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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Episode 1

  • The earlier times when Yuu has just discovered his power:
    • He possesses an old woman who, after the power's effect wears off, runs away when she sees Yuu's awkward Face Plant position.
    • He possesses a girl and sneaks a peek at her boobs, while a dog is barking at him in another awkward faceplant position.
    • He possesses another girl and uses it to sneak a peek under her friend's skirt. This time he's faceplanting an electric pole.
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    • He possesses a guy who pissed him off to start fights with the guy's own friends.
  • He's using Groucho glasses when sneaking into a cram school to research his rivals in his high school entrance exam.
  • The truck driver survives the accident with Wingding Eyes.
  • After being asked to hang out with the girl he likes (thanks to his power), Yuu does an Evil Laugh a la Lelouch Vi Britannia... only to realize he has been laughing too loud inside his classroom.
  • Yuu trying to see the answer sheet of the student council member administering the test, only to find he's looking at a sexy girl's picture.
  • Joujirou's attempt to capture Yuu includes destroying a flower shop (with an unbelievable expression from the owner), a bunch of trash cans and bags (throwing a cat in the process), a sign lamp, a bike parking rail, and a bookstore. When he's able to capture Yuu, the sheer force launches both of them into the sky (complete with contrail), and when they land in the water, they bounce off the surface like a flat stone thrown at the water. Joujirou manages to brake by submerging Yuu's face under the water.
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  • Yuu's Didn't See That Coming reaction when Nao beats the crap out of him using her power.
  • Yuu's sister Ayumi using pizza sauce in the omelette rice. (Pizza sauce running gag: one)
  • Yuu experiencing how it feels to be dumped by the girl for the first time in his life.
  • Joujirou changes his clothes into a maid outfit in an instant.
  • Yuu finds out the delicious thing his uncle sent for them is just a box full of cup ramen.

Episode 2

  • Ayumi makes Yuu lunch: an omelette rice with pizza sauce. (Pizza sauce running gag: two)
  • Yuu introduces himself in front of his new class with a Bishounen persona complete with Bishie Sparkle, only to do a Double Take when he realizes Nao and Joujirou also share the same class.
  • Joujirou uses his powers to leap over the cafeteria counter to grab sandwiches. He manages to break the windows, throw the eating students into the air, and is shown bleeding afterward. The cafeteria cashier just sighs and did a not-this-again expression.
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  • Kumagami (the soaking wet, power locator kid) surprising Yuu on their first encounter.
  • Nao eating her lunchbox (which is still smoking hot) inside an air conditioned train, pissing off the passengers near her. Later, she eats Yuu's sandwich.
  • Ayumi makes dinner: a vegetable curry with pizza sauce. (Pizza sauce running gag: three)

Episode 3

  • Ayumi makes another lunch for Yuu: omelette rice with pizza sauce. (Pizza sauce running gag: four)
  • Joujirou is able to reserve two plates of limited edition curry in the cafeteria... with the price of his bleeding head, again.
  • Joujirou's entire Squee! reaction every time he talks about Yusa Nishimori.
  • Yuu becomes Mr. Exposition and does an Aside Glance.
  • The new strategies employed by Yuu and Joujirou (Yuu possesses the target, Joujirou tackles him with Super Speed) manage to hurt Yuu, much to his surprise and annoyance.
  • Nao is more concerned about her camcorder than her own body. Lampshaded by Yuu.
  • Every instance of Joujirou's squee-ing behavior around Yusa, and Nao's disturbed reaction to him.
  • Nao manages to snark at one of Misa's friends that keeps bothering her.
  • Joujirou's shock when Misa appears, making him experience Color Failure. And when she starts rampaging and burning everything, he runs away and grabs Yuu's hip like a terrified kid, while Nao enthusiastically keeps recording her instead.
  • Misa's solution if the TV producer kills Yusa's showbiz career? Burn the whole TV station.
  • Joujirou in Heroic BSoD mode after seeing the contrasting characters of Yusa and Misa. He smashes his head into the wall so hard it causes a small fountain of blood to spray out from his head.
  • Ayumi gets a Nose Bleed after realizing that Yuu knows Yusa.

