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The Les Yay was strong long before the series began airing.

Finé and Izetta

One of the main focuses of the story is the Romantic Two-Girl Friendship between Izetta and Finé, hence large amounts of Les Yay is pretty much inevitable with these two.


  • The promotional artwork and the previews have Izetta and Finé swimming in this even before the show began airing.
    • The main promotional artwork features Izetta and Finé holding each others hands with intertwining fingers.
    • One of the promotional trailers heavily promoted them as a childhood friends along with featuring a child Izetta blushing while looking at her friend.
    • Until about a month before the series began airing, Izetta and Finé were the only two characters featured in any promotional material.
    • The tagline used for the promotional material, "If I am promised to the princess, then I will fight for her sake," has raised a few eyebrows. While the line has not been used in the series proper, it did give potential viewers certain impressions long before the series began airing.
  • During the Title Sequence, both Izetta and Finé look extremely serious or in pain except for one segment when they are standing back-to-back to each other holding each other's hands with intertwining fingers. It is the only segment throughout the entire opening the two characters look happy and have smiles on their face.
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  • The ending theme song features Izetta running to Finé's side, and it concludes with the two girls holding each other rather closely with their foreheads touching while wearing white robes.
  • Throughout the series, Izetta and Finé have a lot of physical contact, such as holding hands, hugging, and Izetta holding Finé bridal style.
  • There is hardly an episode that Izetta doesn't blush when she is near Finé.
  • Izetta's devotion to Finé generally gives the impression her feelings run far deeper than loyalty.
  • Official artwork released following the blu-ray announcement further increases the Les Yay between Izetta and Finé.
  • Following the airing of Izetta's finale, Himika Akaneya, Izetta's Japanese voice actress, made a very interesting post on her Twitter account. It showed both her and Hayami Saori, Finé's Japanese voice actress, celebrating with cake. Himika expressed her love for Finé and Hayami.
  • There is also plenty of artwork both official and produced by other Japanese artists that further showcase the relationship between the two.
  • For the final Izetta Japanese Blu-Ray volume, the back cover displays Izetta and Finé wearing their attire from the broomstick ride in Episode 11 holding both of their hand with intertwining fingers and their faces very close together.
  • According to Hayami Saori and Himika Akaneya, Finé constantly visited Izetta during the three years after the latter's fight against Sophie. In addition, Himika and Hayami confirmed that the broom ride scene from Episode 11 was meant to be romantic in nature. In fact, the exact words they used for the scene in question is that it's a "love scene". Aya Uchida, in her Bianca voice, also told Hayami to take Izetta home with her and that she's rooting for Izetta and Finé.

Episode One

  • Finé thinks about Izetta a number of times in the episode.
    • The first scene of the anime is her dreaming of her first meeting with Izetta and being mesmerized by the young witch's magic before being woken up. Bear in mind, she is dreaming this when she is on her way to offer herself up for a political marriage.
    • When she sees a witch in a painting, she is clearly thinking about Izetta when she is touching it. She looks happy at first but then very saddened.
  • Before finding out that Izetta is trapped in the capsule coffin, Finé mentions she felt drawn to it. Even as she escapes from the train, she can't help but turn around and look at the capsule coffin.
  • As Izetta is awakening, she wakes up to hearing Finé's voice and immediately recognizes it.
  • When Finé sees Izetta emerge from the capsule, she refers to Izetta as 'My White Witch', before passing out.
  • Upon seeing Finé's injury, it causes Izetta to have a magical outburst that tears the plane in half.
  • While the episode is closing out, Finé has what appears to be bedroom eyes when she is looking at Izetta.
  • Finé previously rejected a marriage proposal prior to the beginning of the series but was willing to accept it for political reasons. One has to wonder what at least one of the contributing reasons for her original rejection was.

