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The Title is a misdirect
  • Rather than Izetta being the last witch from the start Izetta there is actually another witch Izetta is forced to contend with, and she ends up becoming the last witch following the confrontation.
    • Confirmed. Hinted at in Episode 7 & 8 and confirmed in Episode 9. While Izetta is indeed the last witch, it doesn't include the possibility of artificial witches, namely clones.

Germania possible method of controlling Izetta
  • Germania clearly believed that they could somehow control Izetta or at the very least her abilities. That could either be arrogance on their part or they truly had a method to control her since the Emperor wanted her brought to the capital. There are a few possibilities.
    • They could have intended to keep Izetta imprisoned in the capsule and used her abilities to power a weapon.
    • They have a witch on their side, which goes along with the first WMG, and she has the ability to control Izetta or could perform a Grand Theft Me. Since Code Geass, another anime Hiroyuki Yoshino worked on, involved someone who had an ability similar to that, it doesn't seem far off that he could go in that direction.

Izetta will sacrifice herself at the end for Princess Finé.
  • Given how the first episode already shows that Anyone Can Die, and the title itself is Izetta: The Last Witch, Izetta herself might die too.
    • Agreed. With Izetta's personality and Undying Loyalty to the princess, she'd be willing to do anything to protect her Only Friend. Additionally, Hiroyuki Yoshino has had a history of working on anime that involve main characters dying, notably through a Heroic Sacrifice. It is not unreasonable to believe the same could happen in this case.
    • Confirmed the Izetta committed a Heroic Sacrifice, but she survives it. However, she is rendered powerless and crippled as a result.

Izetta and her sense of touch
  • Izetta is either incapable of feeling pain or her sense of touch it dulled. In episode two, there are two instances that could potentially support this theory. She bit her finger to trigger her Blood Magic, but she did not seem to be affected by that. Additionally, she did not even seem to realize her legs were covered in injuries. However, this does not mean she can't feel anything because she did feel the heat of gun after it was fired.

Izetta and collars
  • With the exception of when she was captured by the Germanian soldiers and forced to wear a nothing but a hospital gown and when she borrowed clothes from the Eylstadt, Izetta is depicted as consistently wearing something around her neck whether it be one of the other outfits she wears, in the opening, and official promotional artowrk. The opening focused on her neck for a few moments, specifically the collar she has around it. Having something around her neck seems to have some affect on her abilities or she sees it as some kind of necessity.
    • Additionally, the collar is a Power Limiter, a memento of Princess Finé or her grandmother, or contains a tracking device inside since Bergmann and Richert seem to have some sort of relation with Izetta.

Bassler, the fighter captain from Episode 2, will return for another aerial duel with Izetta.
  • It is good to have a reoccurring rival.
    • Confirmed in episode 7, when he's given a Mid-Season Upgrade plane, which is capable of keeping up with Izetta's flying speed and maneuverability. That said, it's possible he still would've lost, had Izetta not been in an area with a spotty magical energy field, and wasn't also distracted with her mission to destroy the aircraft carrier.

Izetta will have a magical Freak Out that will put her first awakening to shame.
  • The outburst will be triggered by Finé sustaining a severe injury, or perhaps when a new Moral Event Horizon moment for the Germanian Empire is made clear. No matter the cause, though, it will be a Mook Horror Show as spectacular as it is terrifying. It's also likely to cause a major My God, What Have I Done? moment for Izetta herself when she comes to her senses.
    • The flashback in Episode 4 lends credence to this theory: Izetta's magic had turned red when she was cornered, and she was terrified of losing control. There can be very little doubt this is getting a follow-up.
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    • At the end of the series, Izetta uses a magic stone to destroy all the magic in the world.

Bergmann will be killed by Izetta.
  • It would be terribly poetic for the man who sought to use the Last Witch for whatever amoral purposes to be struck down by her as well.
  • Alternatively, Izetta will be incapacitated, and Finé will shoot him instead.
  • Berkman manages to survive the series, but he loses an eye in the process.

Richert will undergo a Heel–Face Turn.

Izetta and Princess Finé will have a role reversal.
  • In the first episode, Izetta saved Princess Finé from falling to her death by using her magic to save her. It has been established early on that Izetta's powers have limits, and her power can run out from overuse. It is possible that at one point Izetta will fall from the sky due to using her power, and Princess Finé will save Izetta by using a parachute or some other method.
    • They already had a role reversal. Fine saved Izetta from angry villagers in the past. The show will probably center on Izetta paying her debt by saving Fine's country.