Episode 4

  • Ayumi makes breakfast for her and Yuu: French toast with... well, take a wild guess: pizza sauce. Cue the disgusted expression from Yuu of how it's so red with sauce. He eats it though, with a tortured expression. (Pizza sauce running gag: five)
  • The entire classroom (especially the guys, except Yuu apparently) having an excited reaction when they discover they got the idol Yusa Nishimori as a New Transfer Student, but their excitement turns into a frenzy when Joujirou starts chanting her name like in a concert.
  • How Yusa deals with conflict: Magic Spell #13. And later Joujirou explains to Yuu there are another 62 Magic Spells.
  • Yusa gets a Blue with Shock expression during her first encounter with Kumagami and has to hide behind Nao.
  • Misa kicks in when the target kid insists on denying that he has a superpower and threatens to use her power to burn him. After told by Nao to knock it off, she spits into the ground, making Joujirou squee over her saliva, but he's later confused over whether it's Yusa's or Misa's. Cue the disgusted expression from Nao, Yuu, and Misa herself.
  • How Yusa calms one of the players with low morale: Magic Spell #9.
  • In the game, the opposing player hits the ball in Yusa's direction, and she just stands still, looking directly at the ball with a wide open mouth. Thankfully Misa kicks in.
  • Yuu uses his power on the opposing team's batter to force him to strike out. The umpire sees him collapse repeatedly, and asks if he's okay. Yu then gets back up after the batter strikes out and he casually says that he's perfectly fine.
  • Joujirou uses his powers again to zoom to first base after bunting the ball. Though the umpire doesn't see him, and he crashes into the chain link fence, Nao shows the umpire video footage that Joujirou did touch first base, and is considered safe as a result. Joujirou's condition after crashed? Carried off the field with a mosaic censored, bloody face.
  • Yuu praying in front of his apartment door that Ayumi didn't make anything with pizza sauce. Sadly, he gets broccoli cream stew full of it, which becomes red instead of white in the process. (Pizza sauce running gag: six)
  • Ayumi gets another nose bleed after learning that Yusa got transferred to Yuu's school.

Episode 5

  • Misa kicks in after learning that Nao has been beaten up by a bunch of other school girls and offers her a retaliation.
  • Misa is not happy with Nao's idea of camping in the middle of the mountain, so she starts using words that are covered with **peep** (and $#@% in the subtitles). Joujirou subsequently tells her to not make Yusa say that, and daringly asks her to "come back" to Yusa. Of course she's pissed about it. The entire situation makes Yuu question the competency of his team.
  • Nao and Yuu debate about what to buy for their barbecue. Nao only thinks about meat and acts like his spoiled girlfriend, while Yuu tells her to buy more vegetables and acts like her wiser boyfriend. Yusa and Joujirou think that they would make a cute couple. This makes Joujirou happy because he has a better chance with Yusa, but while he's having his glad-to-be-alive spiel as he's alone with Yusarin, Yusa can be seen slowly edging away.
  • Nao explains that their observation might take more than a day, and when Yusa says that she didn't bring a change of clothes, Nao says that they won't die because of it.
  • In-Universe: Nao thinks it would be funny if Yuu fell down the old well while making their tent, much to Yuu's annoyance.
  • Misa becomes a sort of portable lighter to light up the barbecue.
  • Yuu claims to be only one to eat the vegetables in the barbecue.
  • When they're playing a multiplayer game, Joujirou is going to show off to Yusa when they reach the hard part. Unfortunately, Misa literally kicks in and is able to slaughter the enemies alone.
  • Yusa asks Nao where to bathe, only to find that Nao already prepared a drum bath to use. She's clearly confused about how to use it, leaving Misa to do the bathing process instead.
  • The target kid jumps off the cliff and falls into the old well that Yuu almost fell into earlier, making him reveal his power. The fact that Nao had already prepared the old well trap even makes Joujirou scared.
  • Yuu clearly finds the stage name of the target kid when he's famous note  corny, even briefly pausing the heartwarming BGM.
  • For the first time in the anime, Ayumi makes something without pizza sauce: Chanpon noodles with vegetable, surprising Yuu who finally appreciates his sister's cooking.