Episode Two

  • During the first exchange between Izetta and Finé, Izetta tells Finé that she is not worthy of her praise with tears in her eyes. Additionally, when Izetta almost flies themselves crashing into the mountains, she mentions that she is so happy being reunited with Finé that she wasn't paying attention.
    • Even during an aerial chase with Germanian fighters in hot pursuit, Izetta's thoughts turn to how hot Finé's breath feels while expressing concern over Finé physical well-being.
    • Despite their perilous situation, Finé, even though she has been considerably weakened from blood loss and perhaps because she was, happily points out that she never expected her dream of being able to fly with Izetta would be able to come true like this.
    • While they are flying, Finé puts her hand in Izetta's hair several times.
  • While treating Finé's injury, the doctor takes note of Izetta's devotion, commenting that she must 'really love the princess.' While he most likely meant it in a platonic sense, Izetta doesn't deny it.
    • It is notable that Izetta merely denies being Finé's friend because she doesn't feel that she deserves to be Finé's friend.
    • Izetta remains by Finé's bedside and can be seen holding her hand until Finé wakes up. She refuses to leave Finé's side, go to sleep or even eat. When Finé wakes up, tears quickly well up in Izetta's eyes.
  • Finé and Izetta's first meeting as depicted in the flashback has all the ingredients of a classic Meet Cute, with the two girls accidentally falling into the pond and catching a cold along with the two of them laying next to each other waiting for their clothes to dry. The two form a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship rather quickly.
    • There's also Izetta blushing at Finé's beauty. She thought that Finé looked like a princess, before finding out that Finé actually was a princess.
    • When Izetta and Finé are dancing in circles in a barn, they are holding hands, smiling while gazing at each other, while lovely music plays in the background.
    • Izetta admits to herself that she only started liking herself and her magic after meeting Finé due to the princess telling her how pretty she looked, how wonderful her power was.
  • The episode ends with Izetta asking Finé to be her hope.

Episode Three

  • Finé's desperate pleading for Izetta to not get involved in the war seems similar to typical scenes where a character's love interest begs them not go through with their actions, out of fear for their safety.
    • It is one of the first notable moments that Finé loses her composure, and it takes her a moment to regain it. Not even having a gun pointed to her head in the first episode causes her to lose it.
  • While part of Izetta's motivation for getting involved in the battle (despite Finé's wishes for her to run away) was to save people, Izetta's main motivation was seeing how miserable Finé was.
  • After the battle, Princess Finé runs up to Izetta and embraces her, crying, relieved and grateful. Izetta hugs back, content and tearing up as well. While one of her hands was in Izetta's hair, the other one rested on her waist. All the soldiers around them cheered, as they tearfully hugged. You would almost think they shipped the two.
  • Following the battle at Coenenberg, Izetta carries Princess Finé bridal style on a rifle, to meet her soldiers.

Episode Four

  • The English dub adds more emphasis that Finé would have punished Bianca if Izetta was more seriously injured.
    Bianca: (slightly nervous) "This was my failure, and I will accept my punishment."
    Finé: (calmly replies) "If she's fine, so are you."
  • Finé blushes at the sight of Izetta getting groped by Elvira (so Elvira can "take her measurements").
  • The final scene of the episode between Finé and Izetta is filled with this.
    • Finé immediately compliments Izetta on how beautiful she looks. Izetta does the same while jumping up and saying how amazing Finé looks.
    • The episode ends with Izetta and Finé walking out of the room holding hands.

Episode Five

  • Even being in front of reporters doesn't stop there from being quite a bit Ho Yay between Izetta and Finé during Finé's coronation.
    • Despite this being Finé's coronation, she seemed to enjoy making Izetta the star. She even lets Izetta use the Ceremonial Sword that she kissed for her coronation.
    • Izetta blushes as she holds Finé's hand.
    • Izetta carries Finé bridal style while flying in front of reporters. Being held by Izetta, was likely Finé's idea since she could have simply sat next to Izetta instead.
  • The strategy meeting has quite a bit as well.
    • During the meeting, Finé gets up from her chair and walks around the table to put her hands on Izetta's shoulders which causes her to lightly blush.
    • When Finé praises Izetta, it causes Izetta to blush even more.
    • Finé brings her head very close to Izetta and has a warm look in her eyes. She appears surprised when Izetta pulls away, flustered, refusing her praise.

Episode Six

  • When Finé is listing all of Izetta's accomplishments seems reminiscent to a lover listing all of their partner's excellent qualities.
  • Finé shows some jealously towards Izetta's breast size along with being jealous of Elvira and Bianca's.
  • Finé looks amused by Izetta's failures at dancing while Izetta looks amazed at how great Finé is.
  • The dance scene shows also a small bit of Les Yay towards Finé by Bianca, who gets convinced to help teaching Izetta dancing only when offered to also dance with Finé.
  • The pie scene has a little bit of Ho Yay as well.
    • While they are wearing a disguise, Finé is unsurprisingly sitting next to Izetta.
    • When Finé spills her pie, Izetta goes out of her way to prevent the pie from hitting the floor.
    • When the public recognizes them, Finé and Izetta are standing next to each other as Finé addresses her people. She then wraps one arm around Izetta and pulls her closer to her. Even in public, Finé likes to be openly affectionate to Izetta.
  • When the two are riding on Izetta's rifle, it seems very like a couple riding on a motorcycle together on the open road.

