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Tear Jerker / Izetta: The Last Witch

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  • The title Izetta: The Last Witch tells you can expect a tragic backstory for Izetta, especially considering the fact she was raised by her grandmother.
  • The very fact this takes place in an alternate World War II is more than enough to indicate that plenty of characters will die over the course of the series.


    Episode 1 - Beginning of the War 

  • The deaths of Princess Finé's bodyguards is quite saddening. Even though you don't get to know them for long, you get the sense they have been in service to the princess for years, and they were loyal to her until the end.
    • Tobias is shot, and he does not die right away. There is a Hope Spot he might survive after they escape, but he succumbs to his wounds after asking the princess to save their country.
    • Hermann is taken by surprise while guarding Princess Finé and is left for dead like he is nothing of importance.
  • The fact that despite Princess Finé's best efforts to gain ally support fails because her country is being invaded.
  • Princess Finé's father is terribly sick, and it seems likely that she is lying about him recovering for political reasons. Even among allies, people need to lie in politics to remain strong.

    Episode 2 - Scars and Gunfire 
  • Izetta's backstory is rather heartbreaking. She grew up with only her grandmother to raise her. Her grandmother might mean well, but she doesn't mince words about how Izetta's power has no place in the current world, and it would only bring her misery.
  • Izetta's self-esteem issues are demonstrated several times in the episode.

    Episode 3 - The Sword in the Heavens 
  • Despite the victory that is achieved, the archduke succumbs to his illness.

    Episode 4 - The Secret of the Witch 
  • Finé arrives home to find the ducal court gathered around her departed father. With cool, regal composure, she thanks him for his years of service. Then, she breaks down at his side, wailing in grief.

    Episode 6 - On a Quiet Day 
  • Jonas's fate. Sieg and Koontz were able to intervene before the spy could get anything specific out of him, but as long as the Germanians are aware that he knows something, it makes him a liability. So, after asking Jonas if he's willing to do whatever it takes to protect Eylstadt, Sieg executes him to guard Izetta's secret.


    Episode 8 - A Cruel Fairy Tale 
  • The last showdown between Rickert and Bianca. After a good bit of Ship Tease between them, they are shocked to discover each other's respective identities but in the end, neither is going to betray their homelands. It all ends with Bianca shooting Rickert in the heart. And on top of that, we clearly heard two gunshots and saw that Rickert's pistol was smoking, but Bianca was unharmed, which most likely means he fired but aimed to miss. Bianca's face after she realizes this says it all.


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