers in costumes in another interview. You ever wonder why they don't show up at the same time? That's why.
    • Todomatsu's default outfit was expressly designed to be slightly out of style to indicate that he isn't as trendy as he seems. The reason he rolls up his jeans is because a shop assistant suggested it a long time ago and he still hasn't realized the look isn't in season anymore.


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