Episode Seven

  • The bedroom scene between Finé and Izetta is swimming in this.
    • The two girls are wearing matching night dresses, along with sharing the same room and bed. Finé apparently arranged it to be this way.
    • As Finé combs her hair, Izetta tries to study the ley lines map on the bed while listening to her speak, but seems to be awfully distracted as she occasionally looks up from it, stealing glances at her while looking uneasy and blushing hard.
    • Izetta is blushing so heavily that it doesn't go unnoticed by Finé. When Finé voices her concerns over Izetta's redness, suspecting her of being feverous, she quickly crosses the bedroom and sits by her on the bed, approaching to feel her temperature. This prompts Izetta to blurt out that she is fine, but hesitates over how they are to share the same room and the one bed, all the while avoiding making eye contact. When Finé asks if Izetta disapproves, Izetta denies it. Finé then pulls the map out of Izetta's hands and jumps on her, pushing her down and begins tickling her.
    • After the tickling, Finé and Izetta are silent as they continue lying on the bed, facing each other and holding hands, lovingly staring into each other's eyes. The straps of their night dresses have fallen off their shoulders, and rest on their sides. The scene ends with Izetta swearing to protect everyone, and Finé holding Izetta's hand closer, gently saying her name.
    • The English dub seems to add a little more to this.
    Finé: Let's see if you have a fever.
    Izetta: (panicking a little as Finé gets closer) No I'm fine! Really I am! I'm just ... being here in the same room as you and ... (looks away) and the fact we're sharing a bed ... it's just ..."
    Finé: (sounding innocent) "Something wrong?" (changed from "You don't approve?")
    Izetta: (nervously shakes her head)
    Finé: (sounds seductive) "Then you need to relax." (changed from "Then it's fine then.") Finé proceeds to jump on Izetta and begin tickling her.
  • When Finé and Izetta are saying goodbye before the fight, they embrace before parting. Izetta has her arms around Finé's waist, and Finé whispers to her to make sure she comes back.
    • As Finé is watching the plane take off with Izetta, the shot is reminiscent to war movies; the woman watching their beloved flying off to a war they might not return from.
  • Wing Commander Gromon comments that Izetta must be really close with Finé and despite the danger of the mission, seems happy.
    • Izetta confirms, and adds that she is happy of being able to use her powers "to protect the Archduchess [she] loves and the people of Eylstadt" (emphasis added).

Episode Eight

  • Their first scene has Finé taking care of a sick Izetta complete with Finé touching her forehead to Izetta's to check her temperature.
    • She seems to be acting as Izetta's caretaker rather than having someone else do it.
    • The way she tells Izetta that the cold she has is a sign of how exhausted she is, the way Finé treats her so intimately, is reminiscent to the warmth and gentleness of a lover caring for their partner.
  • Izetta and Finé seem to have parallels with the White Witch and the Prince, specifically with how the girls met, compared to how the Witch and the Prince fell in love with each other.
  • During the party, Finé has Izetta dress up in a fancy dress while she dresses up like a dashing prince.
    • It reflects in the legend of the original White Witch originally siding with a prince and how the prince fell in love with the witch despite apparently being married.
    • Double points to the fact that Finé had people prepare this dress for Izetta and having flower decorations in Izetta's hair and dress similar to the official artwork for the first blu ray.
    • Throughout the party, Izetta constantly has her hands around Finé's arm as she leads them around and even presses her breasts against Finé.
  • Finé asks Izetta to dance and when Izetta is too nervous, she brings her outside, so they can dance in private only to be interrupted by Berkman.
    • Finé refuses to dance with Izetta in front of Berkman because she knows Izetta is uncomfortable dancing around other people, and she refuses to dance with Berkman either.
    • During their encounter with Berkman, Finé is somewhat courteous to him despite rejecting the offers. After the suspicious girl at Berkman's side forcibly kisses and bites Izetta hard enough to draw blood, Finé becomes extremely furious and hostile to Berkman. A reaction that Finé does not have often.
  • When the allies state they will help, Izetta and Finé get extremely excited. Finé holds Izetta's hands and leans in rather close.
  • Bianca becomes extremely enraged at the mere mention that the White Witch story might really not have been a happy-ending fairy tale. Lotte states it's because she is a fan of Izetta, and a maiden at heart.

Episode Nine

  • The heart-to-heart scene Izetta and Finé share before the battle.
  • When Izetta is fighting Sophie, she constantly thinks and declares that she is fighting for Finé.
  • After Izetta is defeated, Finé shows greater concern over Izetta's well being.