Izetta's ability to extend her magical reach via Blood Magic will be a Chekhov's Skill.
  • Say, for instance, that Izetta is running low on power and gets cornered by a Germanian. She takes a rifle butt to the face, knocking her to the ground. Then the camera cuts to the spots of blood on the rifle. Glowing blood. Cue a brief Oh, Crap! from her attacker as he's suddenly clubbed into submission by his own weapon.
  • It appears that Izetta's abilities allow her to control things that she can physically touch. She cannot control anything remotely as seen in Episode Three before having some kind of contact. However, using her blood seem to be an exception. It is possible that using her her blood as an extension of herself allows her to control things she did not directly touch as seen when she manipulated the snow to temporarily turn into weapons against the planes. Obviously, there are limitations to what she can control, since she couldn't manipulate the mountain itself nor can she make guns that manipulates fire on their own without pulling the trigger herself.

The Golden Gun will be a Chekhov's Gun.
  • It was the same gun that was pointed to Princess Finé's head, and it was seen at the end of the second episode following the transport plane's destruction. It seems likely that Bergmann would have taken it for himself since he has some skills with guns himself after killing Tobias easily despite Tobias' efforts to take Bergmann by surprise. It is likely that the gun will play significance in a later event, such as shooting a major character.
    • Jossed: The agents just leave it at the scene of the crime. Not sure why anyone would pass up a golden sidearm in the middle of a complete and occult-induced wreck, even for the sake of professionalism.
      • Maybe it's well-known that it's the personal sidearm of that particular Notzi Elite Mook - in which case, there's still chance the Chekhov's Gun will reappear in the hands of a vengeful brother (or whatever) that inherits gun and grudge.

Izetta will be betrayed.
  • While it is doubtful Fin´ would betray Izetta, it seems more likely she'll be betrayed by other people in Eylstadt, specifically Seig.
    • Partly confirmed. After promising to send troops to aid Eylstadt, the United States of Atlanta representative secretly advises the President that the USA destroy both Germania and Eylstadt since Izetta is a potential strategic threat.

Lord Redford is working with the Germanians.
  • There are currently a lot of clues suggesting this:
    • In the first episode, the Germanians find out where Finé is supposed to be secretly meeting Redford, and he is not killed or captured by the Germanians.
    • In episode 7, the Germanians know exactly when and where Izetta will be attacking the Drachenfel from. Redford is one of the men who knows the battle plan.
    • In episode 8, Bergmann is present at Redford's party. He either managed to sneak in or was invited in.
    • Jossed since the series ended without any indication of Lord Redford being a traitor.

Sophie will go out of control
  • The Germanians don't seem entirely confident they can control her, and the ominous preview seems to indicate a possibility she might do damage to more than the Elystadt people.
    • In the final battle, Sophie kills a number of Germanian soldiers who are in her way as she fights Izetta or she manipulates the vehicles, which presumably have people in them, to attack Izetta. As a result, she ends up killing a fairly large number of the Germanians just to fight Izetta.

Fine is actually a descendant of Sophie.
  • We all know the story that the Prince of Elystadt was in love with the White Witch which lead to the Prince's wife to betray Sophie to the Inquisition out of jealousy. But what if that wasn't the only reason? What if Sophie got pregnant by the Prince and gave birth to his child and heir, and fearing losing her position as consort ruler of Elystadt to Sophie, the Prince's wife not only betray Sophie to the Inquisition but also stole her child to legitimize her claim to rule Elystadt? After the wife's death, the people who betrayed Sophie not only gave her a proper resting place but as tribute for being the mother of the new ruler of Elystadt. If this is true, this would make Sophie's revenge against Elystadt ironic since she is actually taking revenge against the descendants of her and her lover's child.

Izetta did not survive the series in any meaningful way.
  • We are shown only her hair, not her face. The fact that she has, or rather needs, a full-time caregiver is ominous. Perhaps she isn't simply paralyzed from the neck down, but catatonic or reduced to infancy.
    • It is difficult to say for sure. This picture might indicate Izetta might not be strained mentally since it appears this picture is the two of them in the destroyed capital which would mean they took it between the finale battle and the epilogue. If that is the case, Izetta might be mentally okay, but she is probably crippled permanently.

Magic's not dead!
The idea of one single witch being able to kill off the world's magic sounds much too preposterous, with or without this Magic Stone, so that's what happened: Izetta may've soaked up all the magic power from the lay lines in all of Central and Western Europe, but there's a world beyond that, as well and the magic in the lay lines would recover eventually, or else the witches would've used it up long time ago. The alt-WWII will cause a magical arms race in the whole world not unlike the nuclear arms race in our world with countries' secret services searching for any remaining underground witches, magical artifacts and so on.

Izetta's not the last witch after all, and she turns out to be related to another, red-haired, magic-capable relative, who decades after the war will attend a Brittanian Wizarding School, and becomes noted for exceptional magical talent in her own right—Shiny Chariot!


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