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Ho Yay / Jewelpet

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First Series

  • Raku Majo holding Ruby by her chin while talking about 'punishment' in episode 1.
  • Rinko's speech at the end of episode 1: "Every night I'd stare at the sky, waiting for a Prince Charming to come pick me up. Then I get this clumsy rabbit (Ruby), which is certainly not what I'd expected." That's right, she's comparing Ruby to a Prince Charming. SUBTLE.


  • Sara seems to have it really bad for Akari. The amount of times she blushes around her is ridiculous. To say nothing of that time Sara saw Akari in a wedding dress (like she's just got enlightened), or Akari spoonfeeding her, or how they intertwine their fingers whenever they perform a spell together... And in the semi-finals of the Jewel Star Grand Prix, Sara clearly felt jealous of Miria getting to fight Akari and expressing her feelings about their friendship.
    Sara: It's not fair...
  • The OVA is packed with this between Akari and Alma. Akari is constantly touching Alma's hands or locking arms with her. Alma is extremely protective of Akari and near threatens anyone who she thinks is badmouthing her. Unfortunately, this doesn't make her the most approachable person, so she tries to shut herself off from other people. And she tells this to Akari:
    Alma: All I need in this world is mother, Yuuma and you!
    • Later, when Akari tries to cheer Alma up, there's this scene where their faces are sooo close, you honestly think they're about to kiss. The constant blushing is not helping their case. And to add to all this glory, Yuuma has very little to do in this OVA. Akari is more all over Alma than him.


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