Episode Ten

  • When Finé is fleeing, her last thoughts are on Izetta's safety.
  • After Izetta wakes up, Finé is by her bedside. Due to Izetta being unconscious for weeks, it is likely Finé has been by Izetta's side many times.
    • It is similar to the events of Episode 2 with Finé's eyes becoming teary upon Izetta's awakening rather than the other way around.
  • Despite Izetta's condition, she remains determined to fight for Finé which causes Finé to have a breakdown.
    • Finé considers Izetta's condition to be entirely her fault.
  • Izetta's breakdown at the end of the episode. She is more upset that she caused Finé to cry than her own injuries.

Episode Eleven

  • When Finé is cornered by the Germanian forces, her primary concern is whether or not Izetta is okay. When Bianca says something suspicious, Finé immediately picks up on it.
  • When Izetta sees a Germanian soldier roughly holding Finé's face, Izetta screams, "Get your hands off the Archduchess." The first thing she does is send a brick into the Germanian soldier's arm to force him to let go of Finé before then shooting bricks at the rest of his soldiers.
  • After Berkman surrenders, Finé can be seen holding Izetta's hand.
  • As Finé is about to cross the Despair Event Horizon, Izetta of all people slaps her in the face to knock some sense into her. She then hugs Finé and finally calls Finé by name.
    • Izetta and Finé effectively switch places in terms of who is the emotional support. This is best illustrated here.
  • The broomstick ride between Izetta and Finé is filled with this. It seems reminiscent to Aladdin taking Jasmine for a magic carpet ride.
    • Despite the pain that using the magic stone causes Izetta, she goes out of her way to get a broomstick similar to the one that Finé saw her practicing with when they were children and fulfilling Finé's childhood wish to give her a proper ride on it. Despite Finé's initial reluctance, Izetta immediately convinces her.
    • Finé is immediately reminded of their first meeting due to the magical energy in the air.
    • During the entire flight, Izetta is seen constantly blushing.
    • The music playing during the flight sounds rather romantic in tone.
    • During the flight, Finé tells Izetta to keep calling her by her name rather than Archduchess. After a few attempts, Izetta finally starts calling Finé by name multiple times.
    • While Izetta initially has a hard time looking Finé in the eyes after she requests Izetta to say her name, she caresses Izetta's cheek, so they would look eye to eye.
    • They appear to finally kiss in a Kissing Discretion Shot.
    • When they are sitting on top of the mount looking up at the moon, Finé is resting her head on Izetta's shoulder.

Episode Twelve

  • In a brief flashback, Izetta tells Finé that she might die during the final battle, Finé breaks down to tears in denial and hugs her.
    • Izetta bows in front of her and tells her to give her the order to lay down her life and Finé nearly breaks down while giving it. We don't actually see her finish giving the order or what her entire order ended up being.
    • Finé refers to Izetta as "My Witch."
  • Throughout the final battle, Izetta makes it clear that she is fighting for Finé.
    • Izetta even refers to Finé as "My Archduchess".
  • Izetta's last thoughts as she commits her Heroic Sacrifice were about Finé as she Goes Out With A Smile.
  • When meeting with the ambassadors, the normally composed Finé is breaking down in tears knowing what Izetta's fate will most likely be.
    • Finé refers to Izetta as "My Witch" in front of the ambassadors.
  • Finé full on sobs when she sees the magical explosion in the sky, believing Izetta to be dead. The last time Finé cried like this was when her father died.
  • Finé keeps a picture of her and Izetta on her desk. A Freeze-Frame Bonus indicates even before the epilogue that Izetta is alive, and the two girls remain close.
  • While Finé doesn't believe peace will last, she will keep working for it to keep her promise to Izetta.
  • Three years later, Finé visits Izetta at the same spot where they first met which give a Book-Ends ending. Finé is visiting Izetta alone without any bodyguards with only Lotte who is acting as Izetta's caretaker to keep them company as well.
    • Thus, ultimately the show comes to an end at the open end over their relationship, implying that at least the status of their romantic girls friendship still persists, giving the potential for further development of the romantic feelings between them, even just in a chaste manner.
    • Additionally, Finé is carrying a suitcase, so she is planning on staying longer than a day trip. Additionally, both Izetta and Finé are at least eighteen at this point, so that leads to certain 'possibilities.' At the same time, Finé is not formally required to engage in a royal marriage because in the first episode she mentioned she has a cousin who is pregnant with a child, and she originally intended on passing her birthright to them. When she ever decides to potentially step down, handing the throne to other members of her family is still an option.
    • Another major detail is that a corgi similar to Dorothée who was Finé's pet as a child is living with Izetta. When Finé arrives, the corgi runs out to greet her. Based on the corgi's reaction, it can be easily assumed the corgi is very familiar with Finé which means she visits quite often. A corgi being involved in the first scene and the final scene between Izetta and Finé is another fine example of Book-Ends.


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