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  • Despite all their squabbling among each other, the Matsuno brothers still feel, deep down, that they're all the same in some way shape or form. The ED "Six Same Faces (Type-A)" emphasizes this greatly by having the brothers recite the exact same speech as they're talking to someone, proudly mentioning that each speaking brother "is [his brothers] and [his brothers] are him" as well.
    • Speaking of the ending, the narration from each brother is telling us that they're taking some girls out to dance who just so happen to be a sextuplet group as well, and they're thoroughly enjoying their company, even calling them cute. Despite all of their failed chances at getting a partner (save Todomatsu, who has a better chance at getting them), it seems like they're really happy.
    • Ichimatsu's in particular is really sweet. His Part B was depressing, as it talked about his gripes with himself and his family, but his Part A (which premiered a couple of weeks afterwards) had him try to make awkward conversation with the sextuplet girl. His vocals were more relaxed in the song, and he seems to be genuinely happy for once.
  • As opposed to the first season, the second season has the brothers more willing to compromise and work together. While they still have their own squabbles, it's not as vitriolic as the initial season.

     Season 1: First Cour 
  • The sextuplets' genuine apology to the late Fujio Akatsuka after screwing up the pilot of their new series.
  • The brothers thanking the audience for getting them this far at the end of "Osomatsu-kun Returns". Combines with Funny, as the entire talk reads like a last episode commentary.
  • Chibita's advice in the latter half of Episode 02, full stop. The fact that this is coming from the same person who terrorized and despised the brothers in their childhood makes this all the sweeter.
    • The fact that Osomatsu actually attempts to apologize for his actions and act as the eldest is pretty great as well, considering that he was angry with them for not hanging out with him anymore.
  • Before that, Osomatsu finds Ichimatsu befriending a cat.
  • Choromatsu following Todomatsu to the toilet late at night since the latter is afraid of the dark.
  • In "Let's Become Independent", when Karamatsu was reserved in the interview, on who stays or leaves the house, Choromatsu said to him, "Worst case scenario, I'll just take care of you!"
  • Chibita strikes again during Episode 5's "The Karamatsu Incident". Even though he knows the boys have a huge tab to pay at his oden stall, he still lets them enjoy themselves and eat there. Even when he got mad at them and used Karamatsu as bait, he still made sure Kara was alright and even tried to comfort him when the other Matsunos didn't come to his rescue.
    • And when Chibita couldn't exactly cheer him up, he decided to try the stunt again right at the Matsunos' doorstep in an effort to show Karamatsu that his brothers really would spring into action if one of their own was in danger. It didn't work, but you have to give Chibita points for trying.
    • Choromatsu was the only brother who showed dread and concern for Karamatsu. Of course then it was forgotten, due to pears, but that was still more then what the other brothers did.
    • The whole oden stall scene in general is made of this, having the brothers relax and have fun without a hint of worry throughout the scene.
  • Jyuushimatsu takes Ichimatsu to Dekapan's laboratory so he can gain the ability to talk to cats. His real reasoning was that he wanted Ichimatsu to be able to talk to the orange cat he always seems to be carrying around so that he won't be as lonely anymore.
  • Hearing Ichimatsu's true thoughts on his brothers through the mouth of the titular ESP Cat:
    "I don't need friends... because I have all of you."
  • Osomatsu's really carrying a big brother vibe when he goes back to talk to Ichi after the cat leaves. He might have teased him about it, but he stops, allows Ichi to think about the situation and gives him a little space to decide on whether or not he wants to keep looking for the kitten. Sometimes, he can show some amazing maturity.
