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Nightmare Fuel / Izetta: The Last Witch

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What happens when a Cute Witch is cornered and is having trouble controlling her powers.


  • The fact that this takes place in an alternate version of World War II can be enough to send chills.

Episode 1

  • Izetta's power proves to be quite terrifying from the start.

Episode 2

  • Izetta's flashback to the Germanians wiping out her village without mercy.

Episode 3

  • It captures warfare during World War II relatively realistically.

Episode 4

  • The Germanian Emperor quickly establishes himself as a chilling character.
    • He is setting up 'Prison Camps' in the equivalent of Poland. Anyone familiar with history can take a guess about what those 'prisons' might be.
  • The villagers in Izetta's flashback tried to lynch her not because they knew she was a witch but because they accused her of burning down a shed. They weren't even trying to find out if she actually did it or if it was an accident. They were ready and willing to kill a child.
    • The confrontation causes Izetta's power to nearly go out of control as shown in the picture above.


Episode 8

  • Sieg realizing he may very likely have killed Jonas in vain. It's just a second, but her face as he thinks about it is that of someone being tortured inside. It makes you think he'll have lots of trouble sleeping at night, unlike his Germanian counterpart.

Episode 9

  • This episode introduces Sophie, a clone of the legendary White Witch. From the start, we can already tell she's, at best, unnerving. As revealed in Episode 8, the Prince from the legend had already taken a wife, who betrayed the White Witch to the Inquisition after the Prince's death, meaning that Sophie wants revenge on Eylstadt. After trying and failing to convince Izetta to stop fighting, Sophie proceeds to deliver an utter Curb-Stomp Battle, ultimately using the Magic Stone to drain all of the magical energy in the area before painfully chaining Izetta up.
    • This is followed by the camera looking up to reveal a bunch of magically-enhanced bombs flying overhead on the way to bomb Landsbruck. Without Izetta, there is literally nothing preventing the Germanians from overrunning Landsbruck and defeating Eylstadt.


Episode 10

  • In this episode, concentration camps at least for political prisoners are explicitly mentioned, making Germania even more similar to Real Life Nazi Germany than it was before.

Episode 11

  • In this episode, an SS makes an entrance.

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