Episode 6

  • Kumagami barges into the student council room while everyone is hanging around and eating their lunch... and promptly causes all of them to freeze. After he leaves, everybody continues their lunch, and Yuu falls off of the box he was sitting on.
  • Yuu realizes that he only needs Nao and Yusa to accompany him on the visit to investigate Ayumi's power... so he initially wants to make Joujirou miss the trip by taking over his body and making him dive out of the student council room window. Nao stops him, though, and decides she'll do the dirty work instead: she pretends to see a giraffe to attract Joujirou's attention to the window, and kicks him through the glass. And afterwards, she casually calls an ambulance, informing them that there was an injured person.
  • Yuu realizes that the price of the items they bought in the minimarket is over his budget. When Nao takes a look, he quickly closes his wallet.
  • Yusa asks the cashier for a box of royal cookies that is above him. Yuu is surprised and states that he never saw anyone buy those cookies... And after the cashier mentions their pricenote , he becomes more surprised by how expensive those cookies are. He also seems amazed by the fancy paper bag that the box is put in.
  • Yuu imitating Ayumi's surprise of seeing Yusa. To cover her identity, Yusa uses her Paper-Thin Disguise, that simply consists of a pair of sunglasses and flu mask. To make it funnier, Yuu believes such a disguise is good enough to fool Ayumi.
  • Yuu and Nao simultaneously denying that they're in a relationship.
  • When she sees Yusa enter the room, Ayumi has a Nosebleed, a high pressured one. Nao immediately stops it. Yusa takes off her disguise in relief ... only for Ayumi to have another nosebleed, while Nao has to stop her bleeding again.
  • Ayumi and Yusa immediately have great chemistry, starting from sharing the same speech pattern, and they even Speak in Unison while eating the porridge.
  • The entire scene where Yuu and Nao are washing dishes together while being teased by Ayumi about being in a relationship. They ended up stating that she's/he's not my (girl/boy)friend at the exact same time again, twice. Completed by Nao's Stealth Insult towards Yuu as an answer of Ayumi's Ship Tease opinion.
    Ayumi: Come now... Ayu thinks that you two are totally a great couple.
    Nao: (sarcastically) No, no... attractive and intelligent boys like this chump is someone I can never be a match for, ha ha.

Episode 7

  • A somewhat dark example: After Yuu kicks some of his skewers into one of the guys who keeps playing an arcade game Yuu wanted to play, he has a brilliant answer for their question.
    Guy #1: This guy hit me with trash, telling me to get outta the way.
    Guy #2: (towards Yuu) And who do you think you are?
    Yuu: Just a normal law-abiding citizen, you know?
    Guy #1: A normal law-abiding citizen hits people with trash?
    Yuu: Of course, if they get pissed off.

Episode 8

  • Yuu's comeback to school is welcomed by Yusa's warm greeting, triggering the envy of his male classmates. Further, Yusa includes Magic Spell #1 on her welcoming back greetings, triggering an enthusiastic response by nearly all of the male students of his class, especially Joujirou.
  • When Yusa tells the class that she has one of her first edition newest music videos, the entire class wants to see it... except two students: Yuu and Nao, the latter giving her usual Phrase Catcher "Such a turn-off!" response to her entire class.
  • Joujirou makes another crazy attempt to get him and Yuu an early limited edition lunch.
  • In the middle of their lunch, Nao suddenly calls. Assuming there will be an announcement from Kumagami, they decide to finish lunch faster to the point Yuu almost vomits in the student council room. Nao actually just wants to offer them a chance to see Yusa's music video.
  • An enthusiastic Joujirou watching Yusa's music video in front the television, blocking other students' view... so Nao just kicks him aside.
  • The scene where Nao reviews Yusa's music video performance.
    Nao: 10 points for the singing, 20 points for the song, 20 points for the costume, 30 points for the editing, and -51 points for the singer being so pathetic.
  • Later, Yusa ask her to re-evaluate the performance to just based on the music video.
    Nao: 80 points.
    Joujirou: (to Yusa) Good for you!
    Yusa: All right! Yusarin is so happy!
    Nao: And it's down to 19 points.
  • Joujirou confuses ZHIEND's genre from post-rock to rock; an angry Nao tells him to check it on The Other Wiki.
  • The gang nominates Yuu to accompany Nao to ZHIEND's concert, but initally Yuu refuses, claiming they haven't asked Misa's opinion first. Suddenly, Yusa switches with Misa.
    Misa: I'll go if I can listen to a super-fast two-bass at BPM 260.
    Nao: You won't get a super-fast two-bass at BPM 260 so please restrain yourself.
    (Yusa shakes her body as Nao glares at her, while Misa's spirit leaves her body while still glaring at Nao)
  • Sala expressing her disappointment to Yuu with a dramatic expression.
    Sala: Jesus!
  • Yuu amazed by Sala's exaggerated expression while eating soba.
    Sala: Oh my God! Croquet Soba? This menu item is way too amazing! A miraculous chemistry! I gotta pay respect to whoever came up with this!
    Yuu: Good for you then.
  • In the ending credit scene, Sala gets a phone call which visually can be seen as a loud call. The next scene, she can be seen dragged by a man in suit who is supposedly her manager.