  • Jyuushimatsu spending all day trying to go look for the ESP Cat. The man was covered in nothing but filth by the time they found him, and the other brothers hadn't seen hide nor hair of him, but he looked for the cat anyway.
  • After "ESP Kitty", Karamatsu being the only one of the sextuplets to actually encourage Ichimatsu in "Let's get a Job" seems a little sweet, even if he was trying to act cool the whole time.
  • If one's paying attention during "Todomatsu and the Five Demons", they'd notice that Jyuushimatsu was the only one who wasn't actively trying to screw up Todo's chances. After the boys make a mess of the coffee, Jyuushi's the only one seen cleaning it up. He also doesn't really seem to have a gripe about Todo being embarrassed by him, just choosing to flop around and call him "Totty". Todo seems to realize this at some point and just takes in the four remaining brothers instead.
    • This gets referenced in a published interview later on where they are asked which brother they'd want to get Russian Roulette mistake chocolate. Todo answers that he's still bitter over the Sutabaa incident, and wants any of his brothers EXCEPT Jyushimatsu to receive the mistake chocolate.
      • In said interview, Karamatsu's response is that if anyone were to get hurt from eating the mistake chocolate, then he'd rather eat it himself.
    • If you look at what Totty serves his brothers, you'll see that while everyone got mugs of coffee, Jyushimatsu got a parfait. Twice! Jyushimatsu feeding Ichimatsu parfait from his own spoon was also adorable.
      • Not necessarily— each thing of coffee he gives to his brothers is different, so it looks like he just gave them all drinks he thought they'd like.
  • Ichi letting out an adorable laugh during "The Calming Osomatsu".
  • Karamatsu and Jyuushimatsu singing that somewhat ridiculous song at the end of episode 8 together is rather cute, at least until before Karamatsu falls off the roof of their house.
  • Jyushimatsu throughout all of "Jyushimatsu Falls in Love". The boy was, as the title says, love struck, and he put in all of his effort and time into playing with the braid haired girl and making her smile. He even planned on asking her out after the boys discovered her.
    • Osomatsu is no slouch in this episode, either. After figuring out about the girl, he goes off to blow some steam at the Adult section to buy some AVs, when he spotted a video of a girl he recognized among the other DVD cases. When he comes back home and finds the other brothers messing around with Jyushi, he stops what they're doing to talk to him about something important.... and teases him about getting a girlfriend before he does, then proceeds to help him get ready for the date the next day.
      • The other brothers joining Osomatsu and Ichimatsu in playfully messing with him during that scene was heartwarming enough.
      • It's also really heartwarming to see all of them fully support Juushimatsu in asking the girl out, going out of their way to make sure that he's dressed nicely for his date and trailing him to make sure that he's doing well. They even stop arguing among themselves when Juushi cried after getting rejected.
    • As it turns out, Jushi met the girl when she was about to kill herself. She was about to throw herself off of a ledge when she spotted Jyushi batting on the beach shore, until he suddenly got swept away by the waves. She immediately came down from the cliff to rescue him and then tried to revive him, but in the process made him squirt water out of his face in the silliest way possible. And as she tried to save him, he kept doing it, and she was able to smile again.
    • Someone pointed out that the Race for Your Love scene at the end of the segment would not have been possible if Jyushimatsu didn't have any money to get through the train gates. Well, Osomatsu did excuse himself and say that they didn't have money for the tab...
  • Osomatsu and Karamatsu's little moment at the fishing hole, with Osomatsu reassuring Kara about putting everybody "in pain" and just telling him to Be Yourself. His light ribbing at Kara's expense was kind of sweet, too.

