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  • After single-handedly turning the Battle of Coenenberg, Izetta drifts to the ground on a broken lance, solemnly looking back at the wreckage clearly regretting the loss of life. Unfortunately, that means she's not watching where she's going, and promptly smacks into a tree. The stunned look on her face when she lands in the trench below that tree is phenomenal.
    • Izetta asks an Eylstadtian soldier if she can borrow his gun. The soldier, perplexed, says no. Izetta apologizes, grabs the gun anyways, and uses it to fly right out of the trench.
    • Rather unsurprisingly, the Germanian tanks No-Sell Izetta's Storm of Blades. Not to be deterred, Izetta simply uses her magic to hurl the tanks into the air - and into each other.
    • Then there's the tank operator who suddenly gets a viewport full of Izetta's butt.
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  • Elvira's method of taking Izetta's measurements for her white witch costume, after which Izetta's face is burning and she falls to her knees while Elvira comments on how nice her figure is. Then she does the same to Finé, despite knowing her measurements, under the justification that Finé could have grown.
  • The second Homoerotic Subtext scene of episode 7. A Britanian pilot asks Izetta if she's close to Finé. Izetta answers that she loves her. There's a cut, taking almost a full second, of the bomber crew pondering her answer in awkward silence (their perfectly straight faces being priceless) before politely changing the issue to how "is nice to have someone to protect".
    • With their bomber safely out of the range of Germanian guns again, one of Gromon's crewmen cheerfully remarks that it's gotten "nice and breezy". The craft's fuselage bears a rather distinct resemblance to Swiss cheese.
  • The straightforward way of Sophie's insult towards the Kaiser's own aide.
    Sophie: A manwhore has no business talking down to me.


  • The Izetta of the Weekend comic strips. Drawn in a cute Super-Deformed style, it has the characters repeatedly getting killed off in hilarious ways due to events playing out slightly differently than they do in the actual show. The kicker is that being "killed off" remains in canonical of the comic by simply showing head bumps, and the number increases the more they "die off". (For example, the most recent comic has Izetta with four stacking bumps because she "fell" to her death four times.)

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