Episode 9

  • Nao is surprised by Yuu's Catapult Nightmare.
  • A subtle one: After Kumagami comes to visit Yuu without his Blinding Bangs, Nao is confused and doesn't recognize him, so he immediately put his hair down to cover his face, which Nao immediately recognize, and comments that he looks more handsome while he's dry.

Episode 10

  • Imagine meeting a complete stranger who already knows who you are, happily doing The Glomp on you, and giving you an embarrassing Affectionate Nickname. Yeah, that's how Kumagami feels when he first met Shunsuke.
  • When Medoki uses her hypnotize ability to Ayumi, everything goes smooth as she falls asleep within Medoki's embrace. Unfortunately for Yuu, he falls asleep without someone to catch him. Consequently he hits the drawer face-first.
  • Yuu trying out one of his newly acquired abilities, telekinesis, to bring a book from bookshelf without touching it. Unfortunately, the books launch uncontrollably at him. He manages to dodge the first book, only to get hit in the face by the second book.
  • The student council gang infiltrating Ayumi's school using a bunch of Paper-Thin Disguise. Nao and Yusa dress as middle schoolers, and Joujirou disguises himself as... a teacher. Yuu is not impressed.
    • The first disguise to be blown is Joujirou's, by one of actual teachers there.
    • The second disguise to be blown over is Yusa's, by a bunch of male students recognizing her as Yusarin the idol. Misa's interference only makes things worse.
      Misa: I ain't nothing like Yusarin!
      Male student #1: Huh? But no matter how I look at you, you're Yusarin, right?
      Misa: Then how about this? (spits at the floor) Would a pop idol do something like this?
      Male student #2: This saliva... what should I do with it? (alternatively: This saliva.... Such a waste.)
      Nao: Such a turn-off!
    • Unfortunately, Nao's words diverts the student's attention to her, with them assuming she's also an idol filming some show at their school. She decides to run away, leaving Misa. The next scene shows them running while being pursued by a mass of students.
    • The scene concludes with the expression on Yuu's face.
  • When Yuu meets Kumagami at the end of the episode, he already knows who he is and calls him by his embarrassing Affectionate Nickname, causing Medoki to chuckle a bit at it.

Episode 11

  • One of the researcher works under Shunsuke, Dr. Tsutsumiuchi, makes a sharp comment about Yuu's dense comment about the vaccine for ability wielders.
    Shun: The ability-wielders overseas have banded up, we're in a situation where we don't know when they will cause terror in the world.
    Yuu: What about the vaccine?
    Shun: We can curb the number of infected that way, but it doesn't do anything for the people who already developed their abilities.
    Yuu: Then, all you have to do is make a wonder drug to counter it!
    Dr. Tsutsumiuchi: Otosaka (Shunsuke)... you are indeed a sharp one, but I guess your little brother isn't so much.
  • Yuu is surprised by how quick Ayumi accepts Shunsuke as his oldest brother, when she's still losing his memory of him all this time.
  • Shichino is demonstrating his ability to Ayumi, but unfortunately, all of them are moving to the other room after he just walks through the wall. When he's going back to the starting room where all of them were gathering to boasts himself and in tired state, the only person remaining there is Yuu.
  • Medoki invites Yuu to play mahjong along with Kumagami, Maedomori, and Shichino. Yuu feels that he's going to win, only to be fallen into Kumagami's trap, which makes him instantly lose the game.
    Medoki: Amazing, this is the first time I've seen someone lose all points in the first hand.
    Kumagami: You really suck at this, are you really Shunsuke's little brother?
  • After Yuu loses the mahjong game, Kumagami has to go out, since he found another ability user. Yuu then realizes that Kumagami never needed to get himself wet to use his powers.
  • Another example that's sort of funny in a dark way: Kumagami snarking at the terrorist group when they first start questioning him.

Episode 12

  • Nao's nonplussed reaction to Yuu's love confession.

Episode 13

  • When Yuu's traveling, he's fairly reliant on the flashcards at first, and often has to flip through them to find the phrase he needs, even when he's interrogating a man for information on where the person who helps the organization find power users is.
  • After Yuu learns that he's been nicknamed "The One-Eyed Grim Reaper" by people terrified of his ability to plunder their abilities, he's mortified.

Bonus Episode

  • Yuu turns out to have a fear of heights and high speeds, and is forced to spend the entire day at an amusement park. He can't even save face since he's with an ability wielder that makes everyone hear each other's thoughts.
  • Nao constantly hitting Yuu and claiming she's playing Straight Man.


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