     Season 1: Second Cour 
  • Ichimatsu's turn at taking care of his sick brothers, even if it was a little... strange. He at least shows that he cares about them more than he appears to (yes, even towards Karamatsu).
    "Now get better, you damn pigs!"
    • For bonus points, notice how while Jyushimatsu gets the cold towels, the other brothers had to beg and humiliate themselves for despite not doing anything at all during the sketch.
  • Karamatsu trying to get water from the mountains and earning himself another cold just because he thinks ordinary water isn't good enough for him to use to take care of his brothers.
  • That moment where Osomatsu ruffles Ichimatsu's hair while saying he just might make it out into society, and Ichimatsu thanking him for saying that — especially considering what happened back in Let's Get a Job. Todomatsu does ruin the moment by calling it glurge, but still.
  • Osomatsu and Karamatsu's little happy dance when Todomatsu tells them that they're his favorite brothers in "Todomatsu's Line". Somewhat pathetic in that it's obviously a lie.
  • There are quite a few of these moments in "Chibita and the Flower Fairy." In the main story, Chibita, even in the middle of his depression and loneliness, is still nice enough to stop and pour some water on a withering flower on the side of a road. The next day, he is visited by this same flower in fairy form, and she willingly spends time with him in gratitude for saving her life. She ends up fading away at the end, sadly. But she manages to make Chibita admit that, even just for a moment, he cared more about her than about oden. Seeing as how oden is pretty much his lifeblood, this is a BIG deal, and she fades away with a smile.
    • While he ends up getting sidetracked later on because of the flower fairy, Karamatsu is originally the only one of the sextuplets who is seen following Chibita, hiding behind a pole and watching him in worry from a distance. Considering that the two actually have a pretty good friendship, Kara's concern here is very adorable.
    • Even though she clearly uses and mistreats him, there's something oddly endearing about Karamatsu's unshakable loyalty towards the ugly flower sprite. He has every reason to snap at her and dump her, but the fact that he never seriously considers it just cements what a nice guy he is underneath his cool facade.
    • Also, the rest of the sextuplets staging an intervention for Karamatsu. After ignoring him and treating him very badly in previous episodes, the fact that they care enough about Karamatsu to try and get him out of his toxic relationship is so nice to see.
  • "The Ichimatsu Incident" yet again shows how nice and loving Karamatsu is towards his brothers. Not only does he wake up to Ichimatsu wearing his clothes and cover for him without a second thought, he does it despite the fact that Ichimatsu is the brother that has been the nastiest towards him.
    • And then from the same skit, while the other brothers think that Ichimatsu's defining trait is his unfriendly demeanor (earlier in the segment, Osomatsu straight out calls him "twisted and shitty"), Karamatsu only notices his love of cats judging from his impression of him. Remember Ichimatsu's hatred of Karamatsu, and all the times he's driven him to tears? It would be understandable if he thought lowly of Ichimatsu, but instead has such an innocent view of him.
    • Also from the same sketch, even though they constantly poke fun at Karamatsu and how "painful" he is, there's just something really sweet about how, deep down, both Osomatsu and Ichimatsu actually wanted to wear Karamatsu's outfit, if only for one time. It might be a bit hard to tell if Osomatsu really means it or if he's just trolling, but it's definitely genuine from Ichimatsu's side. He would just never admit it out loud.
  • Jyushimatsu's impersonations of his brothers during "Jyushimatsu and Concepts". Really, it was all of the other brothers' actors taking turns shouting Jyushi's Catchphrase, but it was still sweet to hear.
  • Ichimatsu and Todomatsu being fine with Choromatsu becoming the protagonist in "Iyami's Counterrattack". Todomatsu sounded genuinely sincere when he told Choromatsu he was happy for him.
    "The staff is like a family and the studio has a very at-home feel"
  • "Todomatsu, the Star of Hope" has Todomatsu actually admit to wanting to pull his brothers out from the social pit they're in, as soon as he's able to get out of it himself. And for once, the brothers are alright with this arrangement.
    • He's also pretty torn about choosing a brother for the mixer (in part because they fucked up even on a practice date), and, as the God of Mixers points out, he couldn't just resort to taking them all like he planned on doing. Even if he needed someone to make himself look good, he still cares about his brothers.
  • The Dayon Tribe from "Dayon Tribe". They're generally a peaceful bunch, and took Osomatsu, Karamatsu, and Choromatsu in like it was no problem to them. One of them even becomes Choromatsu's fiancee!
    • The boys were eventually kicked out by the tribe and the tribal Dayon girl calls off the wedding, but from the looks on their faces they're just trying to get them out for their own good instead of staying stagnant in their village. The warriors kicking them out are even visibly shaking and crying when they're doing it.
  • While "Letter" is much Darker and Edgier than the rest of the episodes, it still has a fair share of Heartwarming Moments:
    • Choromatsu writes a letter to the family before he even moves out, and doesn't get the courage to deliver it until later.
    • Karamatsu standing up for Jyushimatsu after Osomatsu kicks him over an accident.
    • Chibita allows Karamatsu to live at his house for the time being, and even offers words of encouragement before Karamatsu heads off to his job interview. Fans of Chibita are also glad he's living in a seemingly well-off house, especially because he was practically homeless in his childhood.
    • Ichimatsu feeding stray cats large bowls of food before he wanders off. Later, he is seen starving in the streets, which implies he spent the last of his money to feed cats in an alleyway. Eventually, he is about to collapse in the streets when the same couple he had pestered back in the Christmas Episode are seen rushing to help him stand. They even buy him a quick meal at the nearest Ramen shop, despite how he had treated them back then.
    • Jyushimatsu is seen at his first day of work. He is so nervous about being surrounded by strangers, his trademark smile is gone. Then he realises Hatabou is next to him, and quickly grows a huge smile. When he gets home to Dekapan (who is hiring a room to him) with his arm in a cast, the smile's still there. On another note, it's heartwarming how concerned Dekapan seems to be about Jyushimatsu's arm.
    • Even though Osomatsu isn't exactly the most understanding brother in this episode, it does show that he cares about his brothers more than he'd like to admit to himself. He said that he's fine with Choromatsu leaving and bettering himself in "Choromatsu Rising", but as soon as he's actually about to leave, the act is visibly eating him up inside.
    • Totoko trying to ask Osomatsu on a date after his brothers leave might count as one. She may be acting like her old bitchy self when she mentions she threw all her riches away for no good reason, but the crestfallen expression she makes after he ignores her invitation implies that she asked to cheer him up.
  • In "Osomatsu, As It Was" the brothers are complimenting each others dreams for what they want to do once they win the tournament. When they get to Karamatsu's wish to sing at Budokan, it's Ichimatsu who compliments him.

