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     Season 1 

"Osomatsu-kun Returns"

"Osomatsu-kun Returns" is already packed to the brim with these, nearing Gintama levels:

"Let's Get a Job"/"The Melancholoy of Osomatsu-kun"

  • The boss of Black Factory gives us one long shout-out to Kaiji, both in the way he's designed and the speech he gives the brothers being eerily reminiscent of one of Tonegawa's speeches. And of course, there's the infamous "zawa zawa" effect seen throughout the scene.
  • When Osomatsu finds Choromatsu at Nyaa's concert he screams "I love you, Reika!". Reika is a pretty famous cosplayer in and out of Japan.
    • Considering her last name is Hashimoto, he could also be referring to famous Japanese model Reika Hashimoto instead.

Tidbits Collection

"Let's Become Independent"/"This Is Totoko"

  • In "Let's Become Independent", Ichimatsu wears a suit and hairstyle heavily resembling Hide of X Japan. Similarly, Jushimatsu is put in a getup resembling Toshi of the same band.
  • One scene shows Osomatsu reading Southern Cross Kid, a relatively old manga by Ken Ishikawa.

"It's a Birthday Party, Dajo"/"Iyami's Great Discovery"

"Todomatsu and the 5 Demons"/"To the North"

"The Calming Osomatsu"/"Totoko's Dream"

"Chibita and Oden"/"Jyushimatsu Falls in Love"

  • Karamatsu's mistaken readings of "Jyushimatsu in Love" ("A Night at 14") and "Chibita and Oden" ("Oh My Little Oden") were references to Yutaka Ozaki's singles "A Night at Fifteen" (15 no Yoru) and "OH MY LITTLE GIRL".
  • Chibita's lecture about oden contains a parody of the ape scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • During "Jyuushimatsu Falls in Love", one of the outfits the brothers make Jyushi wear includes the Stone Mask as a face piece.
  • Matching Ichimatsu's Hide cosplay from episode 3, Jyuushimatsu also briefly dresses up as X Japan's Toshi.

"Iyami and Chibita's Rental Girlfriend"

  • The face Choro makes in "Iyami and Chibita's Rental Girlfriend" is a shoutout to a panel from Kyofu Shinbun.
  • When Iyami accidentally lets his Verbal Tic slip, he tries for a Last-Second Word Swap and manages to replace "-zansu" with "Zangief".
  • When the boys get defensive after an advertisement is thrown into their room, the face and stance that Jyushimatsu makes is reminiscent to Matsutaro of the sports manga Notari Matsutaro.

"Christmas Osomatsu-san"

"We Got Sick"/"Todomatsu's Line"/"Choromatsu-sensei"

  • Ichimatsu playing the role of "Dr. Ichimatsu", complete with makeshift cell and restraints. He even calls Choromatsu "Choroice" during the segment.

"Interview"/"Girlymatsu-san 2"/"The Life of Chibita's Flower"

"Matsuno Matsunan"/"The Ichimatsu Incident"

"Jyushimatsu Festival"

  • The "Jyushimatsu Pan" segment is an obvious parody of Peter Pan.
  • The scene where Jyushimatsu throws Karamatsu and rides on his back harks back to when Tao Pai Pai did similar, minus the second person.

"Iyami's Counterattack"

"School Matsu"

  • Jyuushimatsu's delinquent form has a hat similar to Jotaro's. Fitting, seeing as they share a voice actor.


  • The "Mahjong" segment got a couple from Akagi and popular mahjong manga Naki no Ryuu.

"Final Sheeeh"

"Kerosene"/"Dayoon Tribe"

"Osomatsu-san, such as It Was"

  • Karamatsu strikes Johnathan Joestar's iconic pose, as well as the victory pose of Usain Bolt.
  • The episode also features a few references to goings-on within Japanese baseball, like Osomatsu and Choromatsu performing the "MaeKen dance" (named after Kenta Maeda, a baseballer who does it to stretch his shoulders). It can be watched in the beginning of this clip.
  • The episode's climax is heavily reminiscent of Gurren Lagann, especially with the brothers' declaration that "what's impossible is impossible", an apparent reference to the show's theme of doing the impossible.

     Season 2 


  • The opening shows the brothers parachuting Balloon Fight-style.
  • The end credits has the brothers resemble pegs sitting in a car, as in Game of Life.

"Osomatsu-san Returns!"

  • Popular!Todomatsu's chubby body bears a resemblance to Dr. Eggman's.
  • "Proper" Choromatsu and Totoko look like they came straight out of Saber Marionette J. They also claim to have switched bodies during their training, which Karamatsu compliments them on saying it will net them millions of yen.
  • "Proper" Ichimatsu looks like a cross between a classic Marvel hero and a character straight out of a Filmation cartoon.
  • A couple of times, the sextuplets cry out the phrase "Koredeiinoda!", the catchphrase of Tensai Bakabon's Papa, from Fujio Akatsuka's other most famous work.

Episode 7

  • "Synthesis" is one giant Shout-Out to the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. The music in the skit invokes the theme of the Castle of Shadows, there's a Jack doll in the skit, and every time they fuse they say "kongoyomo yoroshiku" ("please take care of me from now on"), a phrase commonly said after MegaTen fusing.

"The Eitarou Family/Give Them Back"

  • During Dekapan and Dayon's lengthy chase sequence, one scene has Dekapan chase Dayon inside a clock tower in an almost identical way to the famous clock tower chase scene in The Castle of Cagliostro.

  • The scene where Todomatsu dual wields pistols is a reference to Taxi Driver.



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