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Nightmare Fuel / Osomatsu-san

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Call-Back to the episode 7, but with a horrifying way.
  • Black Factory. You're supposed to figure out how it works yourself, in truth you're going to work as a slave to them. To say nothing about the nature of the place...
    • Then the viewer finds out that the factory was building clones of Dayoon... similar built as if he was like a toy or a robot. What is this even suggesting...? The clones do appear everywhere in the next segment of the episode.
  • Episode 3's Jigusou. From the Nonstandard Character Design to the relentlessly sadistic way he tries to get rid of the Matsunos, this guy is just one walking nightmare.
  • Episode 4 has Ichimatsu making idle threats on allowing himself to live alone and possibly turn into a hardened criminal. It scares his mom just to think about it.
  • After the boys figure out they've been swindled by Iyami and Chibita, they get downright furious and come back at the duo tenfold, locking them in a cage with a vicious tiger until they coughed up all the money they took from the Matsunos. When Iyami said they were basically yakuza, he wasn't kidding.
    • Ichi's Slasher Smiles during the whole scene were legendary. The Soft-Spoken Sadist voice he uses against them while he bargains for the cage key is also alarming, at least until he gives off a delinquent worthy scream.
  • "Sanematsu-san" isn't all that eerie up until the very end of the short, where it's revealed that Sanematsu's brothers are all imaginary and that he's been delusional the whole time.
  • The giant Jyushimatsu from "Interview". His deep breathing, the way his eyes move to look at Osomatsu, and the fact that his neck apparently snapped so hard his head is vertical while the rest of the body is horizontal. You can clearly see it in the trope page.
  • Those parts of the second opening where a Matsu brother's head is glitching out, first by being cut in circles that slide around, then by poles sticking out of the head less than a second each.
  • While it's always Played for Laughs, one can understand the other brothers for not wanting to go deeper into whatever made Jyushimatsu the way he is (especially when the viewer has already seen him in skits like "Interview"). In "Accident", Todomatsu actually speculates that all the weirdness could mean Jyushimatsu has "the most emotional darkness" of all of them... Which Jyushimatsu overhears. He doesn't deny it. He just goes "whoa, really?!" before sinking into the futon, moaning "What a bummer..." before snapping back to normal. What is this even suggesting?
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  • "Iyami's Counterattack" seems like it will be silly enough — and it is. Then Iyami manages to take Hatabou hostage and steal his vehicle. He'd still gotten a flag shoved up his ass for his trouble, and there's blood on the flag. Iyami then announces that if he is the protagonist, there is no need for anybody else, and presses some kind of button that bombs the racing area, making nearly everyone else dissolve into nothing while their voices distort. And as if that wasn't enough, his and Oso's fight in the resulting post-apocalyptic landscape involves a lot of Deranged Animation. There is even a several seconds long shot where they poke each other eye's in simultaneously. Osomatsu's behaviour isn't much less scary.
    Osomatsu: "You even killed my younger brothers..." *snaps fingers, grins* "Nice! [...] I was just thinking that it would be a pain to kill everyone, so this is perfect."
  • When some of Hatabou's workers call it quits, he declares that he doesn't care what happens to them, since they're not his "friends" anymore. Over the next few minutes of the skit, he's seen handing out various meat dishes that the crowd goes wild over. When the sextuplets ask him what's in it, he either freezes or dodges the question. They never do learn what's in those dishes, though...
  • Delinquent Jyushimatsu sucking on Todomatsu's cranium until he's just an empty husk. It's not too graphic, there's no blood, but it's still horrifying to watch.
  • The beginning of "Godmatsu." Imagine being a sextuplet and finding an unknown seventh person bathing with you and sleeping next to you.
  • "Letter" does a great job of capturing all of the anxieties that come with setting out and living independently for the first time in one's life.
    • Choromatsu breaking down to tears in Iyami's car shortly after leaving home and feeling lonely not being surrounded by family like he often used to be.
    • Todomatsu being afraid of doing simple tasks on his own such as going to the bathroom in the dark, as he's used to having someone go with him. And he's struggling to reach out to his family for help when he really needs it.
    • Ichimatsu starving in the streets, to the point he's passing out and is very likely falling ill.
    • Jyushimatsu being really anxious around new people and getting hurt on the job.
    • Karamatsu desperately rewriting his resumes and having to break his character to get accepted into jobs, to the point he was on his hands and knees, bowing his head on the ground to the clerk.
    • Lastly, Osomatsu living the new reality that his brothers are not home with him anymore.
  • While it's mostly played for laughs, the morbidly grotesque forms that the brothers become in the second season's premiere as a result of their popularity can be pretty unsettling, particularly that of Jyushimatsu, who has become a mountain of fat and is so gluttonous that instead of picking sushi off of a naked woman he simply eats the woman herself.
  • In "Congratulations! Employment!!" we have Matsuyo cutting her sons' nipples off with a knife. Totty is so freaked out that he chooses to tear his own nipples off! The fact that it’s mostly Played for Laughs doesn't dampen this trope at all. Sure your sons are useless and unrepentant NEETS, but damn it is still bordering into Abusive Parents territory...
  • "Super Detergent" fits the literal definition of Body Horror, and then Uncanny Valley.
    • When the brothers unknowingly drink the titular Super Detergent, they turn invisible—except for their inner organs!
    • When the brothers get the bright idea to cover their exposed organs up with paint, they end up looking rather... horrid.
  • The first skit of episode 8 featured some horrifying fusions that you're wondering if you're watching Fullmetal Alchemist, Steven Universe, or the most horrific of fusions from the Shin Megami Tensei series.
  • "Chibita's Revenge" is about how Chibita has finally had enough of the Matsuno brothers when they accidentally pull out the only hair on his head, and the way he goes about his revenge is pretty frightening that it is beyond Beware the Nice Ones territory. He breaks into the Matsuno house, cuts off their wi-fi and electricity, and gradually picks off the Matsuno brothers one by one, along with shaving their hair off and shoving skewers of oden into different orifices. Even when Osomatsu, Choromatsu and Jyushimatsu escape and take refuge at Iyami's house, Chibita is still able to get to them after paying Iyami to let him in.
    • It gets worse. Near the end of the episode, where Chibita hangs the brothers’ bodies by the front of their house, he shoves mustard into the same orifices where they got oden shoved in. All of them have it bad, but it's quite unnerving for the odd-numbered Matsus: Choromatsu (eyes), Osomatsu (ass) and finally Jyushimatsu (groin). Even if the Matsunos had it coming and Chibita's anger is justified, it's still terrifying way to go to achieve revenge.
    • Even worse, it could've ended with Chibita being mad at the Matsunos for failing to pay their debts and we have a usual comedy skit, but once his hair was pulled away from his head, you know that shit's going down for the sextuplets...
  • "Iyami and Chibita's Rental Girlfriend" I still can't stop wondering how the sextuplets got all the money to pay for Iyami and Chibita. They worked hard for it but part of it it's censored and you can only hear a voice resembling of a machine gun...


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