     Season 2: First Cour 
  • A bit twisted, but still: in "Osomatsu-san Returns!", despite being the biggest and fattest of his brothers (Not Hyperbole) in a certain AU, Jyushimatsu is still the nicest among them, happily waving to and thanking his fangirls for coming to see him.
  • Choromatsu and Ichimatsu actually making something of an attempt to understand each other, even if it doesn't quite pan out.
  • Except for the Cavematsu skit, the entirety of Episode 4 is about Matsuzo trying to get Matsuyo to be lovey-dovey to him again. Seeing a middle-aged man continue to love his wife after so many years is adorable, especially if you've seen too much of the inverse.
  • Even though it's for selfish reasons and most of their attempts fail pretty hilariously, the sextuplets risk their lives and travel the globe to help their father find a special ingredient for Dekapan's love potion. It may be one of the few times we actually see them all working together instead of at each others' throats.
    • At the end of the episode, Matsuzo, after risking life and limb to gather the ingredients for Dekapan's love potion, takes a long walk with the potion in hand as he recalls his days courting Matsuyo and raising the sextuplets. He then tosses it far away, realizing no concoction could match what he and Matsuyo felt in the prime of their lives. Then it turns out Matsuyo followed him to the bench he was sitting on, and the two fondly look back on their youth and forward to the future, showing the spark was never gone to begin with.
    • A minor one, but the sextuplets helping their father through the trials to obtain a flower for the love potion was a little sweet, especially when Osomatsu covered Matsuzo's ears to protect him from loud music instead of covering his own ears.
  • In season two's "Kamen Summer" segment, we briefly see the couple Ichimatsu talked to in the Christmas special. Not only are they still together, but they are evidently married and moving in together—the woman is even pregnant! It's nice to see their relationship worked out so well for them.
  • "I Want Some Friends, Jo" revolves around Hatabou's attempts at finding friends and the people who try to help him. Of course there's a lot of bumbling around, but Chibita, Dekapan, Dayon, the Matsuno brothers, and even Totoko sincerely attempt to help Hatabou find some friends, and by the end of the night, they're all sharing a good-natured laugh over Hatabou not knowing that he's already got some.
  • Episode 8: The return of the Country Girl.
  • Episode 10 in "Karamatsu And Brothers", Choromatsu being the only brother not taking advantage of Karamatsu, and helped him learn to stand up for himself.
  • In episode 12, Karamatsu and Choromatsu were seen fishing together. Condsidering the conflict at the end of "Karamatsu And Brothers" and in episode 11, it's encouraging to see them making amends.

     Season 2: Second Cour 
Episode 14: Choromatsu Incident
  • Some of the brothers' reactions towards Choromatsu's new hairdo.
    • The three youngest siblings are quite reluctant to say something bad at Choromatsu's hairdo is hilariously sweet, given how the three are usually blunt at the shortcomings of other people, but not at their older brother as responsible as Choromatsu.
    • Karamatsu blaming the younger brothers for setting Choromatsu up rather than believing Choro having done it himself, too bad that actually hurts more.
    • Osomatsu buying Karamatsu's interpretation without questioning.
    • Totoko being Brutally Honest at first, but offers condolence upon knowing Choromatsu's "being set up".
    • Choromatsu apologizes to his younger brothers once Osomatsu and Karamatsu is away. That doesn't stop his younger brothers from stomping on him though.
    • The fact that Osomatsu and Karamatsu act like older brothers worthy of respect, and especially working together deserve a mention as well.

Episode 15B: Karamatsu Taxi

  • Totoko offers condolence on a dejected Karamatsu when the latter actually doesn't know how to drive to the destination.

Episode 16C: The Cutie Next Door

  • The sextuplets interact with Inuyama Kinko (Kin-chan), the title character, sweetly and in an entirely sensible way. In a cast full of dark and sociopathic-levels of humorous characters save for a few, Kin-chan is a refreshing change since she also brings the best for the sextuplets as well.
    • When Karamatsu tells her that he and his brothers are virgins, you probably expect Kin-chan to be uncomfortable. She still befriends them and unlike other moments of degrading the sextuplets for being virgins throughout the series, she doesn't think of them less despite of that revelation. No wonder the sextuplets become fond of her because of her kindness (and simple application of basic social niceties).
  • Everyone apologizes to Totoko for preempting her with Kin-chan only because Kin-chan is going back home the next day. Although Totoko breaks down to tears at first, she shows up at the train station to bid farewell, even giving a big fish to Kin-chan as a parting gift.

Episode 24: Cherry Blossoms

  • This episode tackles the same idea as Letter but instead how Letter showed each brother leaving the house, miserable and lonely, this episode the brothers are still living together and are still on good terms with each other.
  • Remember Eitaro of Episode 12? The child that idolized Jyushimatsu? He is now playing with other children at the park. It seems that Jyushimatsu's company really break him out of his shell after many years of transferring schools and his inablity to make friends.
  • After finding out that Matsuzo had to be hospitalized, all six rush to the hospital and refuse to leave their father's side even if it wasn't that serious. They were so worried about their father's health that they willingly matured each brother finding a job and helping around the house.
  • After Matsuzo has been released, Matsuyo and Matsuzo look proudly at a magazine Osomatsu was reading about investments as a sign that their children are finally maturing.
  • Osomatsu and Choromatsu's bonding at the public bath. According to Choromatsu, their efforts to become reformed individuals speeds up their father's recovery.
  • While Osomatsu is feeling down about changing and not hanging with his brothers as much, Totoko arrives and allows him to vent his feelings. And her usual jabbings, albeit gentle in delivery, to him is a powerful reassurance that yes, despite Osomatsu not be able to do what he used to do ever since his father was hospitalized and suddenly thought about the future, there are things that will never change. And that despite his uncertainties, he has the power to decide for himself.

Episode 25: Osomatsu-san in Hell

  • While being a Tear Jerker, it's very heartwarming to see familiar faces at the sextuplets' funeral such as Eitaro and his mother, Kin-chan, the Country Girl in addition to their parents, their friends and to the people of Akatsuka. They may be jerkasses, but surely they are missed after their untimely deaths.
  • Chibita refuses to accept that the sextuplets are dead, scavenging the picture of Akatsuka-sensei at the debris of the Matsuno residence and alongside Dayon, Dekapan, Hatabou and Totoko, they pray for Akatsuka-sensei to do something to bring the sextuplets back.
  • And their prayers are heard indeed: Akatsuka-sensei saves the day. He brings Chibita, Totoko, Dekapan, Dayon and Hatabou to the Underworld to give the sextuplets, who just regained a Heroic Second Wind, to escape and bring themselves back to life by fighting back King Enma and his men.
    • And it's not just the aforementioned five who help the sextuplets back to the living world. Familiar faces like the F6, the robot, the fairy, Sanematsu, Michaelmatsu and the rest also help as well to fend off Enma and his goons.
    • Remember in season 1, episode 23 and season 2 episode 11 when Choromatsu fell down and Karamastu said he'd save him even though Karamatsu just kept running? Not at this finale: Karamatsu finally helped Choromatsu, when he fell down and saved him when Choromatsu was about to be bashed by one of King Enma's men. No more dramatic declarations and empty promises, Karamatsu straights up saving his younger brother.
    • Really, the sextuplets working together, protecting each other and bring hell to those who try to tear them apart, all to get the chance to live once more is a sight to behold.

  • In the manga, even though Totoko doesn't even like the boys that way, and despite the fact that she rejected them earlier in the second chapter, she still decides to give them obligatory chocolates after thinking about it.
  • The tribal girl Iyami was supposed to marry actually seemed to like him, up until he does his Sheeeh pose (which, in her culture, is blasphemy).


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